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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1867: For What Reason Did All of This Belong To Her

Chapter 1867: For What Reason Did All of This Belong To Her

When she heard Meng Linlang say "I, Meng Linlang's niece" in front of everyone, an explosion went off in her head. She was dumbfounded.

Apart from that, guilt and panic rose within her.

Especially when Li You had dealt with the two receptionists earlier, she was afraid that the two of them would blurt out the words that she had said earlier.

At that moment, she watched as Li You eagerly pulled on Ning Xi's hand as her words of praise and admiration went on and on while all the ladies and wives around supported her with compliments to curry favor with her. Zheng Minjun sat there stiffly. In that instance, all of her feelings of elation and pride had vanished.

They had racked their brains to pull strings and managed to get two invitations to this event. They also tried all their means to say a few words to Madam Li, and they had been ridiculously pleased with themselves about that.

On the other hand, just because Ning Xi was the granddaughter of the Zhuang family and the niece of Zhuang Liaoyuan and Meng Linlang, she merely had to lift a finger and she could already get in contact with those upper-class people who were hard for them to reach. Just like that, she received resources that they might never get even if they spent their entire lives working for it.

Because of her son, their Su family initially had the opportunity to get this daughter-in-law of noble status, who could bring the Su family the highest honor…

To get the real phoenix…

Because of Ning Xueluo's business capability, she had already almost disregarded her family background. At this second, she finally felt a wide gap in their status!

Everything on Ning Xueluo combined was nothing compared to this layer of status on Ning Xi.

She had long known this fact, which was why when she found out that Ning Xi was getting close to the Zhuang family back then, she would have those inferior thoughts until Ning Xi disappeared after that and the rumors of her being a mistress came about…

However, now…

She would never have thought that the Zhuang family had already acknowledged Ning Xi. In fact, the way Meng Linlang valued and protected Ning Xi was to such an extent!

The way she treated Ning Xi was as if she were treating her own daughter!

From the way this appeared, those rumors about Ning Xi being taken as a mistress was but a joke!

Now, upon recalling those pictures and videos, all of them were unreliable proof…

When she thought about this, Zheng Minjun was utterly regretful and she sat there, frightened out of her mind.

Beside her, Ning Xueluo knew what Zheng Minjun was thinking about and her fingernails were already digging deep into her palms.

The initial confidence and rejoice about someone else's misfortunes had now all turned to monstrous resentment and indignation!

For what reason!?

For what reason did all of this belong to Ning Xi!?

She was clearly the Ning heiress and Zhuang Lingyu's daughter. The moment she was born, all of this should have been hers!

The Zhuang family should have been hers too!

For what reason had she worked so hard, yet still could not compare to Ning Xi, this wild chicken raised by a village woman!?

Madam Qiu, who had recommended Ning Xueluo, had a personal friendship with Zhuang Lingyu, so she knew a little about the relationship between the Ning family and the Zhuang family.

When Madam Qiu saw this, she could not help but ask, "Xueluo, why don't you go over and greet Madam Zhuang?"

When Ning Xueluo heard this, her expression stiffened. "This… To hastily walk up seems a little rude."

Of course, she wanted to, but the Zhuangs had long been bewitched by that slut, Ning Xi. They had always spoken bluntly to her, so to walk up at this moment would no doubt be inviting humiliation!

When Zheng Minjun saw this, the imbalance that was hard to explain in her heart had been expanded to an extreme. She lowered her voice and pulled Ning Xueluo aside, gritting her teeth anxiously. "How come the girl can do it, but not you? I've said a lot of things to you on the daily. Did you even take them to heart? If you were more careful, could that girl have gotten a chance? That girl's relationship with the Zhuang family is still ultimately because of your mother!"

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