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Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1114: The Mist in the Imperial Palace

Chapter 1114: The Mist in the Imperial Palace

After searching over the finance minister's manor carefully, Zhang Tie left and came to the street outside frankly.

It had just been over 2 hours since he entered Castle of Black Iron.

Zhang Tie recalled the map of the emperor's imperial city while a whim suddenly occurred to his mind.

'I'm curious about the look of Xuanyuan Imperial Palace.'

Closely after this whim, another whim flashed by.

'Bai Suxian told me that there was a Battle Skills Collections Pavilion in Xuanyuan Imperial Palace, which contained tens of thousands of secret methods. Only a part of imperial households could enter it. What if I could enter it…'

Zhang Tie's heart pounded.

Zhang Tie also felt a bit hesitated. After all, it was not a commonplace but the imperial palace of Xuanyuan Hill. Zhang Tie was not sure whether there was any aftereffect if he entered the Battle Skills Collections Pavilion of the imperial palace to learn some secret battle skills. He already had too many powerful enemies such as Heavens Reaching Church, the Gobbling Party and demons. If Zhang Tie offended the imperial households of Taixia Country, he would be in a worse situation.

Additionally, in each Hua people's heart, the imperial palace of Xuanyuan Hill, also the residence of Emperor Xuanyuan was pretty sacred. It was the heart of all the Hua people. Even if he slid inside in the trouble-reappearance situation, Zhang Tie was still not confident about that.

Two voices sounded in Zhang Tie's mind at the same time, one voice encouraged him to go there as nobody would discover that; the other voice persuaded him to not go there out of the respect to Emperor Xuanyuan the most venerable person among humans and the imperial households of Taixia Country.

After struggling inside for a few seconds, Zhang Tie finally gritted his teeth as he said, "Whatever, I will take a look inside. I will not touch the items inside the imperial palace unless in need…"

After muttering to himself, Zhang Tie became decisive as he immediately darted towards the imperial palace.

In the emperor's imperial city, all the 12 avenues that linked the 12 bridges over the Golden Water River could lead to the periphery of the imperial palace. The imperial palace of Taixia Country was a circular region in the core of Xuanyuan Hill, whose radius was 6 miles. Therefore, the area of the entire imperial palace was 113 square miles, which was even larger than a small city.

Zhang Tie was pretty curious about the collections in the imperial palace of Taixia Country. When he arrived at the center of Xuanyuan Hill at his full speed, Zhang Tie was shocked too much by what he saw in front of him.

On the map, he should have arrived at the location of the imperial palace of Xuanyuan Hill.

Besides camp and square, there was also a Jade Belt River as wide as over 50 m around the imperial palace. However, the location of the imperial palace was covered with dense black mist in front of Zhang Tie.

Even with the effect of his lotus-flower eyes, Zhang Tie couldn't see anything in the dense black mist, not to mention any wall or imperial palace.

Zhang Tie attempted to enter the black dense; however, there was a great resistance on the edge of the black mist. Zhang Tie could not approach it no matter how great strength did he put forth.

'What's wrong?'

Zhang Tie became extremely startled. Since he had trouble-reappearance fruits, it was his first time to meet such a situation.

Of course, the imperial palace of Taixia Country should not be the black mist. The buildings inside the black mist must have not been manifested due to some reason.

Zhang Tie ran around the location of the imperial palace at full speed and found it was fully covered by the black mist.

When Zhang Tie stopped his footsteps in the trouble-reappearance situation and thought about the reason about this special situation, his ears suddenly moved. Closely after that, the trouble-reappearance situation shattered into light spots…

Zhang Tie, sitting on the bed with crossed legs, opened his eyes at once…

"Bang…bang…bang" loud sounds drifted from the outdoors.

Zhang Tie picked himself up and walked over there to open the door.

Bai Suxian was standing outside the door in a white night skirt. Zhang Tie didn't know why she suddenly came here. At the sight of Zhang Tie, Bai Suxian immediately hugged him tightly as she buried her face onto Zhang Tie's chest.

In a split second, Zhang Tie felt that the clothes on his chest turned wet by Bai Suxian's tears.

"What's wrong?" Zhang Tie patted her back.

Bai Suxian raised her head with tearful eyes as she said, "Kiss me!"

Zhang Tie let out a sigh as he closed the door.

Although it didn't sound good that Bai Suxian entered his bedroom in the deep night, Zhang Tie believed that nobody in this manor was that gossipy.

Only after a few hours' deep sleep, Zhang Tie had already woken up energetically like a fully charged battery.

When he woke up, he found that it didn't break yet through the window screen.

Bai Suxian was sleeping like a little girl while leaning against Zhang Tie's chest with tear stains and a bit tiredness and satisfaction on her face after making love with Zhang Tie.

Bai Suxian was pretty crazy last night. It was her craziest time since they acquainted with each other. Actually, after each orgasm, Bai Suxian would lie beside Zhang Tie and tell him about her story while dropping tears. After that, she would fall asleep in Zhang Tie's arms relaxedly like having unloaded a heavy burden.

Zhang Tie knew that Bai Suxian had already resolved her mental obstacle now that she could tell him about her history which she didn't want to recall previously.

Actually, Bai Suxian's story was not that fresh, which also happened to many women——a beautiful virgin who began to understand love encountered a handsome man by accident. After that, under the young man's sweet and tender pursuit, she fell in love with him and would even die for him. Until one day, the beauty found that the young man approached her only for the prestige and power of her clan. He was just a scheming ugly duckling with a delicate package. Everything between her and this man was designed by the latter. Additionally, this delicate ugly duckling had other women. From the beginning, she was made use of by this man. She was just the man's plaything and served as the staircase for the man to fulfill his ambition. The beauty was pretty sad that she blew up with that man decisively. Besides, she was even resigned to her backwardness and lived a confused and indulgent life…

This was also what Bai Suxian had experienced.

Since she acquainted with Zhang Tie, Bai Suxian had buried this experience deep in her mind. As a result, it became her mental burden.

If a woman loved a man, she would always display her best side to him. Although being a knight, Bai Suxian had almost the same attitude about affection like the other women. She was afraid that Zhang Tie would dislike her, despise her, even stay far away from her after knowing her past emotional experience. Therefore, her past emotional experience became her minefield that could be barely detonated.

Actually, Bai Suxian detonated the minefield in her heart on Zhang Tie's side last night. She exposed all of her secrets to Zhang Tie.

Watching Bai Suxian for a short while, Zhang Tie got up quietly in case of disturbing Bai Suxian.

After getting up, Zhang Tie came to the balcony outside the bedroom in pajamas and watched the garden in the manor which was adorned with lamps and the contour of Xuanyuan Hill in the distance quietly.

After recalling the emotional experience of Bai Suxian, Zhang Tie finally let out a sigh.

Compared to his love about Miss Daina, Bai Suxian's emotional experience was more sympathetic. He could neither stay with Miss Daina nor fall in love with her. Whatever, he still had a beautiful memory about her. Although he didn't get Miss Daina's love, at least they had extended their sincerity to each other. By contrast, the emotional deception and advantage that Bai Suxian had encountered were more woeful.

If a woman encountered such a strike in her best age, she would easily become depraved and disappointed about her whole life.

Bai Suxian almost destroyed her own life.

Let the bygones be bygones. As long as Bai Suxian had resolved the mental obstacle, Zhang Tie would not like to mention about it anymore.

"Heller, are you there?" Zhang Tie called Heller consciously.

"Castle Lord, I'm waiting for your order at any time!" Heller's kind and honest sound drifted in Zhang Tie's mind, making Zhang Tie optimistic at once.

"What was the matter with the trouble-reappearance fruit last night? Why the imperial palace in the emperor's imperial city could not be manifested in the trouble-reappearance fruit?" Zhang Tie asked Heller out of his concern.

"Like how you could not get any fruit by killing demon knights, the Manjusaka Karma Fruits Tree is not almighty. Its ability is limited. Take what happened last night as an instance, to put it simply, the imperial palace in the emperor's imperial city of Xuanyuan Hill is covered with a strong energy, which directly shielded the mirror of the material world in the trouble-reappearance situation. Meanwhile, Castle Lord, you should know that all the knights below sage-level ones could not fly above Xuanyuan Hill because of the same energy from the imperial palace!"

"What's that powerful energy?"

"I guess, I guess that there might be a treasured item that could match Castle of Black Iron in the imperial palace of Xuanyun Hill."

"A treasured item that could match Castle of Black Iron?" Zhang Tie became spirited…

"There might be!" Heller came to a pause, "I might have already known your plan, Castle Lord. But there's one point that I have to warn you, Castle Lord, you should check how many stars that represent trouble-reappearance situations are left on the marvelous gate of Castle of Black Iron…"

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