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Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife (Chinese Novel) - Chapter 500: A Secret Plot

Chapter 500: A Secret Plot

Feng Yu Heng verified once again that she was truly only able to sleep peacefully when she was with Xuan Tian Ming.

This sleep lasted until the sun came up the next day. Xuan Tian Ming had just returned to the capital and wilfully did not go to court. He just hugged the girl with a satisfied expression.

Thus a certain person that woke up first secretly did something that they had anticipated for a long time, remove Xuan Tian Ming’s mask.

Since long ago, she had wanted to spy on the face below the mask to see just how badly it had been ruined. It was just that the owner the mask was very defensive in protecting the mask. She had tried a few times and was held off each time. Feng Yu Heng felt a bit of regret. It would have been better if she had just taken it off when he was completely unconscious when she treated his legs. What sort of gentleman was she? She was originally just a young girl!

Thus the little calmed her breathing and carefully moved her hand from a certain person’s chest and slowly reached forward. She could feel the edge of the gold on her fingertips, and she only needed to put in a little more effort to succeed.

Unfortunately, there would always be bumps on the road to success. Just as her finger touched the edge of the mask, a large and very merciless hand came up, leaving her hand no place to retreat.

A certain person expressed their dissatisfaction, “Why? Thinking about it, this girl only treated your legs because of your face. As a result, the bridge was burned down after crossing it, and the face became injured after the legs were treated!”

Xuan Tian Ming reached out and pinched his wife’s face: “You admit that you were interested in this prince back then?”

Feng Yu Heng gritted her teeth: “Stop changing the topic. Right now, we are talking about that damn mask. Can you remove it for me to see? What if I can treat it?”

Xuan Tian Ming brushed the hair of this little hedgehog. It was soft and springy, it was very fun. “No need to treat it. It’s fine.” He faintly said with his eyes revealing nothing.

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng’s eyes lit up and partially sat up, asking him: “You mean to say that your face is fine?” Pausing once more, she felt that the part that had sat up was beginning to feel cold. Looking down, very well, her clothes had been completely removed. All that remained was a cute undergarment that covered her chest and abdomen. She became furious: “Xuan Tian Ming, have you become foocking addicted to taking off my clothes? Say, with my small 13-year-old body that does not have a chest or butt, what is there to enjoy? Damn, I was just too kind in the past. That’s why you ended up with this sort of problem. Xuan Tian Ming, don’t receive an inch and go for a mile. Do you believe that I will skin you?”

He nodded, “I do.” His eyes then became slanted with a smile. Very good, the matter of the mask had finally been avoided. Seeing the girl dive back into the blankets with a guilty conscience, Xuan Tian Ming asked her: “Is your head still hurting?”

“What?” Feng Yu Heng was stunned and wanted to ask why he asked if her head still hurt? Why would her head hurt? That’s not right, why was she sleeping with Xuan Tian Ming? Who did this bed belong to?

Oh heavens! She felt that every time she ran into this sort of situation, she needed to consider whose bed she was in. It had to happen that this sort of ignorant situation would occur where she would sleep with Xuan Tian Ming. What sort of sin had she committed?

The girl had a tangled expression, and it was something that he was unwilling to look away from, but he would still remember the little face covered in tears. He had lived to this age, yet he had never felt distressed to this degree, yet his heart ached to the point of tears last night.

Perhaps it was because Xuan Tian Ming was staring for a long time, the person that had ducked into the blankets began to recover a little, thus she began to retrace her steps yesterday from the moment she walked into Refined Deity Building. One cup after another, the scene of her drinking appeared in her mind once more.


Feng Yu Heng was very annoyed. Looking again at Xuan Tian Ming, she said with some embarrassment: “How embarrassing to have allowed you to see that.”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, “It’s fine. This prince will not laugh at you.”

She was waiting for Xuan Tian Ming to ask why she got drunk, but after waiting for a long time, Xuan Tian Ming did not ask at all. After waiting a little longer, she understood that there was no need to say too much between the two. Anything that she did, he would understand. He would also be able to guess anything that she was thinking. Just like when the two slept together, she could relax and give herself to him, and he would just treat her as a small heater to hug close. He would not overstep his boundaries in the slightest.

Feng Yu Heng did not continue to wait. She just asked Xuan Tian Ming: “If there comes a day when you also feel that I am very weird, will you…”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed and reached out to pinch her small nose, “Ever since this prince saw you, I already felt that you were very weird. That if that you are talking about does not hold any water. Or you can ask in a different manner. You can ask me, if there comes a day when you become normal, will I become like Yao shi.”

Feng Yu Heng was a little embarrassed, especially after he mentioned Yao shi. Her mood became a little flustered beyond her control.

She was immediately pulled into his embrace, and she could feel Xuan Tian Ming’s chin resting on the top of her head. He was saying to her: “Either way, it’s about time to return to the military camp. Just live here in my place. Don’t return over there.”

She sniffled and did not say anything. She just nodded in agreement.

Xuan Tian Ming immediately rejoiced and dragged her up. He then said in a criminal tone: “Get cleaned up! Let’s go into your space.”

Feng Yu Heng made a fist, “You keeping me here is just for my space, right?” Although she said this, she still dragged him into her pharmacy. She then just quietly sat on the bed in her rest room while listening to the sound of the water coming from the washroom, while waiting for Xuan Tian Ming to enjoy the modern bathing implements.

However, she did not know that with her sleeping at the Yu Palace, Yao shi did not sleep for the entire night. When the sun finally came up, it caused her to come up with a shocking decision!

When Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming came out of the space, they heard the sound of someone knocking at the door followed by Huang Quan’s voice: “Young miss, your Highness, have you woken up?”

Xuan Tian Ming responded: “Come in.”

Huang Quan pushed the door and entered. Upon seeing Feng Yu Heng, she felt a little embarrassed. After all, her young miss was fine, yet the maidservant got drunk. This matter was a little shameful. But she currently did not have any time to worry about the matter of getting drunk. Huang Quan quickly went forward and said to Feng Yu Heng with a worried expression: “Young miss, madam returned to the Feng manor.”

After she said this, she waited for Feng Yu Heng to ask a bit. At the very least, there would be a process of shock and confusion. She would then be able to recount how Yao shi had reached this decision to leave the manor this morning. But after waiting for a long time, Feng Yu Heng did not ask a thing. She just froze for a while then faintly said: “If she returned, she returned. I can’t imprison her in the manor. She can do whatever she likes. It’s her freedom.”

The words that were stuck in Huang Quan’s throat could not be said, as Xuan Tian Ming slightly shook his head to her, thus she decided to swallow the things that she was about to say. She just consoled Feng Yu Heng, saying: “Either way, the Feng family does not have any dangerous people left. Older madam and second madam will also protect her.” After saying this, she faintly sighed and fell silent.

Feng Yu Heng also acted as if nothing had happened, as she dragged Xuan Tian Ming to get food. After eating, she happily received Wang Zhuo, who had come to report to Xuan Tian Ming. Handing over the food boxes that had been brought out beforehand, she told Wang Zhuo to give them to Yu Qian Yin in the mountain prison.

Xuan Tian Ming noted her small actions and saw that she was energetic, thus he ignored it. He just stood in the yard and said to Bai Ze: “Send someone to observe the Feng manor. Keep a close eye on Yao shi. Do not allow anything to happen.”

Bai Ze knew that Xuan Tian Ming had gone to the imperial daughter’s manor and given Yao shi a warning. Hearing him say this, he could not help but feel odd, “Master, are you worried that madam Yao and lord Feng will work together and do something bad to the princess?” While saying this, he shook his head, “It shouldn’t be, right?” He thought to himself that if her own mother and father were willing to team up to harm their daughter, there would be no need for the imperial daughter or his Highness to act. He, Bai Ze, would cut his way through the Feng manor and kill the two.

But Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, smiling bitterly and saying: “She would not go as far as to truly do anything to her own daughter. I just fear that her motives for returning to the Feng manor will not be easy to understand. Either way, just keep an eye on her.”

After Wang Zhuo left the Yu Palace, he went directly to the imperial palace. After the previous chaos in the capital, Wang Zhuo was promoted once more. He now had the ability to freely move between the imperial palace and the capital.

Today, he had received a special request from Feng Yu Heng to deliver food to Yu Qian Yin. After this sixth princess of Zong Sui had been tidied up by Xuan Tian Hua, her body had been covered in injuries. Although they were not life-threatening, the injuries would not receive any treatment in this cold and dark prison. The wounds would congeal then crack then congeal once more. Like this, they would remain on the body, never to be removed.

Li Yue, known by the alias Yu Qian Yin, had never thought that she would actually be thrown overboard by Xuan Tian Hua. She was puzzled. Everyone said that the seventh prince of Da Shun was like a deity that did not get happy nor angry. He was without worry nor resentment, and there was not a single person that could make this person even the slightest bit interested, nor was there a person that could cause waves in his emotions.

But she truly encountered this person, she found that it was not as the rumors had said. Xuan Tian Hua did indeed look like a deity, but his heart was alive. He could also get angry and irritated. He could even use a rope to tie her up and drag her along while running. Li Yue was extremely tangled over this. There were times when she truly wondered if she had found the wrong person. That person was not the seventh prince of Da Shun. But if she was wrong, what sort of person in this world would be capable of looking like that?

When Wang Zhuo entered the prison with the food box, he felt that this sixth princess of Zong Sui was about to go crazy. The guard said: “She spends every day muttering about his Highness the seventh prince this, his Highness the seventh prince that. There are times when she asks us if there are two of his Highness.”

Wang Zhuo waved his hand and had the guard leave. He then walked over to the cell door and brought out the dishes from the food box and placed them on the ground. Without caring if the person inside looked at him, he just said: “Imperial daughter said that just because she does not openly expose certain things does not represent that she did not know about them. Don’t try any small movements in front of her. When it comes to playing dirty tricks, she is the ancestor.”

The person inside did not continue to mutter to herself, instead asking Wang Zhuo: “What imperial daughter? Who is the imperial daughter?”

Wang Zhuo sneered, “I forgot to tell you. County princess Ji An is now imperial daughter Ji An. If there comes a day when Zong Sui gets you out, you will need to remember to prepare a gift for her!”

Wang Zhuo did not stay for long. After putting the food out, he left; however, Yu Qian Yin looked blankly at the food. She then had another mental breakdown.

They were the same, and she could even recognize the few times she had moved things with her chopsticks. This was the food that she had drugged during the flood. On the night that she had been dragged back to the capital, Feng Yu Heng had mentioned it. She had thought that it was a joke; however, she never thought that after such a long time, this dish would still be around! Even the color did not seem to have changed. It seemed that the flood was only just yesterday.

Li Yue felt that her mind was a bit of a mess. Those dishes were like ghosts that attacked her mind. She desperately retreated until she reached the base of the wall; however, she could not stop herself from shaking.

Feng Yu Heng was evil! This was the only thought that filled Li Yue’s mind from that moment onward.

These days, the Feng family that had just moved into its new residence was abit of a mess. First, Yao shi had suddenly returned. Immediately following this, not two days later, a loud shout suddenly came from Han shi’s small courtyard, “Concubine mother is about to give birth!”

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