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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1366: Segregation of Cultivation Realms

Chapter 1366: Segregation of Cultivation Realms

At the God Hand Mountain Manor, silence was everywhere. Emperor Yu had already dispersed the people within a long time ago.

When Qin Wentian came to this location, he stood in the manor as his immortal sense spread out. After that, a smile appeared on his face.

Within the range of his immortal sense, there was a figure standing on the peak of an ancient mountain. This figure was none other than Emperor Yu

Emperor Yu slowly opened his eyes, he directly transmitted his voice over, "The ancient mountain has opened, you can enter."

"Many thanks senior." Qin Wentian politely replied. Although he knew that Emperor Yu was also someone from the Battle Saint Tribe, he was the subordinate of the previous Saint Lord, Ancient Emperor Yi. His cultivation was extremely tyrannical and regardless of anything, he did deserve respect.

As the sound of Qin Wentian's voice faded, he instantly turned towards the ancient mountain that was the entrance to the dimension where the Battle Saint Tribe lived.

The interior of the ancient mountain was the same as when he entered previously. The deeper he entered, the more terrifying the will attacks were. Qin Wentian guessed that this should be something left behind by Ancient Emperor Yi, and he was filled with anticipation for what lies ahead.

Back then, the Violet Emperor as a peak-level emperor, also had no way to force his way into it. From this, one could see how terrifyingly strong an ancient emperor was. Their strength was basically at another tier.

Qin Wentian had cultivated God's Hand for many years, he naturally faced no interference from this ancient mountain. He entered the residence of Ancient Emperor Yi, the place where there were greater demons who were on guard.

Qin Wentian didn't wake those greater demons up. He silently proceeded forward and came to the front of the three gigantic bronze gates.

Right now, he had two choices. He could either enter via opening the second gate directly, or through the first gate, and use his immortal king might to break through the barriers existing between the first and second world to enter the second level. According to the experts inside the first level, once someone broke through to the immortal king realm, they would be able to enter the second level.

"Let's take a look at the first world." Qin Wentian decided. Back then, he learned of the Battle Saint Tribe's existence at the first world. Now that he has returned, he should pay a visit there to take a look.

Qin Wentian opened the first bronze gate and stepped through it.

Upon entering, Qi Dongliu and the others was already here to welcome him. All of them bowed, and greeted, "Saint Lord."

Qi Dongliu had a look of bewilderment on his face. He didn't know why Qin Wentian would choose to come back here now. Could it be that something has happened to those tribe members out there?

When he thought of this, a look of worry involuntarily appeared on his face.

"Qi Da and the others are roaming about the immortal realms to temper themselves." It was as though Qin Wentian could understand the worries in Qi Dongliu's heart. He then continued, "I came back here because I'm prepared to head to the second world. Hence, I just came by in convenience to pay a visit to you guys."

"Saint Lord, you've broken through to the immortal king realm?" Qi Dongliu had a look of shock on his face. Such cultivation speed, wasn't it too terrifying? Back then when Qin Wentian first came, he was merely a low-level immortal-foundation character.

"Mhm." Qin Wentian nodded lightly. Qi Dongliu was a little emotional, The stronger the Saint Lord was, the higher the chance of their Battle Saint Tribe to recover their former glory. According to their ancestral teachings, their enemy wasn't in this Azure Mystic Immortal Realms. They were extremely strong, forcing the Battle Saint Tribe to hide away here as they tried to recover their strength with each successive generation while sending out elites of their tribe to adventure with the Saint Lord, hoping against hope that some monstrous genius would be born to them and lead their tribe back to glory.

"Are you familiar with the situation in the second world?" Qin Wentian asked.

These three worlds are part of a whole complete dimension. Although people of the first world are very receptive and willing to follow him, the stronger an expert was, the greater their sense of pride would be. The elites of the second world of the Battle Saint Tribe, would all be immortal kings. There might be many peak-level immortal kings among them. If he wanted these people to obey him, he didn't know if things would go as smoothly as they did here.

"I'm not very sure of the situation there. A staggering amount of time has passed since the previous generation Saint Lord was here. Generation after generation has passed, I can't really be sure of what happened exactly those years ago. What I can confirm is now, inside the second world, the experts of our Battle Saint Tribe should be more in comparison to the first world here. They might have descendants after they ascended to the second world and there's a high chance that some of them might have awakened their Sacred Bone."

Qi Dongliu continued analyzing, "The second world should be able to be of great assistance to Saint Lord."

"Mhm." Qin Wentian nodded lightly. Right now, given his cultivation base and background, ordinary assistance wouldn't be of use to him.

Naturally, there was a difference between the Battle Saint Tribe and other powers that were aiding him. The forces of the Battle Saint Tribe was a power that could be considered belonging solely to him alone.

"Right." Qin Wentian nodded. "Can I break through to the second world now?"

"I think there shouldn't be any problems." Qi Dongliu replied.

"I will proceed then." Qin Wentian stated.

"Saint Lord, don't you want to stay here for a break for a few days?" Qi Dongliu asked.

"It's fine, I came back just to see you guys." Qin Wentian shook his head and smiled.

"Alright then, we will respectfully send Saint Lord on your way." Qi Dongliu bowed. After that, Qin Wentian soared up into the air.

The three worlds in this dimension were the same as the relationship of particle worlds and the immortal realms. Once one reached a certain level in strength, they would be able to break through the barrier.

The second world, was similarly a brand new world.

When the first Saint Lord created the three worlds, he made it so that the connection here was the same as the connection in particle worlds to the immortal realms. The people living here didn't know that this is a world created by others. Other than members of the Battle Saint Tribe, the others here all believed that this dimension, is the outside world.

Now, Qin Wentian appeared in the second world. He didn't tunnel in from the earth. Earlier after he broke through the bindings of the first world, he was teleported to the airspace of the second world, among the clouds.

Back then when Qin Wentian exited his particle world, he didn't tunnel through the ground of the immortal realms either. Hence, Qin Wentian didn't really feel anything strange about this point.

With a flash of his figure, he descended to the ground. He then extended his immortal sense to surround this vast space.

In the second world, the Xuantian Sect is an extremely large major power, a hegemon of this world. It's said that the old ancestor of this sect, is a legendary immortal king level existence, and had incredible prowess.

As a hegemon, the Xuantian Sect was naturally extremely majestic and filled with disciples.

At this moment, a young expert was currently walking over, directly ascending the main peak of the Xuantian Sect. At this instant, the silhouettes of several disciples flickered as they sped after him while radiating a cold intent, "Sir, please halt."

Qin Wentian didn't stop. He increased his speed, and vanished like a bolt of lightning. Those people all froze as they marveled at his terrifying speed.

"Where did he go?"

"The mountain behind the main peak is the cultivation place of the old ancestor." The hearts of these disciples shuddered. But how could Qin Wentian be bothered about them? He directly came before an old man who was cultivating in a cave, this old man was none other than the old ancestor of the Xuantian Sect.

That old man opened his eyes and glanced at the extremely young immortal king before him as he asked, "Dao friend, what can I help you with?"

"I like to know which major power is the true lord of this world, and how strong are they exactly." Qin Wentian asked. An immortal king expert should know more things in comparison.

The old man furrowed his brows. What did this young man mean? This world? Could it be he isn't someone from this world?

"Battle Saint Palace is the true lord of this world, their strength is extremely tyrannical, I don't dare to jump to a conclusion." That old man spoke.

"Where is that place located? Can you send me the coordinates via immortal sense?" Qin Wentian continued, causing the old man to frown coldly. "Aren't your words a little too tyrannical?"

Qin Wentian didn't show any respect at all.

"RUMBLE!" A fearsome might erupted forth from Qin Wentian as he repeated, "Pass me the coordinates."

The expression of the old man grew unsightly, but upon sensing the might of this aura, he decided to do as Qin Wentian asked and sent him the coordinates via immortal sense.

After getting the information he wanted, Qin Wentian directly sped away. The heart of the old man shook, where did this young immortal king come from exactly? He is actually so overwhelming powerful at such a young age.

Today, the entire Xuantian Sect was trembling when they felt the aura Qin Wentian unleashed. Everyone in the Xuantian Sect felt like doomsday had arrived.

After all, this world wasn't really that vast when compared to a true particle world. It was merely one of the three worlds that made up of this dimension.

The Battle Saint Palace, comparing that to the Battle Saint Tribe, the information should be true. Experts from the tribe should be the true controllers of this major power.

The Battle Saint Palace was far more majestic compared to the power controlled by the Battle Saint Tribe in the first world. With a single sweep of his immortal sense, Qin Wentian could already sense numerous experts in there. Stepping forth, he walked towards the steps leading up to the Battle saint Palace.

The guards there naturally obstructed Qin Wentian, while sharpness flashed in their eyes.

"I, Qin, am here to issue a challenge to the Battle Saint Palace." Qin Wentian spoke, his voice ringing out like thunder, echoing through the Battle Saint Palace.

There was actually someone who came here to challenge the lord of this world. This was simply the actions of a madman.

Within the Battle Saint Palace, numerous experts came out. An extremely powerful aura radiated from Qin Wentian and when the guards sensed it, nobody dared to obstruct him any longer.

Following the stairway, Qin Wentian soon arrived before the Battle Saint Palace in the blink of an eye.

"Who are you exactly? You actually dare to come here and challenge us?" A young man crossed his hands before his chest as he stared at Qin Wentian in arrogance.

"I've broken through to the immortal king realm recently and I'm here to challenge initial-stage immortal kings, not immortal-foundation experts." Qin Wentian calmly gazed at that young man, his expression filled with a lofty pride.

Immortal kings are naturally different from immortal-foundation experts. The cultivation realms are segregated into clear categories. The immortal kings and emperors belonged to the King Realm, but in order to clearer differentiate the two, the people of the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms further split this cultivation realm into a more detailed segregation.

Immortal kings can be split into initial-stage, middle-stage and peak-stage immortal kings.

Immortal emperors are the same as well.

For every stage, the early and later phases would be determined by the deepness of one's foundation.

Qin Wentian had just broken through to the immortal king realm and was considered an initial-stage immortal king. However, because his foundations are incomparably steady, he can already directly stand against later-phase, initial-stage immortal kings.

The expression of that young man changed immediately. A beautiful girl beside him spoke, "Even if you are at the immortal king realm, you don't have the qualifications to act wildly here."

"I didn't came here to boast of my strength. I'm merely challenging the people of the Battle Saint Palace. Is there no one here who dares to face up to my challenge?" Qin Wentian calmly spoke, he was prepared to use this chance to observe the strength of immortal kings from the Battle Saint Tribe while displaying some of his strength to show them. Only through this method would the experts of the Battle Saint Tribe here in the second world follow him willingly!

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