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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 762 — Xu Jiamus Decision 22

Chapter 762: Xu Jiamu's Decision (22)

But this time, whilst Qiao Anhao’s period came late, her and Lu Jinnian did it quite a lot.

She counted how many times she and Lu Jinnian had had sex after they got together. It had been over a month since that first time, which went to say she could really be pregnant.

Having been completely clueless during her last pregnancy, and having experienced someone murdering her child, Qiao Anhao was a lot more careful this time. She immediately clicked onto Jingdong on her phone and into the drug store to buy a few sticks of pregnancy test.

Even though she wasn't absolutely certain that she was pregnant, the thought that she might be made her feel inexplicably eager, excited, and a slightest bit timid and nervous.

She wasn’t a mother before aiii… This was her first… What's more, it was her and Lu Jinnian's baby…

Qiao Anhao wasn't even sure if she was pregnant, but she couldn't help but raise her hand and rub her flat stomach. She bit her bottom lip as she started to have wild thoughts quietly deep in the night, imagining her baby's future.

She would definitely be there for her baby growing up, and make record of every little detail of his life. She'd wait till the day he was all grown up to gift them to him.

She was so pretty, Lu Jinnian was… Qiao Anhao turned her head and looked at her man's face. Being with him day in and day out for such a long time, at that very moment, she carefully looked him up and down in a trance. After a long while, she blinked, and continued with her train of thought… Lu Jinnian was so handsome. If their baby was a girl, she'd definitely be stunningly beautiful. If their baby was a boy, he'd definitely be charming and handsome… With that thought, Qiao Anhao couldn't help but feel foolishly happy.

She imagined a multitude of situations that could happen to the baby. Eventually, she started to feel a little upset.

Everyone now knew she was scolded online for supposedly seducing two men. When their baby grew up, went to university and made friends, what would happen if other people brought up her scandal?

Qiao Anhao then remembered what granny had told her about Lu Jinnian's childhood. Would her baby be isolated and ridiculed by everyone too?

Even though it was all in her head, her heart still started to hurt. Those situations may not even happen but if they did, then they would definitely affect the baby.

She couldn’t let her baby experience those violent rumors.

Even though Lu Jinnian said he would handle the situation and it will all be settled, but without any evidence, how could he silence these ludicrous rumors?

The more Qiao Anhao thought about it, the more serious her expression grew. Eventually, she came to a decision.

If she really was pregnant… She had to emigrate with Lu Jinnian as soon as possible.

Since she had such a horrible reputation in this country, and she would have to live a life with an infamous name, for the sake of their child, they'd better leave to give the child a clean slate, and let him grow up healthy.


At night, Qiao Anhao thought about many things. By the time she fell asleep again, it was already morning.

Recently, Lu Jinnian had asked his assistant to set up an interview. It was scheduled for Thursday at three in the afternoon.

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