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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 763 — Xu Jiamus Decision 23

Chapter 763: Xu Jiamu's Decision (23)

Although Lu Jinnian needed to leave the house at twelve. At eleven o'clock, when he went to take a shower, he called Qiao Anhao to get up. After he freshened up, got dressed, and came out of the bathroom, she was still asleep.

Lu Jinnian walked to the side of the bed, and pulled her out from the covers.

Qiao Anhao squinted her eyes open and said with some early morning anger, "Whaaat."

"I have business to attend to. Eat the food I left you in the thermal container. You haven't eaten breakfast and lunch, so remember to eat in a while."

Qiao Anhao's eyes looked like they were about to fight when she nodded frantically at Lu Jinnian.

He looked at her face with the impulse to wake her up, but then rubbed her head instead. He put her back onto the bed and gave her a kiss between the brows. As he fixed his clothes up, he made his way out.


It hadn't been five minutes since Lu Jinnian left when the doorbell started to ring.

Having been continuously woken up, Qiao Anhao ripped the sheets off a little angrily. When she went to open the door, she realized that it was the delivery for the dance costume. She signed for it and saw the delivery person out. She tossed the dance costume on the sofa on the first floor, then let out a yawn, wanting to go back upstairs, but the doorbell rang again.

She frantically turned around towards the delivery person. As she yawned, she signed for her package, then casually chucked it on the shelf at the entrance and groggily walked up the stairs. After taking just a few steps, she suddenly remembered what was in that package.

Her footsteps halted for a moment, then she darted back and rushed over to the entrance. She hugged the package, ran up the stairs and found a pair of scissors. The moment she cut the package open, she pulled out several pregnancy tests. She casually ripped one of them open, glanced over the instruction manual, and rushed into the bathroom.

Qiao Anhao used all seven pregnancy tests in one go. Then sat on the toilet, staring squarely at the row of pregnancy tests on the floorboard.

About five minutes passed. The first pregnancy test had two red lines.

Three seconds hadn't even passed when the second pregnancy test had two red lines.

At the same time, two red lines appeared on the third and fourth pregnancy tests.

Following those, the results for the fifth, sixth, and seventh came out. The fifth and seventh tests had two bright red lines like the first four tests, while the sixth had just one red line and another faint line.

Qiao Anhao didn't dare believe the results in her mind, so she compared the pregnancy tests with the manual. Then, her mind slowly drifted over the word: Pregnant…

Six of the seven sticks of pregnancy test had two red lines, which went to say… She really was pregnant!

Qiao Anhao stood up from the toilet seat excitedly. She stayed there in shock for a moment before hastily pulling her underwear up. She rushed out the bathroom to find her phone and call Lu Jinnian.

He was probably busy right now, so he didn't pick up her call.

Qiao Anhao hung up in regret, but soon enough, her joy eradicated any hints of leftover regret.

But then, Qiao Anhao's smile quickly froze.

Last night, whilst dancing, her stomach hurt.

What did this mean? Was there something wrong with the baby?

Perhaps it was because she'd lost her last child, Qiao Anhao suddenly grew restless.

Nah… She had to go to the hospital, now! If there were any problems, they could find out early and think of a plan.

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