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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1504: Thanks To You

Chapter 1504: Thanks To You

Elder Madam Tang went up to Lu Tingxiao cheerfully. "You… Mr. Ke! We're really grateful to you about Xiao Nuo's matter. It's a long way out here and you must be hungry. Please stay for dinner!"

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything and just looked at Ning Xi.

Tang Nuo quickly told Ning Xi, "Sis, it's Brother-in-law's first time here. Of course, he has to stay for dinner! I've so much to talk to him about!"

What else would you have to say when you were both meeting for the first time?

Ning Xi felt awkward when Tang Nuo kept addressing him as "Brother-in-law". "Okay."

Elder Madam Tang started cooking in high spirits. She also ordered both her son and daughter-in-law around. "Lan, go and get the chicken from the backyard. Shan, go and dig out that bottle of alcohol we've been keeping for so long. Xiao Nuo, go and pick up some vegetables from the garden. The stuff we have here are fresh. You city people would never be able to eat such goodness anywhere else…"

She then looked at Ning Xi and chided, "Girl, don't just stand there. Bring your partner inside and make him some tea. Use the tea leaves in the red can. I bought them from town! There's also some dried fruits in the cupboard. Go on, serve him…"

When Ning Xi was making tea with the tea leaves from the red can, she was impressed once again. He had actually been able to get on the good side of the iron lady of the Tang family despite the fact that she was such a difficult person.

"Thanks to you, the elder has never even treated me this kindly before…"

Lu Tingxiao touched the girl's hair and winced in pain.

Ning Xi knew what was he thinking, so she smiled warmly. "That's all in the past. The kindness you've shown me is enough to make up for all my misfortunes!"

At the dining table, Tang Shan had gotten himself drunk. "Xiao Xi, this one's for you… About you lending me money the last time, you helped me out as well… The Tang family owes you too much…w We're really in your debt…"

"Shan, you've drunk too much!" Sun Lan awkwardly covered up for Tang Shan.

Elder Madam Tang frowned a little. "You mean that issue the last time was settled by her as well?"

"Sis just scared them off. If not, those thugs wouldn't have paid us back so obediently!" Tang Nuo was afraid that his grandmother might be biased towards Ning Xi, so he omitted the part about her beating them up and chasing them away.

Elder Madam Tang was silent, her deep anger towards Ning Xi extinguishing to a huge extent. It was pleasant that she still had some conscience.

She was very riled up about getting the wrong daughter. Not only did they bring up the daughter of another family's, that daughter of theirs did not even return to them. It simply did not make any sense!

After Tang Nuo's matter was solved, the Tangs started thinking about another issue…

"About Xiao Nuo's first choice of university… How did it suddenly become the school in Xi Jiang?" Sun Lan questioned in a lowered voice.

"I'm sure that I didn't make a mistake!" Tang Nuo sounded firm.

Lu Tingxiao spoke up, "There's no formality in the processes here. From the collection of choices to the record system, there're a lot of loopholes to tamper with. If someone decided to be secretive about it, it would be untraceable."

There's a faint glow in his eyes as he stopped for a bit, then continued, "You guys had better think properly if you've offended anyone recently."

"Offended anyone? N-not really… How could we offend anyone? It can't be those thugs, can it? They left Spring Breese Town a long time ago." Tang Shan frowned.

Sun Lan thought about it for a long time. She truly had no idea.

Suddenly, Elder Madam Tang stood up. "I know! It's that brat! That damned brat!"

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