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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1505: What Did We Do?

Chapter 1505: What Did We Do?

"Mother, who are you talking about?" Sun Lan suspiciously queried.

Elder Madam Tang pointed a shaky finger at Sun Lan angrily. "Who else could it be?! It's your daughter! She didn't want Xiao Nuo to go to Imperial! Didn't she call back a while ago and demand that Xiao Nuo change his first choice?"

Sun Lan was taken aback. She had never thought about this possibility before. "This… This is absurd! I've already explained to Xueluo that only Xiao Nuo will go alone, that I won't follow him, and I'd never let Xiao Nuo bother her life… She agreed then and didn't say anything further…"

Ning Xueluo wanted Xiao Nuo to change his first choice?

Ning Xi frowned. She felt that the whole matter was rather strange from the start. It seemed like her guess was correct all along - that it was most probably Ning Xueluo's doing.

Although she had suspected it from the very beginning, she never mentioned it because if she had voiced out her doubts, she might have been considered biased.

However, as an outsider, after Lu Tingxiao mentioned it, the elder instantly thought of Ning Xuleuo…

Elder Madam Tang was furious. 'You idiot, did you really just believe whatever she said? Just who would we have offended that's powerful enough to change Xiao Nuo's first choice behind our backs?! She's now the daughter of a rich family in Imperial, and she's even recently become the daughter-in-law of the Sus. Doing these underhanded things should be a piece of cake for her! Who else could it be besides her?!

"I was too careless! Too, too careless. I didn't expect to have almost ruined Xiao Nuo's future! What an evil and cruel woman! Just what did we Tangs do…"

Elder Madam Tang then started wailing as she slapped her leg viciously over and over again.

Tang Shan woke up from his drunken stupor when he heard his mother crying. He quickly comforted her, "Mother, Mother, please calm down… We don't have any proof of this. Xiao Nuo is her brother after all. I don't think Xueluo would be this-"

"Both of you are idiots! You're still being so ignorant! Xiao Nuo would die in the hands of both of you one day!" Hatred had taken over the emotions of Elder Madam Tang. "She's here to collect her debts from us! She's the root of the Tang family's disaster! She's afraid that she'll be embarrassed if people find out that she's born in this rural area. She'll never let it go…"

"Mother, there might be some misunderstanding. Let me call Xueluo and ask her about it tomorrow."

"What's the point? Do you think she'll admit what she has done?" Elder Madam Tang glared at Sun Lan, then she sobbed again as she hugged Tang Nuo. After that, she peered at Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao like she was looking at their savior.

"Xi girl! Although Xiao Nuo isn't your real brother, you've been siblings for 18 years. You have to help him when he goes to Imperial!"

Tang Nuo looked a little troubled, "Grandmother! I don't need help! I'll be fine on my own!"

Before Ning Xi could say anything, Lu Tingxiao spoke first, "Xiao Xi has been really loving towards her brother Tang Nuo. Although they aren't blood-related, they are closer than most siblings. After being with her for so long, she's never requested me to help her with anything. This is the first time she's asked me for help. When Tang Nuo goes to Imperial, we'll surely take care of him."

Lu Tingxiao then turned the conversation into another direction, "But, Elder Madam Tang, you have to understand that Xiao Xi is just an actress, and I just have a small fortune of my own. We're lucky that this time, I know someone from the Ministry of Education, so if this powerful enemy of yours won't back down and wants to do something against Tang Nuo in the future again, I'm afraid that we might not be able to help much."

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