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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 765 — Xu Jiamus Decision 25

Chapter 765: Xu Jiamu's Decision (25)

As per the gynecologist's orders, the nurse escorted them downstairs to the parking lot. When they got in the car, Zhao Meng couldn't wait to take her phone out. She turned to Qiao Anhao and said, "Qiao Qiao, when I went downstairs to pay, I saw a broadcast about you and Lu Jinnian, and it’s an interview!"

Qiao Anhao furrowed her brows. "Interview? What interview?"

"It's that 'Appointment with the Great God'…" As Zhao Meng said this, she clicked into the website with the live broadcast.

Because the parking lot was underground, the signal was cutting in and out, and the streaming speed was terrible. Zhao Meng put her phone to one side and started the car up straight away. When she drove above ground, she found an area to stop at with fewer cars. Then, she brought her phone up again and started the stream.

About half a minute passed, then the presenter's voice came out of Zhao Meng's phone. "Just now, we talked about Mr. Lu's thoughts on the future of Huan Ying Entertainment, so our next question for Mr. Lu is about himself. Mr. Lu, have you recently had any plans to star in a new project?"

Zhao Meng put her phone on the car's phone stand. On the screen, Qiao Anhao saw Lu Jinnian wearing a slim, black, tailored suit. He sat on the left looking strikingly good, his long legs crossed in the armchair. He looked majestic and graceful. Between his brows, he emulated his usual distant and cold aura, making him entirely mysterious but not overly elusive.

Faced with the presenter's question, he deliberately paused for two seconds, as though seriously considering something, then said, "I have no plans at the moment."

"Ah, that's a real shame. I trust many of our viewers tuning in now are definitely disappointed. After all, everyone still wants to see our Mr. Lu appear often on our screens." The presenter's tone of voice was very fitting, there was even a slither of regret, but quickly after, he changed the question. "We know since last year, for about half a year now, Mr. Lu has left the company for others to operate. In this past half a year, has Mr. Lu been enjoying your time off or are you working on a new project?"

"Not a new project, but investing and playing the stock market." Lu Jinnian's voice was as plain as usual.

"Stock market? Recently, the stock market is really bleak. I know quite a few friends who have performed poorly. I wonder if Mr. Lu is winning or losing?"

Lu Jinnian's reply was really modest. "I'm lucky. For the time being, I haven't lost yet."

"So Mr. Lu, can you reveal just how much you won?"

"I think I doubled it."

"Doubled?" the presenter shrieked. "Then Mr. Lu, can you divulge just how much did you doubled?"

Lu Jinnian had a good demeanor, but he lowered his eyes and didn't say a word.

The presenter really had a way with words, as he immediately switched topics. "Alright, it's better if we not ask this personal question. However, I still want to shoot my mouth off and say, Mr. Lu, how do you plan to spend all that money you're raking in?!"

The presenter was just lamenting his feelings. He didn't actually think Lu Jinnian would respond, so after he finished that line, they put the microphone down and flipped to the next cue card to see how they would continue with the interview.

Who knew, Lu Jinnian, who was sitting to a side, would pause for a second, then calmly say the four words, "To support Qiao Qiao."

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