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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 767 — Xu Jiamus Decision 27

Chapter 767: Xu Jiamu's Decision (27)



"Qiao Qiao, so as it turns out, Lu Jinnian has liked you since the third year of junior middle school?" said Zhao Meng, since she couldn't resist to comment.

Qiao Anhao didn't even bother with Zhao Meng, but stared at Lu Jinnian on the phone. She thought back to when she filmed "Alluring Times" and when his assistant asked her to go to his room. At the time, she even brought him dinner. It was raining that night. She enthusiastically ran over to the window and stared at the falling raindrops. Back then, he even asked her, "Do you like rainy days?"

She remembered it clearly… the tone of his voice and hints of surprise when he said it.

But she didn't understand what he was surprised about exactly. She said "Yeah", and even asked him in return, "Do you also like rainy days?".

It was around the time they reunited, and when they spoke the most to each other.

That night, he told her that he fell in love with rainy days because of someone. Deep inside, she was a little excited because she also fell in love with rainy days because of a person.

Till now, she hadn’t realized just how many things they both loved because of one another.


"Mr. Lu, you mentioned that you've known Miss Qiao since the first year of high school. Does that mean Mr. Lu has had a secret crush on Miss Qiao for as long as a year?"

Lu Jinnian lowered his eyes. His voice was just as flat as usual, but there was also a hint of hidden sadness. "Not one year, thirteen years."

"Thirteen years?" The presenter was completely shocked by Lu Jinnian's words. "Thirteen years isn't a short amount of time. Many people have had someone they've secretly had a crush on, but eventually they'd lose to the reality of it all. Mr. Lu, how did you persist for so long?"

"It's not that I wanted to persist, but I couldn't not persist, because at first, I gave her all my emotions. From that moment on, I didn't have any emotions left for anyone else." As Lu Jinnian said this, he had a distant expression on his face, but the words from his mouth were actually incomparably emotional.

The presenter sat beside Lu Jinnian astonished by his reply. After a pause, she then asked, "Mr. Lu, why didn't you confess to Miss. Qiao?"

Lu Jinnian, who never once discussed his personal life to the media, for the first time, didn't hold back or mask anything. He spoke frankly. "At first, I had to work through the scorching heat on weekends handing out leaflets to be able to give her a birthday gift, let alone talk about giving her a good life. Even the simplest daily things in life, I couldn't provide them for her."

"Mr. Lu, were you afraid the girl you liked would live a hard life, so you never confessed?"

Lu Jinnian didn't say anything this time, but gave a gentle nod.

"But if I remember correctly, Mr. Lu, you won the award for best supporting actor six years ago. At the time, your pay must've been high, right? You could definitely give Miss Qiao a good life. Why didn't you confess then?"

"I wanted to confess…" He thought back to the night he received the award. He had rushed over from Changsha back to Beijing overnight, just to catch her by the end of her birthday and tell her 'Happy Birthday' and 'I love you'. In the end, what actually happened was different. "But before I could even confess, I learned that she was engaged to someone else."

"Someone else?" The rumors about Qiao Anhao were buzzing, and the presenter had caught wind of them too. "Was it Mr. Xu Jiamu?"

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