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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 754 — Xu Jiamus Decision 14

Chapter 754: Xu Jiamu's Decision (14)

Qiao Anhao originally wanted to continue to casually answer Lu Jinnian with "You've got it all wrong. What's there for me to be sad about?". However, when she heard his words, it felt like there was something stuck in her throat… It was as though that very feeling of not wanting to reveal her emotions, which she tried so hard to suppress in her heart, had been drawn out.

"Qiao Qiao, after going through something like this, who wouldn't be sad… For you to put on a happy face like this, it only makes my heart ache even more.

"I’m your husband… someone you absolutely can rely on and trust without holding back. I don't want to only share your happiness, I also want to share your sadness too."

Qiao Anhao wanted to suppress that gushing feeling of sadness, but with Lu Jinnian's words, she just couldn't hold her tears back any longer and they came pouring down her face.

He was right. After going through something like this, how could she not be sad?

Although most of the time, they say you should walk your own path and let others walk theirs, that was just something logical you say to comfort someone else. When it really happens to you, only then you'll understand how scary gossip can be.

Who didn't want to appear bright and beautiful, open and candid in front of others?

And who would be willing to have their clean reputation appear sullied with dirt, and have people shout at them the moment they come out?

What's more, the truth was nothing like what they said on the internet. However, right now, she couldn't explain it all even if she tried.

Yeah, she felt wronged.

Ever since the scandal broke out, ever since the reporters blocked her front door, ever since the people online started scolding her, ever since the reporters shoved and tripped her up… She felt wronged.

She just didn't want to upset Lu Jinnian, so she endured it.

She thought that she could be strong and hold herself together, but his simple words shattered her disguise.

The more Qiao Anhao's tears fell, the more wronged she felt. In the end, she just cried aloud.

Lu Jinnian didn't say a word, but hugged her in silence and let her cry.

As he heard the sound of her cries, his heart felt wave after wave of discomfort.

Qiao Anhao cried for a very long time, until eventually, her body started to twitch and the sound of her cries gradually shriveled.

It was like she'd just received the greatest shock, and she lifted her head. As she sobbed, she stared at Lu Jinnian with watery eyes, and started to lament over it pitifully. "They don't even know… Those people are so harsh. They don't even know anything… How could they scold me so ruthlessly?

"What's more, even if those things were true, what right do they have to blame me? Maybe, in real life, those people are even crueler than I supposedly am!

"And those reporters! I didn't accept their interviews, so how could they continue to ask and ask and ask? Alright, they barricaded the front door, but then they continued to call as well, so annoying! What's even more cruel was that they pushed me over. Look! I got hurt. It really hurts."

Qiao Anhao went on and on. Eventually, she remembered how she had dragged Lu Jinnian into it online, and how they said she was unworthy of him. Her eyes couldn't help but turn a little darker at that. Her lips quivered, and her voice lost the angry, unjustly hurt tone of voice for a restless and uneasy one.

"Lu Jinnian, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't have to be dragged into this mess."

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