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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1514: More Will Be Snatched Away

Chapter 1514: More Will Be Snatched Away

The man's gaze skimmed Yun Shen on the sick bed, and he looked very upset. "Utter nonsense!"

Then, he glared at Tang Ye, his expression darker. "Didn't I tell you many times to watch him!?"

Tang Ye immediately admitted his mistake, "It's my fault."

Although, in reality, he had not watched him at all because he knew that even if he did, he would not be able to control him.

"What happened?" Qiao Yi could guess that it was partly due to Yun Shen's temperament too, so he took a deep breath and calmed down to ask.

Tang Ye concisely explained the entire incident, then he said, "In the entire Imperial black market blood bank, Satan's blood type is under the Lu family's control. I thought that this time the other side would take advantage and was set to kill him… But, unexpectedly, Lu Tingxiao came over personally to transfuse blood to Satan…"

"Hmm…" On the sick bed, when the man heard this, he groaned again as if he disliked a certain person's blood.

Qiao Yi changed his attitude and advised, "Ah Shen, it's not that that girl Xi has no feelings for you. There's just too much temptation outside. Lu Tingxiao is one to habitually use tricks too. It's normal for her wisdom to be charmed. You know young ladies really don't have much resistance towards men like Lu Tingxiao…"

When he said this, Qiao Yi suddenly changed the topic. "But if one day, you replaced that person and get everything… Just wait for the day that he's left with nothing! Do you think there'll still be women after him? On the other hand, more would be snatched away from you, including Tang Xi…"

Qiao Yi hinted as such, then he left the ward but not before shooting a look at Tang Ye, hinting him to follow him out.

Tang Ye's eyes flashed, but he could only follow the man outside.

Because Tang Ye had paid for the entire floor, there was no one else on this level.

The corridor was cold and dead silent. The moment they stepped out, Qiao Yi's murderous intentions spread. "Ah Ye, you've really disappointed me!"

Tang Ye immediately knelt down on one knee and lowered his head. "Tang Lang's skills are improving rapidly…"

"Don't tell me that even you're no match for him."

"Yes," Tang Ye answered without hesitation.

Qiao Yi looked down at Tang Ye. Once he saw that expression, he knew that Tang Ye was intentionally throwing the game.

Moments later, Qiao Yi finally said, "Never mind… I will make a trip myself, and settle that evil creature!"

The fingers that Tang Ye laid by his side suddenly tensed up. "Master…"

At that moment, there was the sudden sound of abrupt footsteps from the end of the corridor, exceptionally clear in the quiet air.

When he heard these familiar footsteps, Tang Ye subconsciously looked up and saw…

"Tang Lang…" When he saw who it was, Tang Ye's expression immediately changed.

The air surrounding Qiao Yi suddenly became dense with murderous spirit as he looked gloomily at his former disciple. "Evil creature, how dare you still appear before me?!"

Tang Lang maintained his usual heartless expression before he broke into a smile. "Long time no see! I've especially come to ask how you've been doing, Master!"

Qiao Yi looked at him like he was a dead man. "I'll allow you to leave your last words."

"Huh…" Tang Lang chuckled and looked up atTang Ye who was already a mess at the moment. "First Senior Brother, look at me, I'm dying soon. How about you let me have a peek at my lil credit card one last time?"

Tang Lang was speechless.

The instant Tang Lang finished, Qiao Yi charged ahead without the slightest hesitation.

He watched the intense fight between the two. One had been a brother he grew up with, the other was a master whom he viewed as a father figure and to whom he owed his upbringing. Tang Ye had no expression on his face, yet his heart was bleeding from struggling and being torn apart between the two of them…

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