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Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1113: Detecting the Emperor’s Imperial City in the Evening

Chapter 1113: Detecting the Emperor’s Imperial City in the Evening

"Ahh, Castle Lord…" Edward hurriedly bowed towards Zhang Tie when he passed by the hall of the palace tree at the sight of Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie just passed by Edward as fast as the wind. Before saying anything, he directly rushed towards the small tree and picked off that latest trouble-reappearance fruit at once. Closely after that, he pushed the trouble-reappearance fruit into his mouth before revealing a smile towards Edward. Then, he disappeared right under the small tree. The entire process lasted less than 3 seconds, leaving Edward standing still there with a dumbfounded look…

When Zhang Tie came out of Castle of Black Iron, he was still chewing the latest trouble-reappearance fruit as he had already sat down with crossed legs.

Zhang Tie took the last trouble-reappearance fruit in the Earth-element Realm. Even though he had taken the last trouble-reappearance fruit, he didn't activate that trouble-reappearance situation. As he had not taken trouble-reappearance fruit for a long time, Zhang Tie almost forgot about the taste of trouble-reappearance fruit.

The moment the exotic energy of the trouble-reappearance fruit entered Zhang Tie's mouth, it had risen up like a curl of smoke and directly rushed into Zhang Tie's mind sea before converging with Zhang Tie's spiritual energy. After that, a sparkle appeared in Zhang Tie's mind sea while an exotic, hexagon entrance flew over here from the sparkle and covered Zhang Tie completely, bringing Zhang Tie into a bizarre trouble-reappearance situation…

Zhang Tie appeared in the same room.

At the sight of Zhang Tie standing there, the demonized puppet that he had killed just now immediately roared with bloody eyes like seeing its enemy before charging towards Zhang Tie.

This LV 9 demonized puppet was just as trivial as a fly for Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie didn't even feel like dealing with it; instead, he just punched a wall into pieces. In the rocks and roar, Zhang Tie instantly strode out of the room and entered the manor.

The manor remained as peaceful as before. Besides nobody was here, every tree and bush here was as same as that Zhang Tie saw a few minutes ago.

The alloy cage was still on the lawn. Although there were still blood stains in the cage and the smell of blood was still in the air, there was no black spider in the cage anymore.

The LV 9 demonized puppet closely followed Zhang Tie out of the broken wall as it rushed towards Zhang Tie with bare fangs and brandish claws. Only by casually flicking towards the demonized puppet, Zhang Tie had blown up the two shanks of the demonized puppet. The demonized puppet shrieked miserably as it fell down. Even so, it continued to climb on the ground towards Zhang Tie as if it wanted to bite Zhang Tie forcefully. However, its moving speed was ten times slower than that before. Additionally, it looked pretty hilarious.

The whole world became quiet.

The moment Zhang Tie moved, he had come to the street outside the manor of Lord Guangnan over 100 m away benefited from his Kuafu bloodline.

The street lamps, roadside stores and nightscape remained unchanged.

After looking around, Zhang Tie found that the street was a bit more spacious than before. Something must have disappeared.

'Ah, all the alcohol-driven vehicles on the streets have disappeared. Only the buses that parked on the roadsides could be seen. After thinking about it for a short while, Zhang Tie realized that it was a feature of the trouble-reappearance fruit. In the trouble-reappearance situation, moving objects under the control of humans, personal belongings of humans and any items that were interacting with humans or some living beings could not be captured.

Otherwise, trouble-reappearance fruits would really be too amazing.

Even so, Zhang Tie was also satisfied enough.

As for the small tree, Zhang Tie knew that the current Xuanyuan Hill in his eyes was nothing different than the former Wildwolf Valley or the Hidden Dragon Island; in another word, everything here was just a meaningless arrangement of material elements or sceneries in the photos. With a click, all the sceneries, including handsome boys, beauties, ugly ones, gold, silver, copper, iron, jewelry and wastes would be kept. Watching the completely open, empty Xuanyuan Hill, Zhang Tie felt a bit thrilled as if he was pulling the strings in the public in an examination…

Zhang Tie started to run rapidly towards the emperor's imperial city. With the effect of Kuafu bloodline, even though Zhang Tie couldn't fly, he could still move as fast as the wind and lightning bolt on the ground. In each stride, he could move hundreds of meters. Such a speed was even a bit faster than the flight speed of common knights. After running for 2 minutes, Zhang Tie became pretty excited. With a roar, he immediately jumped onto the roof of a roadside building and started to run along the roofs of those buildings…

Under the two bright moons, Zhang Tie jumped over the roofs of the buildings in Xuanyuan Hill as fast as a meteor, leaving the roadside buildings and streets behind rapidly.

Sometimes, Zhang Tie would even break the roofs of those buildings if he used too much strength on his foot. However, nobody would claim compensation for him in the trouble-reappearance situation.

The linear distance between the manor of Lord Guangnan and Horse Bridge was over 90 miles. In less than 10 minutes, Zhang Tie had already fallen onto the gate tower at the bridgehead of Horse Bridge with a bang.

Standing on the top of the gate tower, Zhang Tie felt a cold wind blowing over. Although there were ripples in the Golden Water River, the gate tower was still empty. There was not even a guard or a knight inside it. After identifying the orientation, Zhang Tie jumped up once again and landed on the huge steel structure of the Horse Bridge. Only after a few steps, he had already rushed over the Horse Bridge and entered the territory of emperor's imperial city.

The emperor's imperial city of Xuanyuan Hill didn't look different than the other places in Xuanyuan Hill essentially. The roadside buildings were tidier; additionally, the residences and signboards of central authority agencies in Taixia Country could be seen everywhere across the emperor's imperial city. All of these places were magnificent and solemn. Even the courtyards in the emperor's imperial city looked special.

If Xuanyuan Hill was regarded as the ground at the foot of Emperor Xuanyuan, emperor's imperial city could almost be regarded as the ground under the eyes of Xuanyuan Hill.

As Zhang Tie ran, he kept recalling the map of the emperor's imperial city in Xuanyuan Hill.

Although commoners could not enter the emperor's imperial city; the map of the emperor's imperial city was nothing confidential. Even the location of the imperial palace was marked on the map, not to mention the central residences of authority agencies, the manors of top 3 chancellors and 9 ministers.

A few minutes later, Zhang Tie landed before the gate of a grand manor. He raised his head and caught sight of the golden words above the gate——Finance Minister's Manor.

There were copper lions outside the gate of this manor. The footsteps were made of white jade. Besides, 4 lanterns were hanging over the gate. Besides one main entrance in the middle, there were two smaller ones on both sides. All the three entrances on the gate were tightly closed.

After looking at it, Zhang Tie shook his head. Closely after that, he walked onto the jade steps and ascended to the front of the main entrance. Only by one kick, he had blown up the closed gate. After that, he walked inside.

The finance minister's manor covered over 60,000 square meters. It contained pavilions, waterside terraces, open halls, rockeries, gardens and pools.

Zhang Tie started to travel around the manor leisurely like a curious tourist. With lotus-flower eyes, Zhang Tie could see everything clearly in the manor.

There were three underground buildings in the manor, an icehouse which contained many ice cubes, a cellar which contained many drinks and a cultivation room for knights which contained a senior elements gathering matrix. Additionally, there were two secret tunnels from where people could access the finance minister's manor secretly.

Zhang Tie didn't feel it was strange for a manor of one of the 9 ministers in Taixia Country to have such secret tunnels. Given the locations of those secret tunnels, they should have been built together with the manor.

As most of the people living in this manor were servants and guards, their rooms above the ground were nothing special.

Among the rooms above the ground, there were two buildings which looked like private warehouses. Some jewelry and gold coins were inside the two buildings. Even though they were of great value and rare, they were valueless for Zhang Tie in the trouble-reappearance situation.

There was nothing eye-catching in the rooms of the master of this manor.

After looking around seriously in the manor, Zhang Tie finally came to the study on the side of the lotus-flower pool.

This study was not large; however, it was pretty tranquil and tidy. The moment Zhang Tie entered it, he had seen a treasured calligraphy on the wall, which contained two words "The Best". The signature of the calligraphy was "Scrawled by Water Hearing Mountain Hermit in Hiding Dragon Month, Kuimou Year". Beside that signature, there was a small private seal, which contained three small seal characters " 韩正方 1 "…

Standing in front of this calligraphy, Zhang Tie watched the three seal characters silently as he slightly narrowed his eyes.

Han Zhengfang, the name of the very finance minister in Taixia Country.

Water Hearing Mountain Hermit must be Han Zhengfang's elegant appellation. Among the top figures in Taixia Country, elegant appellations were very popular. The traditional Chinese chronology was also known as stems-and-branches. If not have studied about it previously, Zhang Tie might not know which year did Kuichou Year refer to.

The latest Kuichou year should be the 891st year of Black Iron Calendar. Each circulation contained 60 years. Given the look of this calligraphy, it should be made on the 891st year of Black Iron Calendar. Hiding Dragon Month should refer to November.

If not have known the other identity of Han Zhengfang, Zhang Tie would not pay too much attention to this calligraphy. After knowing that he was the master of Heavens Reaching Church and colluded with demons, Zhang Tie could have a different feeling about this calligraphy.

The 891st year of Black Iron Calendar should be the very year when the holy war broke out. If Han Zhengfang left this calligraphy at that time, it would be meaningful.

'The best, hiding dragon, interesting. What an ambitious guy!' Zhang Tie revealed a sneer, 'I will change this ambitious hiding dragon into a dead snake.'

After looking at this calligraphy for a short while, Zhang Tie came to the front of the bookshelves.

Most of the book on the bookshelves were political and historical works and poems. There was no trick in those books. After glancing around them, Zhang Tie walked towards the desk over there.

On one side of the desk, there were writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones. There was a delicate gold folder on the table containing a lot of names cards and invitation cards, which had been arranged well by Han Zhengfang's trusted subordinates for Han Zhengfang's selection.

Zhang Tie picked an invitation card on the top and opened it. It was sent by the minister of Recreational Affairs Ministry, who invited Han Zhengfang for a party 3 days ago. According to the date, they would meet each other today…

Looking at the gold folder on the table, Zhang Tie's eyes suddenly sparkled, 'If I could have a trouble-reappearance fruit every day, won't I get hang of the trace of Han Zhengfang in the emperor's imperial city in advance?'

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