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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1508: Sudden Misfortune

Chapter 1508: Sudden Misfortune

"You don't have to talk to this witch about morality. Everyone, together!"

In that instant, everyone swarmed forward with their magical tools. As Yun Huang was about to be crushed by the attack from all sides, right at that moment, a mysterious figure plummeted down from high in the sky. His sleeves fluttered with the momentum akin to destroying Earth to an apocalypse.

Immediately, everyone wailed and all of them collapsed chaotically. A single move had wiped them out!

Yun Huang looked in a trance at the man who had descended from the sky. Probably because she realized she was finally safe, all of her strength was drained away at lightning speed.

On the verge of collapsing, she fell into an embrace with a familiar cold and sinister air. "Father…"

"Good girl." A black-clothed Yun Haotian gently put his daughter aside, then his extremely ice-cold eyes looked at the people from the factions like the King of Hell had just climbed out from hell…

All the actors and cameos seemed genuinely terrified. Earlier, they had been righteous and stern, yet now all of them looked cowardly. Some of them even staggered to flee.

Guo Qisheng nodded at this sight as the assistant director lamented askance, "CEO Yun's acting skills are just fantastic! That gaze… Tsk, tsk, tsk… Just that… Isn't his performance as a father be a little too ambiguous?"

Guo Qisheng shook his head. "No, no, no. Yun Shen handled it very well! In the series, Yun Haotian's wife is the chief disciple of faction number one. Because she fell in love with him, she was personally murdered by the people from the faction. There wasn't even a body, so Yun Haotian's hated people from the upright faction to their very bones.

"That incident has been his most persistent obsession and demon, so when faced with his only daughter who also looks incredibly similar to his wife, as he watched her be attacked by the upright faction, it triggered memories of his wife being murdered back then, hence his performance at the moment was simply spot on…"

The assistant director nodded as he listened.

The following scenes continued, but it was all simpler ones. After Yun Shen did some impressive and cool moves to defeat the assailants, special effects would be added in post-production, and this scene would be wrapped up.

Everything was going smoothly, but suddenly there was a sudden misfortune.

There was a loud crack from the camera above Ning Xi's head, alarming everyone. Then, it fell from the trestle above, heading straight towards Ning Xi's direction…

At that moment, Ning Xi had shut her eyes and was lying on the floor, pretending to have fainted, so she did not even know what was happening. When the cameraman cried out, "Move away!", it was too late…

Everyone around had also turned pale with fright and cried out.


"Ning Xi!"

When Ning Xi opened her eyes, she sensed a weight suddenly pressing on her from the side, then that body crushed her hard, and whoever he was grunted…

"Yun Shen!" Ning Xi immediately helped up Yun Shen who had protected her to block her from the camera's strong thump.

"Ah! My God! CEO Yun!"

"Boss Yun!"

"CEO Yun, are you okay?"

Everyone in the crew was a mess.

"Boss!" Yun Shen's two bodyguards had also quickly rushed over, their faces pale with fright.

"What's with the noise?" Yun Shen stood up impatiently, his movements seeming rather rigid.

Because he wore black, no one could tell whether he was injured or not.

Ning Xi immediately wrenched off Yun Shen's dark-patterned long-sleeved top and carefully checked him all over. There was a never before seen panic-stricken expression on her face.

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