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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 560 — Yi Shooting the Nine Heavens

Chapter 560: Yi Shooting the Nine Heavens

"Gu Liufeng!"

Ji Feixue’s voice caused the gazes of everyone to freeze as they stared at that legendary character in white. Flowing Wind and Flying Snow, both of them arrived here today.

The white robes of Gu Liufeng fluttered in the wind, his handsome countenance was as calm as still water, with no hints of fluctuations, and he was so good looking that he caused the hearts of several elite females from the major sects to beat faster.

"How handsome, Gu Liufeng is truly as good looking as the rumors claimed," these females were all thinking in their hearts as they stared at that quiet young man in white.

Gu Liufeng could be considered a legendary character in the Royal Sacred Region. His arrivals and departures were like the wind. He could appear here today, and a place over ten thousand miles away tomorrow.

Gu Liufeng still hadn’t joined any sect, and was extremely mysterious. The moon-slashing sabre resembled ice, the calm lake severs the moon; the sun-shooting bow was cool, Yi shooting the nine heavens. A single sabre, a single bow, unrivalled within the same generation. His sabre stole away lives while his bow stole away souls.

Some had proclaimed that Gu Liufeng’s sabre was as handsome as he was. The sabre light was so smooth and poignant, while his bow represented himself as a carefree spirit, the twanging of the bowstring resulted in the deaths of his opponents.

As to why people in the Royal Sacred Region always place Liufeng (Flowing Wind) and Feixue (Flying Snow) together was because Gu Liufeng was proficient in the way of the sabre while Ji Feixue was proficient in way of the sword. Hence, they were often compared to each other. However in the case of a real battle, Gu Liufeng should be stronger because his cultivation base was already at the eighth level of Heavenly Dipper while as for Ji Feixue, he was even younger than Gu Liufeng, and it was rumored previously he was at the sixth level. But he had now already stepped into the seventh.

These two characters were the objects of respect and worship for countless females from the major sects. Especially Gu Liufeng; there were many rumors about him circulating throughout the entire Royal Sacred Region. Many elite beautiful females from major sects took their own initiative to pursue him, yet because Gu Liufeng was wholeheartedly concentrating on his martial path and wasn’t interested in any relationships, it gained him the quote, "The flowing wind isn’t lustful (check out translation note in last chapter), the calm lake severs the moon. Yi shooting the nine heavens. Gu Liufeng."

This perfect-looking character, how could people not have a liking for him? The princesses of ancient countries and holy maidens from the great sects were all willing to marry him and the powers they were from had no objections, it was for the best if they could pull in this lone ranger that didn’t belong to any power to their own sides. Wouldn’t that be killing two birds with one stone?

Naturally, the attention Lin Xian`er attracted wasn’t any lower compared to Gu Liufeng. If Gu Liufeng was the ideal husband for the females, Lin Xian`er as the number one beauty under the heavens, innately exuding a fragileness that moved the heart of others, would undoubtedly be the ideal wife in the dreams of countless men. Just a single glance would cause the desire to protect her to bloom in the hearts of people. Also, just like what Qin Wentian said, if purely based on beauty, maybe Lin Xian`er wasn’t comparable to Mo Qingcheng. But that soul-stirring gentle fragileness she exuded was capable of charming males to a much larger extent.

How could these few characters simultaneously appearing here not cause a storm of craziness? The hearts of everyone were filled with excitement. There were three era-suppressing geniuses here, plus Fairy Lin Xian`er from the Celestial Maiden Sect and Mo Qingcheng, the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley over in this area, causing many others to rush here straight away with frantic speed!

Those from the Battle Sword Sect also arrived, they had come here together with Ji Feixue. Right now, they gathered around Qin Wentian and stared at the two silhouettes up ahead - Ji Feixue and Di Shi.

Qin Wentian naturally knew of Ji Feixue. He was the eighth personal disciple under Sword Sovereign Ling Tian. Duan Han had once introduced this senior of his to Qin Wentian before, and although Ji Feixue was younger than Duan Han, because Ji Feixue entered the sect earlier he was considered the eighth personal disciple, after Lin Shuai, the seventh personal disciple, while Duan Han was the ninth.

Upon staring at the scene in the air, how could the spectators still not understand where Qin Wentian was from?

So it turned out that he was from the Battle Sword Sect. No wonder he was so brazen, daring to even kill the little ancestor of the supreme Di Clan, Di Yu. The disciples of the Battle Sword Sect had never feared any consequences before.

Seeing the lineup in front of him, if Di Shi still didn’t wish to give up, the one suffering disadvantages would undoubtedly be the supreme Di Clan. Not only did they have to fight against the Medicine Sovereign Valley, they had to face the Battle Sword Sect as well.

In addition to that, Lin Xian`er seemed to be acquainted with the young man who wanted to kill Di Yu, she termed him as Sir Qin?

Hence, the identity of Qin Wentian aroused great interest among the spectators. They all wanted to know who he was, also considering the fact that he and the Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Valley had a relationship akin to a couple.

"Within the Battle Sword Sect, comprehending fourteen sword strikes. In ancient Ye, working hand in hand with the Holy Maiden to purge the poison from the Human Emperor, aiding him to quell the rebellion. He with a cultivation base at the fifth level slew the genius from the Violet Thunder Sect Ye Kongfan; and his accomplishments were so great that the envoys of the Immortal Martial Realm personally passed him the Immortal Martial Medallion. He is the foster son of the Human Emperor, Qin Wentian."

Right now in the midst of the crowd, there was a character who looked akin to a scholar reciting the background of Qin Wentian. His words caused the spectators to be taken aback; they didn’t expect that young man to have such a background.

They had all faintly heard of the rebellion in ancient Ye. The ending was that the Violet Thunder Sect was humiliated; Ye Kongfan was killed by someone at the fifth level of Heavenly Dipper; and someone was adopted as a foster son by the Human Emperor, becoming a couple with the Holy Maiden. When this news was circulated out, there was no way to gauge its accuracy. Now that they saw Qin Wentian desiring to kill Di Yu because of Mo Qingcheng did they finally understand that the rumors weren’t false.

Comprehending fourteen sword strikes; killing Ye Kongfan; a disciple of the Battle Sword Sect; the foster son of the Human Emperor; the companion of the Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Valley; the possessor of an Immortal Martial Medallion - all this pointed out that that young man must be a Heaven Chosen. His brilliance was only covered up because of the presence of the era-suppressing geniuses. Earlier, if Di Shi hadn’t appeared, his radiance would definitely be the most dazzling one, far exceeding Di Yu’s.

"Things are getting more and more interesting," the spectators were thinking.

"Unleash your sword." Di Shi stared frostily at Ji Feixue, the battle intent radiating from him was as high as the heavens. A ferocious primordial bird’s projection appeared behind him as that cold and sinister eyes of that bird glared at Ji Feixue.

Meeting somebody who was of the same title as him, how could Di Shi shy from battle? He truly wanted to see how this Ji Feixue was qualified to be ranked along side with him as one of the eight era-suppressing geniuses.

"Xiu, xiu, xiu…" Sword qi whistled as a row of ancient swords appeared behind Ji Feixue. The sword intent in the air grew increasingly terrifying alongside the humming of the ancient swords. The swords began emanating a conqueror’s aura which was then reflected towards Ji Feixue.

Azure radiance flashed as Di Shi turned into a beam of light, flying straight towards Ji Feixue. The speed of his movements were extremely fearsome and contained a towering might and pressure within. Azure-colored runes erupted forth as Di Shi slammed out his palms towards Ji Feixue, causing an imprint of sharp talons to zoom forth. He was like a terrifying hunting bird that wished to grab his prey.

Ji Feixue’s palms moved as a sword appeared in his hands. Waving his sword, a surge of destructive sword light directly slashed out, aiming for the sharp claws of that ferocious imprint.


A raging wind gusted by as a heavy demonic qi engulfed the area. An incomparably gigantic primordial bird’s projection appeared in the air, staring downwards at everything with disdain. Both its wings started to flap with frantic speed while boundless azure rune lights started flashing, and every stream of light transformed into a smaller-sized ferocious primordial bird that dashed towards Ji Feixue.

"Any of those smaller-sized birds have the combat strength of a peak-tier seventh-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereign." The spectators felt their hearts shuddering upon feeling the might the birds emanated. However, Ji Feixue didn’t seem worried at all. Right now, there seemed to be a stream of swordlight below his feet as he executed a profound footwork, dancing about the air with his sword. An instant later, a rain of ten thousand swords thundered down from the skies, transforming into a sword-waterfall, destroying everything they touched.

"DIE!" The location where Ji Feixue pointed his sword at was akin to drifting snow flying about the skies. That sword-waterfall swerved in a spiral before blasting towards the incomparably gigantic primordial bird in the air causing terrifying shockwaves of impact to emanate outwards. An intense light flashed as that primordial bird was almost forcibly sliced into two. The might exuded was so great that it felt even the heavens was about to be torn asunder.

Di Shi retreated further up into the air, his baleful eyes glimmering with fire as he stared at Ji Feixue below. Neither of them were able to hurt the other.

"Since both of you are Heaven Chosen, why not wait until the Immortal Martial Realm to determine who is the one stronger? Sir Di most probably won’t be able to accomplish your wish today," Lin Xian`er spoke in a gentle voice. Di Shi’s gaze turned over onto Lin Xian`er as his eyes gleamed strangely. An instant later, his silhouette flickered as he actually dashed straight towards Lin Xian`er.

"Since Fairy Lin is capable of cause devastating disorder to the vast majority of males, how about trying your charms on me, Di Shi, first?" a cold voice rang out. Lin Xian`er’s countenance didn’t change in the slightest, and an instant later, several silhouettes sprang into being as their fingers played the zither, blasting out the sound of a killing melody right towards Di Shi. Di Shi merely laughed crazily as he blast out with his palms, destroying the sound waves before they could affect him.

The wings of that gigantic bird furiously flapped as fearsome gusts of wind threatened to rend Lin Xian`er’s body. However, Lin Xian`er’s voice was as calm as before, "Xian`er merely commented casually, why must Sir Di bully a weak girl like me?"

"If I can bring Fairy Lin away, this can also be considered having my wish accomplished!" Di Shi tyrannically replied. His personality was actually the same as his brother Di Yu, birds of a feather truly flocked together.

From afar, Gu Liufeng was calmly standing. At that instant, a storm gusted around him as astral light flashed, an impressive looking bow appeared in his hands. It was none other than the Shooting-Sun Bow.


Di Shi’s gaze abruptly turned around. He actually felt an intense sense of danger locking down on him. When he shifted his gaze, he noticed Gu Liufeng was actually pointing an arrow straight at him. They were obviously separated by a large distance; yet somehow it felt that any amount of space didn’t matter.

"Mhm?" The spectators all turned their gaze towards Gu Liufeng, only to see that the posture of that handsome silhouette radiating unmatched magnificence. His long robes fluttered in the wind as he released his grip. Instantly, that arrow penetrated through space, appearing near Di Shi. The speed of this arrow bordered on the unbelievable.

Di Shi retreated explosively, his speed was also exceedingly quick, yet there was no way for him to be faster than an arrow fired by Gu Liufeng. Howling in rage, Di Shi’s palms turned azure, emitting an indestructible aura before he smacked his hands towards that arrow. Countless rune-lights flashed, transforming into ferocious birds of prey that threw themselves in the path of that arrow, buying time for Di Shi to flee.

The sounds of piercing rang out continuously as blood sprinkled through the air. Di Shi’s shoulder was actually wounded from the exchange.

"How powerful." Silence descended onto this space, Gu Liufeng was known as ‘Yi shooting the nine heavens,’ and fully deserved his reputation. Although his cultivation base was higher than Di Shi, it was still unexpected he could injure Di Shi with the use of only a single arrow. This caused the heartbeats of the spectators to quicken, as several females in the crowd sighed in admiration as they stared at Gu Liufeng.

However, the eyes of that handsome young man had no fluctuations to them. He merely lowered his bow, as though he just did an extremely ordinary thing. After which, he turned and slowly walked away.

"Xian`er thanks Sir Gu for his aid." Lin Xian`er stared at the departing back of Gu Liufeng as a strange light flashed past her eyes. The flowing wind was not lustful, Gu Liufeng, although he had saved her by his actions, he had never taken even a single glance at her.

"Gu Liufeng." Di Shi stared at the departing back as the battle intent in his eyes towered up the heavens. His hands gingerly touched the bloody wound on his shoulder; he could feel a terrifying corrosion energy within. It was precisely this energy in that fired arrow earlier that possessed the capability to break through his defense, injuring him and causing him to bleed.

Not only that, Gu Liufeng’s sabre arts were just as terrifying as his arrows, he was able to seal throats with a single strike!

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