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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 764 — Xu Jiamus Decision 24

Chapter 764: Xu Jiamu's Decision (24)

Lu Jinnian was busy so he definitely couldn't be with her now.

But if he was here, it would be easier for her to go out then alone… But if she left later, then what if there was something wrong with the baby?

Qiao Anhao paced around the house restlessly. She thought for a moment, then finally pulled her phone and called Zhao Meng.

It had been almost ten days since the scandal broke out. During that time, besides the day of the top eight competition, Qiao Anhao had practically never left the house.

Though the heat of the scandal was almost over, Qiao Anhao still didn't have the courage to leave the house without any measures to disguise herself. She was afraid that if anyone spotted her in a crowd, she'd be surrounded by people with no way to escape. What's more, now she had a baby in her belly. In the midst of the shoving and pushing, if she tripped up, the situation would undoubtedly be horrible.

So before stepping out the door, she got cloaked from head to toe, so much so that when Zhao Meng drove into Mian Xiu Garden's courtyard, she jumped in fright when she got into the car looking like that.


Before Zhao Meng arrived, she had already helped Qiao Anhao contact a gynecologist. When they arrived at the hospital, they parked the car in the underground lot, where a nurse immediately escorted them to an elevator.

Even though Qiao Anhao had already had pregnancy tests at home, now that she was at the hospital, the gynecologist still had to get a urine sample and take her blood to run tests.

Her being pregnant was already an ironclad truth, but as Qiao Anhao waited for her checkup results in her private room, she was still a little nervous.

After about fifteen minutes had passed, the gynecologist brought a few forms back. She handed them to Qiao Anhao. The forms had technical language on them, which she couldn't understand, so she took a quick glance and raised her head to look at the doctor.

"Miss Qiao, congratulations! You are pregnant for a month now."

A month… Then wasn't it that night she drugged Lu Jinnian in America?

She said it, she had a baby in her belly at the time, and Lu Jinnian just gave her a look of disbelief…

Qiao Anhao secretly let out an 'ah'. She then hastily asked the doctor about more serious matters. "Last night whilst I was dancing, my stomach hurt. Is the baby okay?"

"Miss Qiao, don't worry. The baby's just fine." The doctor gave Qiao Anhao a reassuring smile. "The pain you felt last night was probably because you were dancing too vigorously. It must've upset the fetus. As long as you don’t bleed, it's nothing major. However, the first three months of pregnancy are rather dangerous. I recommend Miss Qiao that you rest well. Of course, resting well doesn't suggest you stay in bed. Taking walks is good for the body."

Qiao Anhao listened intently, paying close attention to every word the doctor said, trying to take it all in.

"Also, please remember to visit the hospital for a B-scan in a month to check the baby's heartbeat." After the doctor finished, she thought for a moment, then added, "Oh, right… Miss Qiao, I prescribed you some folic acid . Please have Miss Zhao pay and collect it, and please do remember to take them on time every day."

"Thank you, doctor." Qiao Anhao wore a light smile and looked over at Zhao Meng. Her friend immediately knew what to do, she grabbed her purse and walked out.

Soon enough, Zhao Meng returned with two boxes of folic acid.

As per the gynecologist's orders, the nurse escorted them downstairs to the parking lot. When they got in the car, Zhao Meng couldn't wait to take her phone out. She turned to Qiao Anhao and said, "Qiao Qiao, when I went downstairs to pay, I saw a broadcast about you and Lu Jinnian, and it’s an interview!"

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