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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 761 — Xu Jiamus Decision 21

Chapter 761: Xu Jiamu's Decision (21)

Qiao Anhao recognized the phone number, it was from the company she had especially asked to make her costume for the drum dance. Seeing as she missed the call, they sent her a text message to say that her costume was ready and asked her if she was free tomorrow so they could send someone to deliver it to her.

Qiao Anhao casually sent a text back with a single word "Yes". Soon after, she received their reply. [Ok. It will be delivered to you at around one o'clock tomorrow afternoon.]

This time Qiao Anhao didn't reply. Instinctively, she wanted to click on Weibo, but then she figured that there'd only be upsetting things on there, so she chucked her phone aside. She turned on the TV and randomly found a variety show . As she watched on, eventually the show put her to sleep.


Lu Jinnian was busy until nine o'clock, when he shut his laptop and stretched out his body. He stood up and walked out of the study room to find that the corridor was particularly quiet. There wasn't the sound of the same Chinese folk music he'd heard for these past two days, so he pushed open the door to the dance studio in curiosity. It was empty. Qiao Anhao had long disappeared.

For the past two nights, he couldn't get her to go to bed. Every time he would have to forcefully carry her out. How come today she stopped dancing before it got to nine o'clock?

When Lu Jinnian pushed open the door to the bedroom, he heard the sound of laughter from the TV. He instinctively turned his head, assuming he'd find a little face enthusiastically watching the screen, but who would have thought that he'd see the tilted, sleeping face on the pillow.

She must've tired herself out dancing these past few days to actually sleep so earlier…

Lu Jinnian walked over to the bedside, feeling helpless yet wanting to spoil her. He grabbed the pillow from behind Qiao Anhao and placed it under her head, then pulled the covers over her. He shut the TV and turned the lights off, then stood by the bed staring at her sleeping face for a while. He lowered his head to plant a kiss between her brows, then walked into the bathroom.

After he came out of the shower, Lu Jinnian slipped into bed. He was used to hugging Qiao Anhao to sleep. At the thought of how they've been spending every night so intimate as husband and wife, but tonight… He didn't know if it was because he didn't want to wake her up and couldn't do bad things, at that very moment, Lu Jinnian actually felt unusually impulsive. In the end, he figured he may as well shut his eyes. Only when his count reached a thousand sheep did he finally fall asleep.

Deep asleep, Qiao Anhao had a dream. In it, a chubby, pale baby was smiling right at her affectionately. As the baby smiled and smiled, it suddenly jumped into her belly. On a reflex, Qiao Anhao woke up shocked with a pain in her stomach.

She opened her eyes to see the dim yellow lights from the nightlight in the room, and Lu Jinnian deep asleep beside her. Her stomach felt at ease, not a single hint of pain, which went to prove that she was just having a dream.

But no matter what, Qiao Anhao couldn't sleep. Her mind wandered around the baby who suddenly jumped into her womb.

The flustered feeling she had during tonight's dance practice crept into her heart again.

Her eyes were wide open, and wild thoughts ran through her mind for quite some time. Then, all of a sudden, she realized what was wrong…

She pulled out her phone and opened her period tracker to find that she was over half a month late.

But then again, her period had never been on time so that didn't mean anything.

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