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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 558 — ALL OF YOU HAVE TO DIE!

Chapter 558: ALL OF YOU HAVE TO DIE!

“That silver feather.” Several people noticed the treasure in Di Yu’s hands. Although Di Yu was grievously injured, the slicing force the silver feather summoned filled the entire space with azure light as it directly sliced out a path between the two fighters. That unfortunate expert who intended to protect Di Yu earlier was sliced into two pieces by the power of the item. In front of that azure glow, the defence of human flesh was as weak as a piece of paper, easily torn apart.

“What a powerful treasure, a single feather actually contained such an unbelievable amount of baleful aura. The Di Clan of the Seven Supreme Clans in the Royal Sacred Region is descended from the blood of an ancient primordial bird of prey, the Azure Roc. They are all proficient with the Azure Roc technique and the guardian beast of the Di Clan is said to be none other than a true and alive Azure Roc that has already lived for tens of thousands of years. Could this feather be from that terrifying monster?”

Earlier, if Qin Wentian’s reaction was slower by half a step, he would have been directly severed in two by the power of that silver feather. Luckily, Qin Wentian’s speed was sufficient to save him.

The Di Clan truly treated this little ancestor like a priceless treasure. With that silver feather, those in the Heavenly Dipper Realm who wished to kill him might find themselves dying instead. Even Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants might find themselves dead because of a moment of carelessness. No wonder his bodyguards were content to let Di Yu fight with no worries.

However, they didn’t expect Qin Wentian’s methods to be just as powerful. From the instant he made his move, Di Yu basically had no opportunities to counterattack at all. That single spear strike almost ripped away Di Yu’s life giving him no opportunity to take out that silver feather. That second halberd strike was also similarly extremely dangerous.

Right now, the spectators only saw Di Yu holding on to that azure feather. He had persisted until the last moment before using it was because he wanted to kill Qin Wentian. Yet he didn’t expect Qin Wentian’s reaction to be so quick or be proficient in attacks of the mind, causing his sea of consciousness to be devastated. Right now, all his bodyguards surrounded him protectively. They didn’t dare to give Qin Wentian any chance to kill Di Yu.

These people had all released their auras, their faces exceptionally cold as their killing intent gushed outwards with no restraint.

One among them suddenly gave a shrill whistle that echoed through the air, instantly spreading far away, so loud that it caused the ear drums of those who heard it to tremble. Everyone understood what this person wanted to do; he was summoning the experts of the Supreme Di Clan over.

“Today, no matter who you are. Don’t even think about leaving here alive.” That whistle blower’s cultivation base was pretty powerful at the eighth level of Heavenly Dipper. He glared dangerously at Qin Wentian. If this person escaped alive today, with the character of the little ancestor, he would surely take out his fury on his escorts.

“What a shameful boast.” A cold snort rang out, as several white-robed maidens appeared. They were all actually females in the prime of their youth and were exceptionally beautiful, causing the eyes of the spectators to be dazzled. What was going on today, why was there a bevy of beautiful girls appearing here?

These maidens surrounded the battlefield, trapping the experts from the Di Clan within their formation. Their eyes flashed with coldness as they stared at Di Yu. “Di Yu from the Supreme Di Clan has insulted and humiliated the Holy Maiden of our Medicine Sovereign Valley. If he apologised sincerely today, we might have spared your pitiful lives.”

“Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley?” The countenances of the spectators nearby were painted with shock. They instantly understood what was going on. No wonder the demeanor of this female was so outstanding; she was actually a fifth-ranked alchemist, and the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley.

Supreme Di Clan was one of the Seven Supreme Clans; they were naturally tyrannical and overbearing because they had the strength to back up their actions. Facing such a scene caused expressions of excitement to appear on the faces of the crowd. This battle just got more and more interesting; the Supreme Di Clan actually offended the Medicine Sovereign Valley. And in this case, even if the other experts from the Di Clan arrived, would they even dare to touch the maidens of the Medicine Sovereign Valley? If they did so, this would no longer be a matter between the younger generations. A great war might even ignite because of this!

Those from the Supreme Di Clan also felt shocked in their hearts, their expressions grew increasingly unsightly to behold. Young master Di Yu earlier had even said that he wished to abduct the Holy Maiden off to be his concubine and even ravage her to the point of death. If Mo Qingcheng was an ordinary woman, that would just be the end of the matter. But she was actually a fifth-ranked alchemist, as well as the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley. In that case, her status was similar to the eight era-suppressing geniuses of this generation.

Those eight absolute geniuses could represent a martial path that had already reached the extremity of a certain boundary. The Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley was the same as well, she had also already reached the extremity in the path of alchemy.

However, since a conflict already happened today, it was already impossible to stop and end this nicely with mere words.

“So it’s none other than sister Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Valley. In that case, this is just perfect. Just marry me and I will allow sister fairy to become my legitimate wife. I won’t make you into a concubine.” Di Yu’s face turned malevolent. Although he was smiling as he spoke, he gave off a sense of sinisterness. How prideful the little ancestor from the supreme Di Clan was! Wanting him to take a step back? Impossible!

Mo Qingcheng’s expression was chilly. She didn’t say anything earlier because she was at the side of Qin Wentian. However, Di Yu repeatedly used words to offend her, even a man of mud would be angered. Let alone the fact that for the period of time before she remembered Qin Wentian, her temper wasn’t good at all.

“Kill him,” Mo Qingcheng icily commanded. Repeatedly saying that he wanted to abduct her away to become his wife in front of her husband, Qin Wentian? How could she not be enraged?

“We hear and obey.” The maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley advanced towards Di Yu only to see the azure feather in Di Yu’s hands shining with a dangerous light.

Fan Le and the others were also deeply shocked today. Mo Qingcheng was actually the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley. When they first arrived in the Royal Sacred Region, they had already heard news regarding the major powers in here, and naturally had also heard of the Medicine Sovereign Valley. To think that Mo Qingcheng was actually the Holy Maiden!

“Who would have thought that the day we reunite would actually be the day that we have to kill this little bastard,” Ouyang Kuangsheng emotionlessly spoke, as lightning containing a tyrannical aura crackled around him. Right now, his cultivation base was at the fourth level of Heavenly Dipper. He and Chu Mang had obtained the inheritance of the Tyrant Emperor of Grand Xia; his strength had risen greatly compared to before then.

Other than this, Fan Le, Chu Mang, and Yun Mengyi were all at the fourth level while Qin Zheng had broken through to the fifth level.

However, Qin Wentian didn’t feel anything strange about that. Back in the Unmatched Realm, Qin Zheng was a character similar to him and Yun Mengyi, obtaining the approval of the thirty-six mountains. Back then, even Ouyang Kuangsheng didn’t acquire that. One must know that countless geniuses from the transcendent powers in Grand Xia would enter the Unmatched Realm, but the number of people who could obtain the approval of all thirty six mountains could be counted on both hands.

“Fatty and Chu Mang, that little bastard’s silver feather is extremely powerful. Both of you act as support using your arrows to suppress him; Qin Zheng will play the role of controlling the tempo via your Mandate of Space while Yun Mengyi, restrict their movements with your ice-based attacks. Let us slaughter them all,” Ouyang Kuangsheng spoke as a wild grin appeared on his face. The others all nodded; evidently, they were already used to fighting alongside with each other. Such situations must have happened frequently after they left Grand Xia.

Chu Mang and Fan Le both took out their bows as their astral souls and novas simultaneously appeared. Both of them soared up into the skies and the sound of whispering death instantly spread out as countless arrows fired forth crazily, as though they would stop only after Di Yu died.

“Have these people gone mad, don’t they want their lives? They clearly knew that Di Yu was from the Supreme Di Clan, yet they still want to kill him?” The spectators from afar all felt their hearts pounding with shock. This time around, the little ancestor has rammed his toes into a steel board.

“KILL THEM ALL!” Di Yu coldly shouted, tightly clutching that silver feather in his hands. Upon seeing volleys of arrows fired his way, his silver feather sliced the air with blinding speed, causing azure light to flash out as though all arrows a few hundred meters ahead of him would be sliced directly apart. However at the instant he sliced out, those arrows abruptly shifted their trajectories, dodging that beam of cold blue light.

“Wanting to kill me with such an attack?” Di Yu coldly spoke. The projection of an ancient ferocious bird appeared behind him as azure light enveloped his entire body. The divine armor he was wearing earlier suddenly shifted form. Blasting out with a palm, that open hand transformed into sharp claws, clutching towards the arrows that had diverted from their original paths.

At the same time they were in combat, the maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley engaged in an all-out war against those from the Supreme Di Clan. Instantly, the air erupted with astral souls and novas, glowing with incomparable radiance.

“Wait here for me.” Qin Wentian spoke in a low voice to Mo Qingcheng beside him. After which, he stepped out as his King Sword astral nova appeared above his head, causing a terrifying sword might to engulf the entire space.

Qin Wentian’s eyes were as cold as ice. Stepping out in the air, each of his steps seemed to directly impact the hearts of people, while they felt as if sword qi was penetrating their bodies.

“Protect the young master!” The bodyguards stared at Qin Wentian, only to see that their opponent suddenly erupting forth with a violent and savage demonic aura, while the amount of sword qi that flooded the area intensified!


Another step landed, Di Yu groaned in misery as his face turned pale. Qin Wentian used the power of his bloodline to execute the Seven Annihilations Swordplay; the might released was redoubtable. He wanted to slay Di Yu through the air. Di Yu’s bodyguards crowded in front of him, yet they discovered to their horror that they were simply unable to block the Seven Annihilation Swordplay. The attacks Di Yu suffered was the exact same as theirs!

When the fifth step landed, wave after wave of sword qi swept past. Di Yi’s bearing instantly faltered as he spat out more fresh blood. At the same time, a will of ice descended. Yun Mengyi also acted, a terrifying freezing energy causing frost to form on the bodies of the experts, weakening their resistance.

“My elder brother will soon arrive, he will definitely slaughter all of you!” Di Yu howled in madness, as blood leaked unceasingly from the corners of his mouth.


As though answering to Di Yu, a voice filled with wrath echoed out from the skies, containing a boundless killing intent within it. An incomparable radiant beam of blue light flashed past the skies as a primordial ferocious bird flew towards this direction with blinding speed. That terrifying speed it exhibited caused the spectators to be thunderstruck.

“He’s evidently only at the seventh-level of Heavenly Dipper, but the aura he exudes is far stronger even when compared to eighth-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns.”

“Seems like Di Shi has arrived. These people are all in for it now.”

Everyone speculated in their hearts. Di Shi, an era-suppressing genius could even slay ninth-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns. His strength was extremely tyrannical.

“ALL OF YOU HAVE TO DIE, DIE! Even if you are the Holy Maiden, you shall become a tool for me to play with!” Di Yu gleefully called out when he saw his elder brother approaching. His stance instantly turned malevolent as he slashed out once again with the silver feather. Blood was still leaking from his mouth, he had never been in such a miserable state before. He wanted revenge; no matter who the opponent was, they all had to pay the price.

Even if it was a Saint Child or a Holy Maiden, he had to get revenge.

“DIE!” Qin Wentian took another step forwards, completing the sixth step. Di Yu’s voice came to an abrupt stop as terrifying sword qi ravaged his internal organs. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood, as though he only had a single breath of life remaining. That incomparably radiant azure light arrived, bringing with it the wrath of heavens. Even his eyes shone with blue light, and everywhere his gaze passed by, nobody dared to match it directly. It was as though he could kill with just a single glance.

“Puchi!” A light sound rang out, a maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Valley died directly, transforming into a rain of blood under that beam of azure light. After that, that azure glow moved like lightning, zooming straight towards Qin Wentian!

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