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Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1390 — Heavy Losses

Chapter 1390: Heavy Losses

The battle ended very soon. This unprecedented battle that spanned two worlds did not last for very long, but its effects were without a doubt immense. The battle had shaken the entire world and was destined to go down in history. Even the war between the humans, magical beasts, and Hundred Races had not reached such intensity.

The Tian Yuan Continent was very heavily destroyed as an aftermath of the battle. A bottomless pit spanned several thousand kilometers from Mercenary City, emitting waves of heat in the darkness. The heat caused the temperature in the region to skyrocket.

This was due to the magma below the earth. However, the churning molten rock was not visible since the pit was just too deep.

The ruins of Mercenary City had completely vanished long ago in the battle. Most of the structures of the city had fallen into the depths of the magma.

There was a region of space in the very center of the pit that contained extraordinary energy fluctuations. This was the tunnel leading to the World of Forsaken Saints. It had not been destroyed. The tunnel seemed very fragile, but it was virtually indestructible. Even if a portion of it had cracked and collapsed, it would slowly mend itself.

The people of the four races lingered in the sky after surviving the battle. Many of them were covered in blood, not just from themselves but from their enemies as well. There were a few Saint Kings who had lost limbs and parts of their bodies during the battle, making them a brutal sight. Very few people still maintained a whole body.

“We’re victorious. We’ve slain the several hundred invading Saint Emperors and successfully protected our world,” a few Saint Kings constantly exclaimed. Their voices were filled with the joy of victory and obvious triumph.

All the people who had survived revealed a smile of victory. They all smiled and felt triumphant from the bottom of their hearts. They only had a few Saint Emperors on their sides with the four races combined, yet they had faced several hundred Saint Emperors. The disparity in strength was just unbelievable.

Under such a situation where the odds were against them, they still managed to achieve victory in the end. This had surprised all of them.

However, their joy vanished slowly when they saw the people scattered throughout the sky. Their feelings grew heavy.

Less than a quarter of all the people from the four races were left at the end of the battle. The others had all fallen, departing from the world forever.

Basically all the people there were Saint Kings, barely any Saint Rulers. Experts of such a level were existences that stood on the apex among all the races. It was rather difficult for them to endure such a huge loss in such a short amount of time.

All four races had suffered heavy casualties from the battle. Other than Yadriam and Cangqiong, all the other Saint Emperors had fled before the battle had ended since they had become too heavily injured.

“We’re victorious this time all because of Jian Chen. Over a hundred of those foreign Saint Emperors died to his hands,” the grand elder of Mercenary City said with a sorrowful voice. Mercenary City had suffered severe losses from the battle. There were only three Saint Kings left; the rest were dead. All of their remains had fallen into the pit and had been dissolved by the magma.

All the people concentrated their attention on Jian Chen. The experts of the Tian Yuan Continent and Beast God Continent all revealed rather mixed in expression. The experts of the two continent possessed an extremely clear understanding of Jian Chen. He was not an old monster who had cultivated for thousands of years. He was a junior who was not even a hundred years old, only having cultivated for a few decades. Yet, it was him who had left them in the dust and reached a whole different level of power, slaying Saint Emperors like ants. Mentally, they were greatly affected by this fact.

“Is Jian Chen really an incarnation of Mo Tianyun?” At this moment, similar thoughts crossed the minds of both the humans and magical beasts.

Afterward, a few people looked away from Jian Chen and then at Xiao Jin, Tie Ta, and the sea goddess. Quite a few people had caught a glimpse of Xiao Jin and Tie Ta’s performance during the battle, shocking most of them. The only person they had not seen was the sea goddess. Although she was shrouded by a screen of dense blue light, obscuring her appearance, the tremendous presence and water-attributed energy she gave off explained everything.

“Yadriam greets your majesty,” Yadriam arrived before the sea goddess and dropped to one knee as she gave a courteous greeting.

“You’re very heavily injured. Go back and heal,” the sea goddess nonchalantly commanded.

“Yes, your majesty,” Yadriam rose up and glanced back at the heavily injured experts of the Sea race. Afterward, she took a group of particularly injured people with her and immediately returned to the sea realm, only leaving a few not-so-wounded people to keep guard.

On the side of the Hundred Races, all the people there had already knelt down, greeting the war god in the most courteous manner. All of them were extremely excited. Even though they had suffered heavy losses as well, the return of the war god had dulled their sorrows. The war god was their soul. He was their pillar of support and where all their faith lay.

On the side of the magical beasts, the remaining experts all showed very ugly expressions. The return of the war god was bad news for them.

The golden light around Tie Ta slowly dimmed as he began striding away. He walked toward Jian Chen.

Tie Ta’s actions attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone’s eyes became fixated on him. Even ignoring the fact that he was the war god, just the strength he had displayed had made him the center of attention.

Many people held their breaths, most did not know the relationship between Jian Chen and Tie Ta.

“In ancient times, the war god of the Hundred Races, Aergyns, attacked the Tian Yuan Continent and forced them to retreat. In the end, Mo Tianyun suddenly appeared and stopped him, slaying countless experts of the Hundred Races all by himself. If that had not happened, the Tian Yuan Continent probably would have been dominated by a whole different race right now. Now that the war god has reappeared and Jian Chen has vaguely taken up the mantle as the strongest human, are they going to continue the war from ancient times?” Some person thought inside.

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