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God Of Slaughter (Web Novel) - Chapter 1312: The Master Arrives

Chapter 1312: The Master Arrives

Fiery Rain Star Area.

The flaming meteors congregated like a fiery shower in a corner of the vast sea of stars where six life stars formed a hexagon.

This place was called Hexagonal Star Land. It was also the center of Fiery Rain Star Area. Hexagonal Star Land had six life stars that respectively belonged to the six strongest forces of Fiery Rain Star Area.

Currently, the six forces had joined hands and called themselves "God Defending Union," a union to defend the God Clan.

At this moment, the six life stars of Hexagonal Star Land were connected to each other by brilliant starlight bands. Many battleships were anchored around the place. Those battleships had different shapes and were made of different materials like iron, bone, or even wood.

Roughly counting, there were dozens of thousands of battleships carrying warriors from different races and forces.

The God Defending Union had six big forces of Fiery Rain Star Area as core members and many other smaller forces around Fiery Rain Star Area. Although they had formed an extraordinary force, they were always in a dangerous situation in the battle with the Breckelfeld family and the Austin family of the God Clan.

As soon as the Bloodthirsty Force had declared war against the God Clan, Fiery Rain Star Area immediately became one of the battlefields because the two big families, Breckelfeld and Austin of the God Clan, had almost conquered Fiery Rain Star Area.

Xuan He and Frederick had always watched Fiery Rain Star Area. As soon as the war burst out, they had arranged Benny, Ka Tuo, and the warriors of the Bloodthirsty Force with the eight main power Upanishads to come here to help the God Defending Union resist the God Clan.

However, they were in a dangerous situation. Many life stars in this star area had fallen one after another.

Begrudgingly, they had to retreat to Hexagonal Star Land. Since the six life stars here had layers of barriers and restrictions, if the God Clan's battleships took risks and barged in, they would have to pay a bloody price.

At this moment, the experts of the Breckelfeld family and the Austin family were on their battleships. They surrounded Hexagonal Star Land. They were waiting for the super powerful weapon of their family to break the defense of Hexagonal Star Land to knock this Fiery Rain Star Area down first.

This battle would mark that this star area would still be conquered even after Bloodthirsty Force had interfered with their invasion.

After they won this battle, it would cheer up their warriors' morale. It would also encourage the battles of the twelve families in different star areas.


Back Angle Star, Hexagonal Star Land.

The flattened peak of an imposing mountain had a grand, luxurious palace. Some excellent battleships were anchored there.

Black Angle Star was the most important life star in Hexagonal Star Land. It was the current Headquarters of the God Defending Union. People could observe the entire area of Black Angle Star from the peak of this massive black mountain. This life star had pitch-black soil, countless dark abysses, and lakes and ponds with toxic miasma hovering. The entire sky was dreary and silent.

However, it was strange that this planet with harsh conditions had extremely thick earth and heaven energy. The black soil, lakes, and abysses allowed for the growth of a lot of herbs and rare, precious crystals.

At this moment, Xiao En and Yu Shan were standing behind an old woman by a massive rock atop the black mountain, their faces stern and heavy.

The old, wrinkled woman had high spirits as the terrifying light sparkled in her eyes. She held a snake-headed staff, frowning as she was looking far ahead and sighing. "Couldn't the Bloodthirsty Force send more warriors? With only you guys here, I'm afraid we can't stop the God Clan."

She turned around and looked at Benny, Ka Tuo, and Blood Devil with hope.

This time, besides Benny, Ka Tuo, and Blood Devil, there were several hundred warriors cultivating the eight great power Upanishad coming to Fiery Rain Star Area. However, most of them were at Original God Realm or Ethereal God Realm. Blood Devil who commanded them was at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. Thus, only he was the real expert here.

And of course, as Blood Devil was the overlord of the Demon Clan in Agate Star Area and Agate Star Area was adjacent to Fiery Rain Star Area, after Blood Devil had arrived, Gu Te, and Bath of the Monster Clan followed him. Ming Hao had secretly set up a Space Teleport Formation to deliver Lin Xin and Zi Yao of the Divine Light, Feng Han and Xia Xin Yan of Fighting League to Hexagonal Star Land too.

During this time, the combined forces of Agate Star Area and Fiery Rain Star Area had been defeated continuously by the Breckelfeld family and the Austin family.

Begrudgingly, they could only retreat to Hexagonal Star Land as their last resort. With many layers of barriers and restrictions set up dozens of thousands of years in Hexagonal Star Land, the God Clan couldn't take risks to attack them.

This old woman was the current Hegemon of the God Defending Union and the Head of the star area elected by the forces of the union. As the recent situation was so tense, she became restless. She hoped that Blood Devil could contact the Bloodthirsty Force to send more experts to help Fiery Rain Star Area overcome this struggle.

"In this vast universe, the war has burst out in all twelve star areas. The warriors of our force have been sent to twelve different star areas. We've used most of our force," Blood Devil frowned and shook his head. "If we win the battles in different star areas, we can rearrange the force. Otherwise, I'm afraid we don't have more reinforcements."

Yu Nan sighed as she listened to him. She looked at the sea of stars out there and winced.

She was Yu Shan's father's lover. She had Third Sky of Incipient God Realm and cultivated Fire power Upanishad. She was the expert with the most excellent and profound realm in Fiery Rain Star Area. Although she had the same realm with Blood Devil, she didn't look positive.

It was because the Breckelfeld family and the Austin family had also sent their best warriors to this battle. They heard that the God Clan had even sent an expert at the False Immortal Realm who would attack her directly.

Yu Nan and Blood Devil hadn't joined the previous battles. However, they still felt the aura of the expert inside the enemy's battleships. The aura was like an invisible threat that was purposely shown to prevent Yu Nan and Blood Devil from taking rash actions.

Yu Nan had hoped that Bloodthirsty Force would send some expert at the False Immortal Realm or some more Incipient God Realm experts at Blood Devil's level.

Actually, the old monsters of Heavenly Monster Tribe suited her standards. Unfortunately, Azure Dragon had sent them to some other star areas. Because the situation over there was much more dangerous and fierce than in Fiery Rain Star Area, they needed more experts to guard.

"They are waiting for the big weapon of the God Clan. I know they have something that can break all kinds of barriers. The Breckelfelds and the Austins wouldn't act rashly. I think they're waiting for that weapon. When that happens, we won't be able to run away anymore," Yu Nan sighed. She suddenly turned to Yu Shan, contemplated, and then advised. "When the defensive barriers of Hexagonal Star Land are broken, you have to take Xuan Fei and the juniors to escape through the Space Teleport Formation. Take them to the Tsunami Star to the shelter. We must remain our bloodline."

Yu Shan's eyes showed shattered pieces of light. She shook her head and lowered her voice. "Xuan Fei can leave, but I can't. It's my responsibility."

"I'm not leaving, either!" Xuan Fei wiped her mouth, straightened her quivering body, and cried.

Yu Nan snorted and then said, "It's not the right time for your pouting. Xiao En, come to check the teleport formation. We have to check it every day to ensure that it can work properly!"

"I got it," Xiao En bowed. He disappeared after a flash.

However, after ten seconds, Xiao En came back. With an odd countenance, he said, "The Teleport Formation is glowing. Someone is trying to come here. Should we open it to receive them?"

Hearing him, people then wore strange faces. They were perplexed because they couldn't guess who was coming.

"Is it your people coming?" Yu Nan looked at Blood Devil.

Blood Devil shook his head and said, "No. I didn't receive any confirmation from the superior."

Yu Nan discolored all of a sudden. "It could be the God Clan!"

Everybody was frightened.

"Go there and check," Bloodthirsty Force wore a heavy face. He then turned into a blood light and disappeared.

After several minutes, they came to another area of the mountain and stood by a hexagonal jade platform. The light beams weaved over the jade platform created a net. The nodes of this net were like brilliant stars that had colors changing continuously and dazzled people.

Each side of this hexagonal formation had a hand-sized jade that was robustly emitting light with a unique energy.

They gathered by the jade platform looking at the jade pieces and the mysterious symbols on them. Zha Duo screamed, "It's from Agate Star Area!"

"Agate Star Area!" Yu Nan hissed then relaxed. "Is there any other expert in your Agate Star Area? Who is coming, you think?"

Blood Devil looked at his teammates: Bath and Gu Te of the Monster Clan, Lin Xin of the Divine Light, Feng Han of the Fighting League, Zha Duo of Potion and Tool Pavilion, and even Yan Chi of the Fire Clan and Bing Jie of the Ice Clan. They all came to help Fiery Rain Star Area resist against the God Clan.

After the bloody battle in Agate Star Area, the warriors of the forces in Agate Star Area had recognized that if the God Clan wasn't obliterated, they would never live in peace.

When the God Clan had invaded them for the first time, Yu Shan had come to refine the Departed Spirit Jellyfish that had given Agate Star Area the first moments of peace.

Fiery Rain Star Area and Agate Star Area were neighbors, so it wasn't different to get to one of them even if they had blocked the space passage connecting those two star areas. If the God Clan could conquer Fiery Rain Star Area, Agate Star Area would never be able to live in peace. They understood that when the twig bent, the tree inclined. Thus, Yan Chi and Bing Jie had come here proactively to help.

Blood Devil's line of sight raked over his fellows then said, "I don't think so."

"If they come from the Agate Star Area, I think it will be no problem. And just let them get through to see who they are," suggested Xiao En.

Yu Nan nodded in agreement.

Then, they lifted up the seal to welcome someone using the teleport formation to come here.

Instantly, the radiant halos expanded from the formation. An impatient voice arose altogether. "Why it took you so long to open the door?"

People were shocked hearing the voice.

"Shi Yan!"

"Shi Yan!"



For the time being, the experts from the Agate Star Area couldn't help but laugh even though they hadn't seen him yet.

The dark clouds shadowing their hearts vanished instantly. They were all cheered up!

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