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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1510: How Unfortunate

Chapter 1510: How Unfortunate

They finally reached the hospital. Ning Xi helped Yun Shen into the emergency room as quickly as possible. Jiang Muye parked his car and was about to follow them when he glanced over at the backseat and was shocked.

What the heck!?

It was just a small wound, but why was there so much blood?

It looked like metrorrhagia had just happened…

Jiang Muye was a little distracted, but he did not have time to think about it. He rushed to catch up with them.

When Jiang Muye found them, Yun Shen had already gone into the treatment room. Ning Xi looked anxious and seemed to be calling someone.

"Right… The emergency room of Imperial First Person Hospital… Alright, be quick…"

Jiang Muye saw that Ning Xi's hands and outfit were full of blood. Bloody footprints were all over the floor as well…

"Gosh! Ning Xiao Xi, what happened? Is he hurt elsewhere? This is too much blood for that little wound…" Jiang Muye looked dumbfounded.

Ning Xi slowly lowered herself down on the bench by the walkway. She was exhausted as she pinched the space between her eyebrows. "He has coagulopathy… Once he bleeds, it won't stop…"

Besides, there was something even worse that Ning Xi did not mention.

"No wonder!" Jiang Muye now understood why Ning Xi had been so nervous. He knew a little about this disorder as he had a friend with the same condition. He usually looked normal, but once any bleeding happened, it would be way worse than menstrual bleeding…

Time passed by. After a long while, the door to the emergency room opened.

The nurse came out urgently. "He's losing blood too quickly. It's difficult to stop even with medication. Moreover, his blood is Rh negative AB type. There's not enough of it in the blood bank. We probably can't help even if we used up all the blood available in the city…"

"What? Rh negative… Isn't that a really rare blood type?" Jiang Muye was confused.

Not only did he have coagulopathy, he had such a rare blood type. How unfortunate was this guy!?

Ning Xi's most feared scenario was happening. She looked terrible. "I have a friend who can stop the bleeding with acupuncture. She's already on her way…"

Annie would take at least an hour to reach there from Peachwood. Even if she was there, the effectiveness of acupuncture was very limited. The only way was to use more blood to keep him alive and give him more time, yet his blood was so rare. If they ran out of blood before his bleeding stopped, then he would die of hemorrhaging…

The hospital was arranging for the blood to be transported from other hospitals as soon as possible at the same time that Annie and Tang Ye reached the hospital.

At first, the doctor did not agree for Annie to go in, but after Tang Ye negotiated with the doctor, she was allowed in.

Ning Xi waited outside anxiously, her expression turning worse and worse by the moment. People with this blood type were terribly rare. Surely not many people in Imperial had it, and even lesser were known on official records…

"What happened?" Tang Ye went up to Ning Xi after he talked to the doctor.

"The camera fell down… He blocked it for me…" Ning Xi had a bitter smile on her pale face. "This bastard! Doesn't he know his own condition?! Why is he trying to show off?!"

Tang Ye looked at Ning Xi and sighed.

So what if he knew? When he saw the person he liked in danger, even though he understood that it might put him at risk, he could not help but act.

The door opened again, and this time, the nurse came out with bad news. "The blood is finished! The patient's blood pressure is falling lower by the moment… Do you guys know anyone who has this blood type?"

Ning Xi's face went pale as she looked around in despair…

At this time, solid footsteps came from the back. There was a man's deep, commanding voice. "Use my blood."

Ning Xi turned around and was surprised. "Lu Tingxiao…"

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