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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1515: Show No Mercy

Chapter 1515: Show No Mercy

Tang Ye was more worried about Tang Lang going up against their master. Tang Lang almost had no chance of winning at all…

Tang Lang was being pushed back by his master. There were several times that he escaped death, but Tang Ye could not just be a bystander at this point.

As expected, Tang Lang did not even reach the tenth exchange when Qiao Yi was about to go in for the kill. Tang Ye's expression changed as his hand twitched like he was going to do something. Tang Lang's body was as flexible as a gymnast and he avoided Qiao Yi's assault.

After that, Tang Lang stood about three steps away from Qiao Yi and grinned. "Master, that's ten exchanges. Please be careful from this point onwards!"

"Arrogance!" Qiao Yi roared and he attacked even more aggressively.

However, Tang Lang did not just stay on the defense like he had earlier. He countered every single attack. While Tang Lang had learned everything from Qiao Yi, Qiao Yi also knew him the best, and of course, Tang Lang knew Qiao Yi very well too.

Tang Ye was not lying when he said Tang Lang had improved tremendously. In just a short span of time, Tang Lang's improvement in skills was enough to make Qiao Yi's jaw drop.

They were tied, but after a hundred exchanges, Tang Lang gained the upper hand because he was younger and had more stamina.

Finally, Tang Lang clawed Qiao Yi's throat.

"Tang Lang!" Tang Ye interfered, blocking Tang Lang's killing move.

Qiao Yi was shocked, still reeling from the fact that he had lost to his student.

Tang Lang did not continue after Tang Ye intervened. He looked at Qiao Yi coldly. "Master, this time, I'll let you go as repayment for whatever you've done to raise me, but the next time, I'll show no mercy."

He then spun on his heel and left.

Qiao Yi cracked his finger joints and gritted his teeth. "You bastard! Bastard!"

He knew that Tang Lang was really talented, but he was lazy. If he could put in a tenth as much effort as Tang Ye, it would just be a matter of time to surpass him.

Although he had realized this a long time ago, it was still shocking for him to witness such monstrous growth, which was also why he needed to get rid of Tang Lang as soon as possible.

Still, the situation was getting trickier. Tang Ye was not able to kill him because Lu Tingxiao had always been interfering from the dark. Although he had sent many others as well, all of them failed…

Well, he was still just a small fry anyway. The top priority would still be the Lu family…

In the CEO office of the Lu Corporation.

Lu Jingli went to report to his brother after he finished investigating the matter. "Bro, I investigated… The camera falling was indeed an accident!"

Lu Tingxiao did not plan to just let Lu Jingli go. Instead, he uttered, "Video."

At the scene, there was more than just one camera, and they would have recorded what happened. Lu Jingli must have seen them all.

"Ugh…" Lu Jingli looked troubled. He coughed lightly, "Bro, I've checked through all of them. There wouldn't be any mistake, so you don't have to watch the videos, do you?"

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything. He just looked at Lu Jingli.

Lu Jingli was intimidated by his brother's heart-piercing stare, but he eyed him carefully. "Bro, are you really doubting my abilities?"

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