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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1507: I Must Be A Fake Male Lead

Chapter 1507: I Must Be A Fake Male Lead

Ning Xi looked over in alarm. "What do you want now?"

"Let's get back together," said Yun Shen simply.

Ning Xi was speechless.

"Ning Xi, CEO Yun, get ready. The next set is about to start soon!" Not too far away came Guo Qisheng's voice.

Ning Xi stared at Yun Shen as if she had just seen a ghost. She scurried away for dear life towards the set.

This was Ning Xi and Yun Shen's last scene together.

Speaking of which, Yun Shen's character development was rather interesting in this scene. It was definitely a scene that would gain his fatherly character brownie points.

In the series, all the mythical factions had combined to attack Yun Huang, and her life was hanging by a thread. There were already no possibilities of escaping alive.

Right at that moment, the sinister, legendary Yun Haotian, who had been sealed off from the world for hundreds of years and had never stepped out of the Great Poison Hall, had appeared.

All of the elders, honored sirs, and masters from the various factions were powerless in front of him as Yun Haotian advanced unopposed and rescued his daughter amid the bloodshed…

"Oh, oh, oh… Finally, it's this scene! I'm so excited, so excited, so excited! My Father Yun will definitely explode with handsomeness in this scene!" Some of the novel fans in the crew were already very emotional.

"Once this scene is done, Father Yun will be done with the show. I can't bear to leave Father Yun!"

"I dare to guarantee that when our series is released, the ratings will definitely be off the charts! Bro Xi and movie queen Meng are a given. All our characters, even the cameos and supporting roles, are outstanding!"

Amidst the anticipation of the fangirls, Ning Xi and Yun Shen were hung on a wire.

Not too far away, Jiang Muye gripped his chin unhappily. "Bloody hell! I don't get sex scenes with the female lead, I don't get to be the hero that saves the beauty either, I must be a fake male lead…"

When Meng Shiyi heard this, she frowned slightly.

What did he mean by not getting any of those scenes? Was she not the female lead?

Actually, Jiang Muye did have intimate scenes, and scenes where he was the hero saving the beauty. In fact, there were quite a few of it, only all of them were scenes with Meng Shiyi and not Ning Xi.

In the show, Ning Xi's martial skills were far better than the male lead's by miles, thus the male lead really did not have any opportunities of being the hero…

"All departments, get ready! 3, 2, 1, action!"

Under Guo Qisheng's orders, Ning Xi immediately entered the zone and her expression was stern as she flew forward hanging on the wire.

"Witch! Where you running to?!" Several of the cultivators chased closely behind.

Yun Huang was injured and she held her side as she ran, barely evading the group attack.

Finally, Yun Huang was forced to a dead-end. It was a bottomless pit off the cliff before her, and there was already no way out.

Yun Huang took a few steps backward while the group of cultivators moved closer, eyeing her covetously. Energized by the momentum of having surrounded their enemy, they swore to kill the witch then and there.

"Kill her!"

"Kill her!"

"The witch massacred the innocents! Utterly heartless! She even shamelessly seduced our faction disciples! Everyone has the right to punish her!"

Guo Qisheng nervously waved and indicated for the videographer to keep pace.

The high altitude camera propped up on a steel frame took an aerial shot of Ning Xi. Under the sky, the girl had casually wiped off the traces of blood at the corner of her lips. It was already hard to distinguish whether the crimson stains on her was the color of her robe or her blood.

Even though she was on the verge of desperation, the girl did not look hopeless or panicked at all. Instead, she was her usual frantic and reckless self, exuding a kind of relentless, born-to-die spirit.

She was Yun Haotian's daughter. Even if she were to die, she definitely would not reveal any fear before these people…

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