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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1516: Position In Her Heart

Chapter 1516: Position In Her Heart

Because Lu Jingli kept on avoiding the topic, something fishy must have been going on.

After Lu Jingli declined to show him the videos again, Lu Tingxiao did not ask anymore. He just looked at the computer on his table.

Lu Jingli thought he had covered up well, but then he heard some familiar voices from Lu Tingxiao's computer…

"We don't have to be considerate towards the witch. Everyone, let's go!" The voices of the actors.

"Ah! Ning Xi!" The voice of a crew member.

"Yun Shen!" Ning Xi screamed.

Lu Jingli's eyes were popping out of their sockets. When he went before Lu Tingxiao's computer screen, he saw the video, which was supposed to be only in his inbox, playing.

"Hey! You hacked my computer?! How could you do that?!"

Lu Tingxiao glanced at him. His eyes seem to be saying. "Do I really need to hack your computer?"

Lu Jingli then looked properly again. His brother had simply logged into his inbox. "Damn! How do you even know my email password!"

The video was still playing on the screen, and Lu Jingli could no longer hide it anymore. He could only look on as his brother witnessed the scene where Ning Xi was extremely worried for Yun Shen.

"Bro, actually it's nothing much. That guy got hurt because of Xiao Xi Xi anyway. It's normal for her to be this worried…" Lu Jingli's comforting words were contradicting himself.

Since it's nothing much, why did you try to stop me from watching it earlier?

Lu Tingxiao looked at the screen quietly, his expression not betraying his emotions at all.

Ning Xi had been nervous because she was the cause. Because Yun Shen had coagulopathy and because he was the one who had helped her through her darkest times, even though he brought her darkness, she prevailed through it…

Even though he met Ning Xi before Yun Shen, he missed out the most important phase of her life…

No matter what, he had to admit that that man had an irreplaceable position in her heart.

After leaving the hospital, Ning Xi started replying her calls from everyone.

Because of this accident, the whole filming crew was in chaos. Guo Qisheng and the producer had almost gone crazy. They were only relieved after they received the call from Ning Xi that Yun Shen was okay.

Ning Xi then went back to the crew and discussed how to handle the leftover mess. In the frantic emergency earlier, someone had taken pictures of her and Jiang Muye sending Yun Shen to the hospital, and put them on the Net.

Then again, as long as Yun Shen was alright, these were not big issues, and the crew was more than capable to handle it…

The next day, Ning Xi went to the set as usual.

The accident yesterday had happened at the moment when filming was completed, so Yun Shen's last scene was done and did not need a retake.

Most of the scenes in the next few days were between her and Meng Shiyi.

She waited from morning until afternoon, only then was she informed that Meng Shiyi could not make it for the upcoming few days.

Guo Qisheng planned to finish the remaining scenes all in one go, but he did not expect Meng Shiyi to be absent at this moment, so he could only give up and give everyone the day off.

Ning Xi held onto her car keys and went to the underground parking lot. She contemplated for a while and decided to visit the guy at the hospital, then she would go to Spirit Studio before heading to Lu Tingxiao's place to make some tonic for his recovery.

"Don't move."

Ning Xi was planning her day in her mind when there was a deep voice behind her. She also felt a cold, hard tube pressing behind her lower back at the same moment.

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