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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 758 — Xu Jiamus Decision 18

Chapter 758: Xu Jiamu's Decision (18)

Lu Jinnian, who was despondent at first, became utterly stunned by the end.

After Qiao Anhao finished performing, she took a deep breath and immediately recovered her usual cute-self. She abruptly jumped onto the bed like a kid begging for sweets, and looked at Lu Jinnian with hopeful eyes. "How was it?"

That's when Lu Jinnian finally snapped out of it, reached his arms, out and pulled her into a hug. "Good."

"How good?"

"Very very good."

"If you were a judge, how many points would you give me?"

"A hundred points."


"More authentic than gold."

As Qiao Anhao nestled in Lu Jinnian's arms, she giggled with a bright smile on her face. A ray of sunshine from outside the window accentuated her charming looks. She turned around and placed her shoulder against Lu Jinnian's shoulder and said with a conceited and proud tone, "Actually, I think so too!"

"Conceited." Lu Jinnian chuckled. "Have you no shame?"

Qiao Anhao put on a vicious expression and opened her mouth as if ready to bite Lu Jinnian, but eventually touched his face with her lips, giving him a gentle peck. "Alright, to reward you for your honesty just now, my lady shall go and prepare breakfast for you."

Lu Jinnian hugged her waist, preventing her from leaving, then took advantage of the opportunity to kiss her deeper. "I'd rather eat you than have breakfast…"

With that, his hand reached deep into Qiao Anhao's pajamas.

After last night's long session, she hadn't bounced back, but they were at it again?

Qiao Anhao didn't think twice about it and reached her hand out and pinched the meat between Lu Jinnian's waist. Just as he felt the pain creep up on him, she pushed him to one side of the bed and bolted off into the bathroom.

As Qiao Anhao shut the bathroom door with a thud, Lu Jinnian chuckled in pain. He pulled the covers and closed his eyes.


Qiao Anhao first visited the toilet. When she squeezed out toothpaste and brushed her teeth, she thought about what she was going to wear for the competition tonight. That was when she saw the uneven hickey Lu Jinnian had given her on the neck, and couldn't help but pout in dismay.

She gargled a mouthful of mouthwash, bent over a little, and spat out her toothpaste. Perhaps it was because she accidentally swallowed some toothpaste, she felt a little puke spew up. She couldn't help but vomit a little in the sink.

The sickly feeling disappeared as soon as it came. Qiao Anhao washed her face and put on a quick layer of moisturizer. After getting changed into her lounge clothes, she went downstairs.

She finished making breakfast when Lu Jinnian slowly came downstairs after freshening up.

The two of them sat face-to-face. Qiao Anhao first grabbed a slice of bread and shoved it into her mouth. It tasted a little bland so she pointed at the apple jam for Lu Jinnian to pass it over to her. She casually picked up a fried egg and bit into it, but before she even swallowed it, her stomach felt uncomfortable.

She thought she was going to vomit, but the feeling was fleeting, and she felt fine a second later.

Lu Jinnian opened the apple jam jar and pushed it over to Qiao Anhao. Seeing as she picked up the chopsticks but didn't move for quite a long time, he couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong?"

She shook her head, and carefully rubbed her stomach to find that everything was normal. "Nothing… I just felt a little strange."

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