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Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home (Web Novel) - Chapter 768 — Xu Jiamus Decision 28

Chapter 768: Xu Jiamu's Decision (28)

"Someone else?" The rumors about Qiao Anhao were buzzing, and the presenter had caught wind of them too. "Was it Mr. Xu Jiamu?"

Lu Jinnian let out a "Yeah" in confirmation.

"On this topic, I think we can't not mention the recent scandal that has caused a frenzy online." The presenter's attitude became instantly serious. "I believe, Mr. Lu must've seen the photos publicized online. Furthermore, Mr. Lu just said that Miss Qiao and Mr. Xu were engaged, so… Pardon me Mr. Lu, is it true that Miss Qiao and Mr. Xu got divorced because of you and the scandals online?"

Perhaps because Lu Jinnian was live on set, the presenter's words were far from sharp and direct, unlike those of the reporters in Mian Xiu Garden. In fact, she was extremely cunning with her words.

But the implications were all the same. She was asking Lu Jinnian if the online scandal was true… that Qiao Anhao really had an affair during her marriage, and because of Lu Jinnian, she really did abandon Xu Jiamu.

When Lu Jinnian was asked this question, his demeanor seemed utterly calm and composed, as though the person being cursed online wasn't Qiao Anhao. The tone of his voice was dull as when he discussed Huan Ying Entertainment's progress. "Since everybody thinks those photos are real, do you think there's any reason for me to answer the question?"

The presenter was left stunned for a while at Lu Jinnian's question, then smiled and said, "Mr. Lu, by that, are you suggesting that the situation isn't as everyone thinks it is?"

Lu Jinnian was just as he was before. He didn't directly answer the question, but as usual, he asked a question back in response. "If I said no, who would believe me?"

This time, the presenter was so stifled, she didn't quite know what to say.

Lu Jinnian inhaled gently and continued to say, "If a man really loves a woman, I believe he wouldn't want to ruin her reputation.

"If I really wanted to steal someone's woman, I could of made a move five years ago when they were engaged. I didn't have to let the woman I deeply love become my forbidden love. I didn't have to watch as we lost five whole years.

"Myself, I only wanted to see her happy. I never hoped for her to be my wife.

"Of course, I've said all this, but everyone may not believe me. After all, they're just words without any evidence. Those photos are real.

"I also know that there's no use for me to stand out and say all this, and it can't change anything, but I still want to let it out. Most importantly, I want to say it for her to hear.

"Because I want her to know that even if everyone in the world abandons her, I would stand by her side without hesitation and fight against the world."

As Lu Jinnian said this, the presenter, sitting beside him, never made a sound to interrupt him.

The interview had clearly gone awry, yet everyone filming live on set didn't relay a single prompt.

Lu Jinnian stayed silent for a moment, then opened his mouth to speak again. His voice wasn't as dull as before, but full with intense emotions. "Qiao Qiao, no matter how many people say that you're no good… no matter how many lies or how much gossip surrounds you, I will always see you as my beloved princess.

"I'm so sorry that I can't share the slanders targeted at you, but I will try my very best to shield you."

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