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Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife (Chinese Novel) - Chapter 502: Hard to Protect Both Lives

Chapter 502: Hard to Protect Both Lives

Although the Feng family moved into a new residence, the amount of resources available to the family were too spread out compared to before. Helpless, they could only cut down on the number of servants that they had to save money. Currently, there was only one gatekeeper to look after the residence, and that person was slacking off, having found a place in the shade to hide. He did not notice that there was an unfamiliar person standing there the entire time.

Feng Yu Heng’s arrival was a bit louder, and that person turned to run upon hearing this sound. Feng Yu Heng’s eyes squinted, and she immediately ordered Huang Quan: “Catch him!”

Huang Quan moved and quickly rushed toward that person. That person did not know martial arts in the slightest. Before he could even take his third step, he was brought back by Huang Quan. He was also cowardly. Upon being caught, he began to beg and plead: “Don’t kill me! Spare my life!”

Huang Quan brought this person back with a face filled with disdain. Bringing him over to Feng Yu Heng, she kicked at his knees, and the person kneeled on the ground.

“Speak, what are you leaning against the entrance of the Feng family for?” Huang Quan was not merciful in the slightest. When she asked this question, she kicked him once more, nearly causing the man in his 40s to cry.

The Feng family’s gatekeeper also rushed forward upon seeing Feng Yu Heng; however, Feng Yu Heng’s expression was not good, and it scared him into remaining silent.

The kneeling man was in a set of grey clothes, and a box hung from his arm. Having been pulled back and forth by Huang Quan, the box fell open, and Feng Yu Heng immediately recognized the things that fell out. She then asked: “You’re a doctor?”

That person was very cowardly. For the sake of clearing his crime, he hated that he could not reply with ten sentences to every question that Feng Yu Heng asked, thus he immediately said: “This lowly one is a doctor. It was a pregnant concubine mother that called for me, telling me to find a way to go in and take a look at her. But this lowly one has paced around the entrance for a while and have yet to find an opportunity to go in.”

Huang Quan snorted coldly and asked for Feng Yu Heng: “Since you are a doctor, why don’t you just proudly go in? Why do you need to find an opportunity to sneak into the manor?”

That person had a bitter expression and said: “Because that concubine mother wanted a birth-inducing drug from me. She said I definitely cannot tell anyone else. That’s why I had to come to the Feng manor in secret.”

Huang Quan immediately laughed. Even Feng Yu Heng laughed. They just thought that Han shi did not know to find a person more adept at keeping secrets. When spending money to get something done, they don’t spend a little more to ensure that person keeps their mouth shut. Before they could even ask this person, he already exposed everything. What was the point in looking for such a person?

Feng Yu Heng ordered the gatekeeper: “Bring this person into the manor and lock him up. Stuff his mouth and hand him to the older madam to handle.” She then saw the dumbfounded expression on the gatekeeper’s face. She snorted coldly and did not say anything. The Feng family’s matters could be spread if he wanted. The current situation was no longer the same as before, and she could not be bothered with it.

She brought Huang Quan and entered the manor. A servant immediately came forward to guide the two to Han shi’s courtyard. Feng Yu Heng glanced around the new Feng manor and felt that although it was a bit smaller, it was quite nice and not too shabby. The servant saw Feng Yu Heng sizing it up and explained, saying: “This residence was apparently sent by the fifth prince. It’s considered a part of the betrothal gift to the fourth young miss. Because of the elder madam’s funeral, the rest of the betrothal gift has not been presented yet. On the day that master moved in here, he said that this residence was a bit small, but the number of people in the manor is also lower, thus there is enough room.”

Feng Yu Heng just nodded and did not say anything else. The Feng family was indeed smaller now. Not only were there fewer masters, but there were also fewer servants. On their way over, they saw that there were fewer than a third the previous number of servants.

Because the residence was small, they arrived at Han shi’s courtyard after a short distance. They were able to hear Han shi’s screams from quite a distance away. After a few more steps, they saw Xiang Rong standing in the entrance to the courtyard while looking out.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng arrive, Xiang Rong quickly trotted over to receive her. Just as she was about to open her mouth and say something, Feng Yu Heng waved to her, gesturing for her to remain silent. She then grabbed Xiang Rong’s hand and quickly walked in.

Feng Yu Heng’s arrival allowed everyone to let out a sigh of relief. Not to mention that Feng Yu Heng was currently the Feng family’s pillar of support, she also had great medical abilities. When it came to a pregnant woman that was about to give birth, this was already the greatest guarantee.

Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng would not help Han shi prevent a miscarriage. Whether or not this child could be born would rely on Han shi’s luck. Whether or not both mother and child would be safe would rely on her own luck. Of course, after the child was born, whether or not it could pass the hurdle of Feng Jin Yuan, whether or not Xiang Rong could set aside her grudge for the attempted murder, these all depended on Han shi’s luck.

As for Han shi, Feng Yu Heng never felt that she was someone with good luck.

Seeing her arrive, Cheng Jun Man quickly went forward and did not say anything else, only saying: “The midwife just arrived, and two doctors have been called. It seems that the situation is not very good.

Feng Yu Heng was not surprised in the slightest. Even in the 21st century, a child born one month premature would not be healthy. As for the adult, if their body condition was good, it was impossible to allow them to give birth prematurely. Han shi secretly took a birth-inducing medicine. The birth-inducing medicines of this era, Feng Yu Heng truly did not dare believe that they were safe; moreover, she had secretly found a folk doctor.

She pulled Xiang Rong and found an empty seat and sat down. Only then did she faintly say: “If she can’t give birth, just go slowly. Like this, we can wait for father to return. Maybe he will be able to catch the first glimpse.

Everyone knew Feng Yu Heng’s attitude toward Han shi. They were not surprised by what she said in the slightest. Especially An shi, as she still remembered when Xiang Rong had fallen into the water. She had waited for nine months, and she was waiting for this day to settle this debt. She had to settle it clearly.

Han shi’s child still was not born when the sky became dark, and her screams became weaker and weaker. The midwife carried out bucket after bucket of blood.

During this time, Feng Yu Heng just sat in her chair while drinking tea and eating pastries. She would occasionally speak to Xiang Rong or the Cheng shi sisters. As for Yao shi, who was sitting diagonally from her, she did not even look at her.

Everyone saw this but nobody asked about it. Yao shi returning to the Feng family was already something that caused everyone to feel odd. Seeing Feng Yu Heng’s current attitude, it was likely that the mother and daughter had a falling out. For a while, people understood even less why Yao shi would do this.

An shi was a little worried, and her brow became furrowed tighter and tighter. The handkerchief in her hand was twisted so much that water could be squeezed out. She hoped that Han shi would be able to give birth to this child. When it came time to test for blood types, that would be the time that Han shi’s crime would come to light. Otherwise, what happened that night at the side of the lake, if Xiang Rong did not have any witnesses or material evidence, with her being the victim, not a single person would believe what she said. Han shi had always had a clever tongue, and she knew how to get Feng Jin Yuan’s love. Without any real evidence, perhaps the person to suffer would be Xiang Rong.

Her worry was written on her face, and Feng Yu Heng could see it clearly. Even Xiang Rong tugged at her sleeve a few times. She gave the mother and daughter a comforting look then ordered the servants: “Go call father back. If the stable will not let him go, just say that this imperial daughter sent you.”

Having received the order, the servant quickly ran out to take care of it. Roughly one hour later, Feng Jin Yuan finally rushed back. Entering the room, he wanted to rush toward the inner room but was stopped by the midwife that happened to come out to pour out some water: “To this master, when a woman is giving birth, men are not permitted to enter. It is taboo.”

Feng Jin Yuan immediately saw the bucket of bloody water and retreated in fear. He then anxiously asked: “Why is there so much blood? Where is the child? Is the child alright?”

He was entirely worried about the child. To him, Han shi was something of a secondary thought. At a time like this, if only one of the mother and child could survive, Feng Jin Yuan would definitely choose to protect the child.

But the midwife shook her head and had a helpless expression, saying: “Master should prepare yourself. That madam is not giving birth after a full-term pregnancy. Her body is too weak, and it’s hard to say if the child can be born.”

Feng Jin Yuan was immediately frozen. Before he could react, he saw An shi immediately stand up and rush over to Feng Jin Yuan’s side and loudly refute the midwife- “What do you mean not a full-term pregnancy? It was clearly conceived last year during the twelfth month. It’s currently the ninth month. The dates match up perfectly. How could it not be full-term?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled bitterly. How could An shi be questioning the midwife. This was clearly reminding Feng Jin Yuan about the trick behind this matter.

Feng Jin Yuan also felt that something was off, but he currently did not have time to think about it carefully. He just heard that the child was not yet born, and he was feeling anxious. He repeatedly asked the midwife that the child had to be born no matter what.

There was nothing that the midwife could do. She just said that a doctor had already come and was helping out. They were already doing all that they could.

An shi’s voice reached the inner room, and Fen Dai was currently seated at Han shi’s bedside. She held Han shi’s hand in one hand and wiped away the sweat on her forehead with the other. An shi’s words entered her ears and caused her to feel a little bit shocked. It had to be at this time that the doctor shook his head and said with a sigh: “If this was not a full-term pregnancy, that could be fine, but as I see it, there is most likely some sort of birth-inducing medicine at work.” While saying this, he asked Fen Dai: “Young miss, forgive this old one for being direct. Everyone says that the inner courtyards of a large manor are complicated. It seems that madam was… was given a medicine by someone with ill intentions!”

Once these words were said, Fen Dai felt the hand that she held begin to tremble. She looked at Han shi and saw that Han shi had the same look of horror as when Yao shi had spoken.

She stared for a while then suddenly felt a feeling surge forth inside her. If there truly was a birth-inducing medicine used, why did she feel that it was not someone else that gave it to her, rather, it was Han shi herself that took it?

Yao shi’s earlier words replayed in her mind. She recalled that Yao shi had asked when exactly this child was conceived. In truth, she also wanted to ask about when exactly this child was conceived, but now was not the time. Han shi was in imminent danger. No matter what, preserving her life was most important.

“Regardless of whether or not someone gave her this medicine, think of a way to protect my concubine mother and the child’s life!” Fen Dai looked at the doctor and said: “I am the Feng family’s fourth young miss, and I have an engagement to the fifth prince as the official princess. If you can protect my concubine mother’s life, I will definitely reward you.”

The doctor did not dare say anything after hearing a prince’s name get brought out. He just continued to think about how to help Han shi give birth.

At this moment outside the room, Feng Jin Yuan was pleading his divine doctor of a second daughter. He was begging Feng Yu Heng to help protect the child in Han shi’s belly.

Faced with his pleas, Feng Yu Heng suddenly smiled and nodded: “I can, but you must first answer my question.” Feng Jin Yuan was stunned then heard Feng Yu Heng continue: “Back when you married Kang Yi, you felt that one was not enough and insisted on secretly sneaking her maid into your room. What exactly was it for?”

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