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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1511: Help You To Recover

Chapter 1511: Help You To Recover

"Then, quickly come in!" The nurse urged.

It was an emergency, so Lu Tingxiao did not have time to explain to Ning Xi. He assured her, "Don't worry, it'll be alright."

He then followed the nurse inside.

Tang Ye looked at the man's back as he went inside the room. There was a shine on his glasses.

"What?! Such a coincidence? My uncle has that blood type too?" Jiang Muye was really surprised. He had no idea at all…

This was news to Ning Xi too. She stared into the direction of the emergency room. She did not expect Lu Tingxiao to come over and coincidentally have the same blood type as Yun Shen…

Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao were both inside the room while Ning Xu sat on the bench outside. Jiang Muye was beside her as Tang Ye was making a call at the end of the corridor. The atmosphere was heavy.

As time passed by, the air became suffocating…

After a long time, the emergency room door opened again.

Ning Xi stood up instantly. "Doctor, how is it?"

The doctor in a white gown was sweating profusely as he said tiredly, "He's not in danger for now."

Annie then came out from the room, sweating profusely too. A few patches of blood could be seen on her clothes. "Don't worry, Bro Xi! Thanks to Mr. Lu, Bro Shen is alright now!"

Two nurses wheeled Yun Shen out from the emergency room and were heading towards a recovery room.

Ning Xi's tensed up nerves finally relaxed a little when she knew Yun Shen was fine at the moment, but then she became nervous all over again. She peeped inside. "Where's Lu Tingxiao?'

Familiar footsteps came out of the room. It was Lu Tingxiao.

Probably because too much blood had been taken from him, the man looked pale. He had already taken off his coat and was only wearing a white shirt, his sleeves rolled up. He was pressing his fingers on the spot where blood had been drawn from earlier.

Ning Xi went over and held him steadily. "Are you okay? Feeling dizzy?"

Lu Tingxiao let go of the cotton ball when his bleeding stopped, then he ran his fingers through the girl's hair. "I'm not that weak."

Ning Xi carefully held onto Lu Tingxiao as she asked him. "How do you know what happened on my end…"

"Shi Xiao called me," Lu Tingxiao replied.

"I see…" Ning Xi saw Lu Tingxiao's pale expression and felt really bad. "I'll make some nourishing food for you later. I'll help you recover!"

Jiang Muye was speechless when he had to witness this scene after having to drive Ning Xi and Yun Shen here…

"What about me?! I spent the effort to be your chauffeur, and now blood is everywhere in my baby!"

She treated both her ex and current boyfriend so well, but treated him as her dog!

Ning Xi took out a car key. "Thanks, you can drive my Whitey first. I'll wash your car for you later on. I'll definitely work on it after I'm done with filming!"

Jiang Muye felt better after she said that, but was still dissatisfied anyway. It was not only towards Lu Tingxiao; he was really unhappy that Ning Xi had been so worried for Yun Shen.

The feelings he was experiencing were like when one was advised not to be jealous of Einstein but would be jealous anyway because the kid next door was better than you…

Annie followed Yun Shen into the room, and Tang Ye went up to Lu Tingxiao. With a questionable glance and tone, he said, "CEO Lu, thanks for your help."

"Don't worry about it. Xiao Xi's matter is my matter as well."

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