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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 756 — Xu Jiamus Decision 16

Chapter 756: Xu Jiamu's Decision (16)

After Lu Jinnian said that, Qiao Anhao blinked and let a single tear quietly fall.

At that instant, she felt like the opinions and abuse from the outside world had become insignificant.

Even if her name was run through the mud, and scolded by others… so what?

She had Lu Jinnian who deeply loved her, Lu Jinnian who every woman in the world may try their hardest to meet but may never encounter.

Lu Jinnian, who even if the world cast her aside, would treat her as treasure in his hands.

It was enough… She was content.

Her life was already full. Even if there were a few obstacles now, and even if there were a few pitfalls in the future, what did it matter?

Qiao Anhao was so moved, she didn't know how to express her emotions. In the end, she immediately hugged his neck, lifted her head, and spontaneously kissed his lips.

Her spontaneity and passion made Lu Jinnian's body tremble slightly. Then, he pulled her head into his, kissing her deeper.

Obviously, they just had sex and obviously they were both exhausted, yet they wanted to use the most basic way to express their inner thoughts.

The room was very quiet. The only sound was that of their intimacy.

Lu Jinnian flipped around, hugging Qiao Anhao to his body, then changed positions. Just as they were about to finish, he swapped them so he was on top and she on the bottom. Then, with all the strength in his body, he rode her to the clouds above.

A long while after they finished, Lu Jinnian was still affectionately stuck to Qiao Anhao's body, unwilling to leave her. Her eyes were shut, and her body was outstretched, too exhausted to move an inch.

From time to time, Lu Jinnian would kiss her brow, her neck, her earlobe… Eventually, he drew closer to her ear and whispered, "Qiao Qiao, I love you."

His words made Qiao Anhao's feet curl. Her body slumped into his arms in exhaustion and she muttered, "I love you too."

The very instant she said this, Lu Jinnian hastily covered her lips.


With an entire afternoon of stress and a further night of exercise, Qiao Anhao's body was so exhausted, it didn't take long for her to use Lu Jinnian's arm as a pillow and fall deep asleep.

Tonight's sex really tired out Lu Jinnian as well, but he wasn't really sleepy. He waited until her breathing became soft and long, before he opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. He quietly pulled out his arm from under her head, then tiptoed out of bed. He grabbed his phone and walked out of the bedroom.

Lu Jinnian walked into the study room. He had the urge to smoke, but he decided against it as he had to return to the bedroom later and was afraid the smell of cigarettes would wake Qiao Anhao up. In the end, he put the cigarette back into it's pack, then called his assistant.

Despite it already being quite late, after a while, the call was still picked up. The first thing heard over the phone wasn't the assistant's voice, but the crisp sound of the door shutting. Then the man’s voice was heard through the phone. "Mr. Lu."

"En…" responded Lu Jinnian. Without waiting for his assistant to ask questions, he said, "Didn't XX station get in contact with me a few times for an interview, but I rejected them? Tomorrow, get in touch with their people and set up the earliest possible time for an interview."

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