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Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1387 — Battle in Outer Space (One)

Chapter 1387: Battle in Outer Space (One)

The middle-aged man looked at Jian Chen and Xiao Ling. He had appeared with a neutral face and profound eyes, but the moment he saw Jian Chen, a sliver of surprised flashed through the depths of his eyes. He had never thought that there would be another Origin realm expert other than Xiao Ling, let alone imagine that this expert would have entered the Way of the Sword.

Even in the World of Forsaken Saints, there were countless people who used the sword and plenty who had reached the Origin realm, but without any exception, none of them had entered the Way of the Sword.

Not to mention, the person who had comprehended the Way of the Sword originated from a world where there was no origin energy and where there were barely any Origin realm experts.

Afterward, the middle-aged man looked at the huge planet beneath him. He became fixated in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent and immediately frowned. He said with a low voice, “I’ve underestimated the strength on your side.”

“Who are you?” Jian chen growled. He could tell that the person before him had not actually come and was only a projection of his soul and power, but the pressure this person let out was still vast. If he had actually personally come, just how terrifying of an opponent would he be?

“You can refer to me as the Spiritking,” the man replied indifferently.

Jian Chen shuddered inside. He said, “Spiritking, you really are the ruler of the foreign world. However, this place does not belong to your world. It’s not a place that you should set foot upon.”

“I must come here. No one can stop me,” the Spiritking replied very leisurely, but he still possessed a determined will.

Jian Chen’s eyes grew colder. Even though his opponent’s strength was rather frightening, there was no need for him to fear it since he had not come personally. Jian Chen said coldly, “We can only fight it out if that’s the case.”

Jian Chen tightly grasped the Zi Ying Sword and condensed shocking a sword Qi around him, enveloping himself in a blinding white light. The region of space around him violently shook, while the Zi Ying Sword erupted with a glow it had never shown before. It produced terrifying pulses of energy before seemingly fusing with Jian Chen. Together, they stabbed at the Spiritking in a flash a violet light.

Jian Chen did not hold back. This attack contained all his power. He had pushed his fourth layer Chaotic Force and his comprehension of the Way of the Sword to the limits. The Chaotic Force’s power had been amplified several times through the Zi Ying Sword and the sword Qi, causing his attack to surpass the level of Saint Emperors and reach the Origin realm.

The violet light tore through the sky and caused the space around it to shatter, carving out a chasm several hundred meters long and over ten meters wide. Jian Chen’s attack was just too powerful. It was powerful enough to carve away a section of the continent if it was used on the Tian Yuan Continent.

The Spiritking remained where he was without moving. He was calm and composed, brimming with confidence. His tall stature seemed extremely large, enough to shoulder an entire world by himself.

He grasped the Cloudstream Sword in his right hand. It flickered with a dark light as an extremely powerful energy remained hidden within. Afterward, he used the most basic attack, a simple thrust, to receive the Zi Ying Sword.

This was the most ordinary attack one could perform with a sword, but it possessed an extraordinary force in the hands of the Spiritking. The simple thrust seemed to contain an ultimate ability. It was not as simple as it seemed. It contained a world and universe within.


The tips of the two swords collided violently and immediately produced a deafening boom. Powerful ripples of energy swept into the surroundings as storms, causing the space to shudder and the stars to darken.

The Zi Ying Sword came to a halt and revealed Jian Chen. He was bathed in the light from the sword, as if he had fused with it.

The two swords did not separate and remained locked in a stalemate in space. Vast energy leaked out from the two swords as they attempted to surpass each other.

With the clashing of energy, the space around them began to collapse. A black hole started to appear where the two tips touched, rapidly expanding in size. The ripples of energy emitted vanished into the hole as well.

Jian Chen and the Spiritking remained locked like this. The Spiritking had reached the Origin realm, but he was not truly present this time. He had only deposited some power within the Cloudstream Sword, so he was unable to unleash all his power.

At this moment, Xiao Ling moved as well. She suppressed her fear and silently arrived behind the Spiritking. She raised her little fist and viciously threw it toward him. As soon as the punch was thrown, the surrounding space collapsed. Her punch was just too powerful, even overshadowing Jian Chen’s attack.

The Spiritking did not become flustered at all. Within a moment, a powerful strand of sword Qi condensed in his left hand. It shone with a dazzling white light, which illuminated the surroundings.

This was sword Qi he had condensed using his understanding of the Way of the Sword. It was not just energy, but a condensation of laws as well. It was even more powerful than Jian Chen’s sword Qi.

Without even looking back, the Spiritking swung the sword Qi toward his back, forcing Xiao Ling to pull back her punch and stop the attack.

Bang! The sword Qi vanished with a dull sound. Xiao Ling managed to block the attack, but she was blown several kilometers away.

“So powerful!” Xiao Ling commented. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. She had already reached Returnance and the Spiritking was not personally present, yet just a clone condensed from energy was enough to force her back.

“Break through!” The Spiritking exhaled gently, and with a jolt of his arm, a powerful force immediately erupted from his sword. It broke the balance it had maintained with the Zi Ying Sword and suppressed Jian Chen in a single moment, blowing him far away.

Jian Chen became extremely stern. The power of the Spiritking had greatly exceeded what he had anticipated. He had never thought that a single clone would be so powerful.

Jian Chen regained his footing far away and formed seals with his hands. He quickly formed several complicated seals before crying out, “Sky-severing Strike!” At that moment, the Zi Ying Sword became a hundred meters long. Its violet sword Qi erupted as it cleaved toward the Spiritking.

This was one of the sword techniques Jian Chen had learned from the sword spirits. Although it was a part of the basics in the eyes of the sword spirits, Jian Chen was able to erupt with power he did not possess when he used it. It was akin to Saint Rulers using Saint Tier Battle Skills to heavily injure Saint Kings.

However, the sword technique was far, far more powerful than Saint Tier Battle Skills.

The Spiritking narrowed his eyes. The attack had locked onto his presence, preventing him from dodging. He could only take it on forcefully, but as the Zi Ying Sword approached him, he felt like he was trapped by a mysterious power, as if his body was as heavy as a mountain.

“This is a Sword Domain,” the Spiritking murmured. A gleam of light flashed through his eyes, but he did not show any fear at all. Instead, his battle intent surged and he yelled out, “Break, domain!” The Cloudstream Sword did not erupted with much force. With just a dull flash, it was thrust into space, immediately dispersing the mysterious force around him.

“Break, sword!” The Spiritking called out this time and the Cloudstream Sword charged toward the huge Zi Ying Sword. A wondrous energy circulated within the Cloudstream Sword as it came in contact with the Zi Ying Sword.

Ding! With a crisp sound, the power of Jian Chen’s Sky-severing Strike vanished like a deflating balloon. It rapidly weakened before the Zi Ying Sword returned to its original form and returned to Jian Chen’s hand.

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