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Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1400 — Mastermind

Chapter 1400: Mastermind

Jian Chen secretly snickered inside. He did not know who it was who had cast down the seal preventing Saint Emperors from reaching the Origin realm, but he knew what was sealing the origin energy up in the depths of the universe.

It was definitely not a mysterious expert trying to prevent people from reaching Saint Emperor. This lack of Origin Energy was caused by the Yinyang Saint Rock. The rock had fallen from outer space and onto Dragon Island, where it was discovered by Mo Tianyun, who moved it into outer space using his great abilities. He created a powerful seal around the rock to seal and lock it in place. However, the rock originated from the birth of the universe and was condensed from the Yin and Yang Qi from Chaotic Force. Its power was evident, so even after being sealed by Mo Tianyun, it still managed to disturb the laws of the world and absorb the origin energy present.

Jian Chen guessed that it was because Guihai Yidao and Yang Lie were not powerful enough, or maybe Mo Tianyun’s seal was just too powerful, which was why they could not see within the seal and understand the truth. This was why they had connected it with the mysterious expert who had ended the ancient era.

However, they still gained Jian Chen’s admiration for being able to reach such a conclusion. At the very least, the two of them could sense the location of where the Yinyang Saint Rock had been sealed within the depths of the cosmos. He was unable to look that far even if he used all his strength.

“Looks like I still lack in a lot of areas when compared to true Origin realm experts even though I have the battle prowess of an expert from the Origin realm,” Jian Chen sighed inside. He had gained an even clearer understanding of the differences between him and true Origin realm experts like Guihai Yidao and Yang Lie.

Even though Guihai Yidao and Yang Lie had not recovered their strength, they had already exceeded him by far too much in certain aspects.

Suddenly, Yang Lie arrived before Jian Chen in a single step. He stared at him sternly and asked, “Great-grandson, I heard that you visited the arctic Ice Goddess Hall in the past and saw that girl who was taken there. Is that true?”

“That has indeed happened before. Back then, I visited there with senior Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu,” Jian Chen replied with the truth.

“Then tell me everything you know. The arctic Ice Goddess Hall can be described as the most mysterious organization in this world. I suspect that the mysterious expert who sealed up this world is connected to them,” said Yang Lie. He was extremely stern.

As a result, Jian Chen told him about everything he knew regarding the Ice Goddess Hall without holding back at all. However, he was not sure how strong protector Shui was. She was definitely an Origin realm expert at the very least.

A gleam of light flashed through Yang Lie’s eyes. He said with a heavy voice, “As I had suspected. The mysterious Ice Goddess Hall really does have such an expert.”

Guihai Yidao joined in on the conversation, “This world has already been sealed for at least a million years, making it impossible to break through to the Origin realm. Origin realm experts only have a lifespan of a hundred thousand years, so it’s impossible for this protector Shui to have broken through in the last hundred thousand years. Even if we go one step back and even if protector Shui comes from the ancient era and is still alive now because she is the same as us, undergoing countless reincarnations, it would be impossible for her to reach the Origin realm in this life.”

An idea crossed Jian Chen’s head when he thought up to that point. He mumbled, “If that’s the case, there are only two possibilities regarding protector Shui’s identity. The first would be that she’s similar to Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling, which would make her a natural spirit.”

“The second possibility would be that she is the mysterious expert who sealed up this world as well as the mastermind who erased the past!” Yang Lie finished off Jian Chen’s sentence. His complexion was horrible right now.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and said, “If it really is the second possibility, isn’t this protector Shui just far too powerful. She’s actually been able to survive since ancient times and even killed off many experts in ancient times. She’s definitely committed endless slaughter, so why hasn’t she suffered the punishment of Celestial Decay?”

“If the second possibility is true, protector Shui’s strength would have already surpassed the Origin realm and reached Godhood. Godhood allows people to break free from the restraints of the world and survive along with the world. It is known as eternal life, so obviously Celestial Decay won’t impact her. And from the power and complexity of the seal that was set down, protector Shui doesn’t just seemed to have reached Godhood. She seems to belong to the higher boundaries of that realm of cultivation,” said Guihai Yidao. The gaze he sent toward the depths of the northern sea became laced with fear.

Godhood was a dream-like cultivation realm to them. All the hard work and effort they had put in back in the Saints’ World was all for reaching Godhood, a supreme level of cultivation. This was because the concept of a lifespan still existed within the Origin realm. Even those at reciprocity could not change their final lifespan, but once they broke through to Godhood, they would have eternal life.

However, an extremely large division existed between the two realms of cultivation. The difference was equivalent to mortals and Saint Emperors on the Tian Yuan Continent. Despite it only requiring a single step to overcome, it was just far too difficult to take this step.

“If the seal is not released, we will remain at our current level of cultivation forever, and we will never be able to reach the Origin realm. In ten thousand years, we will pass away. We do have the reincarnation method, but it requires origin energy to cast. Although we’ve stored some origin energy in our saint artifacts, there’s not much left now,” Yang Lie sighed gently. His eyebrows were furrowed with some worry. Regaining their memories only allowed them to regain their former cultivation. They basically knew all the abilities of Origin realm experts, except that their strength would only remain at the peak of Saint Emperor and would not advance any further.

If they had not recovered their memories, they could continue undergoing rebirths, but once they reawakened, the reincarnations would stop as well.

“Great-grandfather, senior, don’t worry. As long as I’m here, this seal will be destroyed sooner or later because I walk a different path of cultivation. The seal can stop everyone in the world but me,” Jian Chen firmly informed them. His voice was filled with confidence.

He was indeed confident, because he cultivated Chaotic Force. He did not require origin energy to increase his strength nor did he require the mysteries of the world for his breakthroughs. As long as there was enough energy present, he could smoothly pass through the first six layers of the Chaotic Body. He was currently at the fourth layer and possessed the power to fight Origin realm experts. If he reached the fifth or sixth layer, just what level of strength would he possess?

Jian Chen still had a large quantity of Immortal Tier heavenly resources and Violet Cloud Peaches in his Space Ring. As long as he had enough time, reaching the fifth and then the sixth layer would not be a problem. Coupled with his Comprehension Tea, comprehending the Way of the Sword would be a piece of cake for him. He believed that the seal would not be able to stop him if he continued to increase his strength.

“Once I reach the sixth layer of the Chaotic Body and make some breakthroughs on the Way of the Sword, I think I’ll be able to fight Godhood experts. There’s no need to reach Sword Spirit, just the great perfection of Sword Origin will be enough,” Jian Chen thought inside and swelled with confidence. He was tempted to break through and reach the sixth layer sooner.

However, he knew that breaking through was impossible right now. Even with his large quantities of heavenly resources, reaching the fifth and then the sixth layer would require quite a lot of time. He had already consumed a Violet Cloud Peach, so he needed to wait a hundred years before consuming a second one. It was also impossible for him to endlessly consume his heavenly resources. If he ate too many in a short period of time, his body would develop a resistance to their medicinal properties, causing their effects to greatly decrease or become all together useless.

The energy crystals of Class 9 Xuanhuang Beasts did not have any evident effects on him now either. He was better off giving them to the people around him rather than wasting them on himself.

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