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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 755 — Xu Jiamus Decision 15

Chapter 755: Xu Jiamu's Decision (15)

Lu Jinnian raised his hand and followed the curve of her hair. "Qiao Qiao, as long as I can be with you, even the greatest of problems is a happy surprise to me."

You don't even know, how much I love that the name 'Lu Jinnian' can follow the two words 'Qiao Anhao'.

In my eyes, any sentences made with the four words "Lu Jinnian" and "Qiao Anhao", no matter if good or bad, are just so touching.

Qiao Anhao's unbearably wronged heart, warmed up with Lu Jinnian's words. She pouted at him, still a little grieved, and said, "But the people online say I'm not worthy of you."

"That's right…" said Lu Jinnian with all seriousness, causing Qiao Anhao's heart, that had started to cheer up after much difficulty, to instantly fall again. With that, Lu Jinnian patted himself. "I’m indeed…" He pointed at Qiao Anhao. "… not worthy of you."

Ah so annoying… she clearly said she wasn't worthy of him, but he changed it so that he was not worthy of her.

To be played like that by Lu Jinnian, not only was Qiao Anhao mad, she smiled through her tears. "Lu Jinnian, you're clearly acting dumb!"

Lu Jinnian stared with a calm expression at Qiao Anhao's still wet from the tears, yet smiling and honest face. After being tensed, he could finally loosen up. After trying to cheer her up for so long, she was finally happy.

He lightened up, and he couldn't help but pinch Qiao Anhao's tall nose. "Are you not ashamed of yourself? One moment you're crying, and the other you're smiling. You're just like a child."

"I was always a child… Three and a half years old…" With that, Qiao Anhao pouted at Lu Jinnian and made a cute pose.

"Is that right?" asked Lu Jinnian in return. Suddenly, he flipped his body and pressed her beneath him. His hands reached into her clothes, and he squeezed her breast. "How can three and a half year olds mature so well?"

"Lu Jinnian, you dirty thug!" Qiao Anhao cried Lu Jinnian's name in anger. Soon after, he covered her lips and let out a short "Mmm…"

Then she heard the clear sound of Lu Jinnian's seductive voice in her ear. "I can be even dirtier."

After that, Qiao Anhao really was picked clean by the thug Lu Jinnian.


After Lu Jinnian finished, he wasn't in a rush to pull out of Qiao Anhao's body. Instead, he hugged her tightly, lowered his head, and stared into her eyes without so much as a blink. An incomparable solemn glow emulated from within his eyes when he spoke in a deep voice. An orgasmic expression came over his face, and a seductive expression came to his face.

"Qiao Qiao, don't worry about what outsiders say. You dragged me down, you're not worthy of me… those are just things said by unknown voices.

"There are thousands of women out there in the world that are prettier than you, smarter than you, and more outstanding than you, but you have to understand that, I Lu Jinnian never wanted the world’s best. I wanted the the best one in my heart.

"And that one will only be you, can only be you.

"That has never changed, and it will never do so in the future.

"So don't think too much and don't be too upset. I promise you, I will think of a way to calm the situation down and get us out of it. I will definitely think of a way."

After Lu Jinnian said that, Qiao Anhao blinked and let a single tear quietly fall.

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