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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1506: You’re Cute When You Don’t Mean What You Say

Chapter 1506: You’re Cute When You Don’t Mean What You Say

Lu Tingxiao's words were reasonable. There was no issue at all.

Elder Madam Tang then replied, "Xi girl, Mr. Ke, you both just have to look after Xiao Nuo. As for that little witch, this grandma will figure out a way to handle her!"

Since Ning Xueluo was the true daughter of the Tang family, Sun Lan and Tang Shan really missed her as well, but no one was more important than her grandson from the perspective of Elder Madam Tang. So what if she was her real granddaughter? Even her son and daughter-in-law were not her top priority. She would do anything to keep her grandson away from harm.

Armed with that knowledge, Lu Tingxiao had phrased it that way. He knew that the Tang family was Ning Xi's weakness, and the best way to go against Ning Xueluo was through the Tangs themselves…

Because Lu Tingxiao was had a company meeting the next day, Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao drove back to Imperial after dinner.

After they got back, they were busy again. Lu Tingxiao had been very hectic lately, while Ning Xi also had a lot of matters to handle.

Ling Zhizhi had just signed her up for an endorsement deal which was in high demand by many top celebrities including Ning Xueluo. Her new movie script was in the selection process as well, and as for Spirit, they were preparing for Lorraine Fashion Week. If things went smoothly, they would be able to be listed by next year.

Spirit was not like previously anymore. Most things were on track and did not need constant supervision from Ning Xi, but she still liked to take the time to go over during such a critical period. Fortunately, the shooting of "Nine Realms" was going easily and would probably be wrapped up after several days.

Lu Tingxiao's scenes were all shot. Ever since the incident at the karaoke, Mo Yuxiu finally gave up, and even the troublemaker Meng Shiyi had been oddly quiet. Her days in the production were peaceful and relaxing at last.

Finally, after the scenes that day, Yun Shen's scenes would be all completed as well. She would be free after that!

Ning Xi was sipping on juice while humming a song when a voice suddenly came from behind her, "In a good mood?"

Yun Shen sat down on the luxurious massage chair beside her, talking to her while playing with a Swiss knife in his hand.

The knife was flying around his hand swiftly. Anyone who saw his skills would probably freak out…

Ning Xi frowned. She snatched the knife while it was in mid-air, flicked the blades inwards and tossed it to Yun Shen's guard. She said in a cold voice, "You, are you trying to die?"

The guard awkwardly caught the knife and timidly looked at his boss's reaction.

Yun Shen was just a little startled but did not seem to be angry. His evil-looking eyes matched his sly smile perfectly. "My dear, are you worried about me?"

Ning Xi's expression darkened. "Narcissism is an illness. Go and get it treated! I'm worried about Annie, alright?"

He knew his own condition, yet he still played with such a dangerous item. With their boss being so childish, she felt tired on behalf of all his underlings.

Yun Shen supported his head with an arm and stared at the girl. "My dear, you're really cute when you don't mean what you say!"

"Bastard, who are you calling cute?!"

"You're cute when you call me bastard too!"

"Have you been possessed from staying too long in the haunted house?"

The man laughed with a deep, throaty voice. "Tang Xi…"

Ning Xi's heart skipped a beat. This guy never called her by her name. He would always slyly call her "my dear". Nothing good happened whenever he addressed her by name.

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