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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1868: Shocking Gossip

Chapter 1868: Shocking Gossip

As Ning Xueluo listened to Zheng Minjun's complain, gloominess flashed across her eyes. "Mother, it's exactly because I'm close to my mother that the Zhuangs won't get close to me! You know very well that my mother and the Zhuang family always have borne hostility towards each other!"

"If you had listened to me earlier and advised your mother to ask her to be considerate for your sake and fix the relationship with the Zhuang family, today Madam Li's distinguished guest would've been you! You wouldn't have fallen to the extent of having to beg around for an invitation!" Zheng Minjun glared resentfully towards her for failing to meet her expectations. Her tone was filled with dissatisfaction as though she was a different person from the previously arrogant and proud woman.

When Ning Xueluo saw Zheng Minjun speak with such a righteous tone, her heart was filled with annoyance.

This old fellow kept blabbering on and on. Did she really think she had never tried?

If it were really that easy, how could she have not gotten in touch with the Zhuang family until today?

However, she had always pretended like she did not want to fight and had no ulterior motives in front of Zheng Minjun. Now, if she wanted to explain, she could not refute, so she could only suppress her anger and watch helplessly as Meng Linlang brought Ning Xi around beside her, wandering in the middle of those respected ladies.

"Madam Zhuang, this is where you're wrong. You have such an outstanding niece, yet you still kept her hidden her away. Quickly introduce her to us. What's your niece's name? I wonder if I'm hallucinating, but I keep feeling like this girl looks quite familiar!" One of the ladies in a long champagne gown asked hesitantly.

On the side, quite a few ladies echoed her thoughts, "She does really look quite familiar!"

However, they did not dare to simply guess…

With Meng Linlang's temper, even Li You feared her. Who else would dare to get on her bad side?

When Ning Xueluo heard those ladies' words, her expression turned dark as she thought on the inside, "Why wouldn't she look familiar? She's an actor!"

Even if she had managed to climb up the Zhuang family's high branches, she could not change this fact! Besides, she had recently come out of retirement!

When Meng Linlang heard everyone's questions, she glanced at Ning Xi beside her and saw that she was remaining calm, so she felt gratified.

Thus, she just said proudly, "Obviously, she looks familiar. My niece is Ning Xi."

"Ning Xi…"

When they heard this well-known name, quite a few ladies returned to their senses on the spot!

Was this girl truly Ning Xi?

That female star who had shot to fame a year ago but had suddenly vanished?

Ning Xi was actually the niece of the Zhuang family!

This gossip was shocking!

"Aiya, turns out she's really the huge star, Ning Xi! I just knew that she looked familiar! Madam Zhuang, your niece is even more beautiful and charismatic in real life! I didn't dare to guess immediately!"

"Miss Ning, my daughter is your loyal fan! Later on, could you give me an autograph?"

As Ning Xueluo watched the wives of the high officials and the prominent ladies, who usually looked down upon the entertainment industry, and their lapdog attitudes towards Ning Xi, she bitterly bit her lip.

This slut! She's just riding on the coattails of the Zhuang family!

The gathering was still going on in the reception pavilion.

"Miss Ning, I really like your shows! You're just amazing at acting. Previously, I was sad when I heard that you had retired. I wonder if you'll continue acting after this?" A certain lady looked regretful as she asked. From her expression, she seemed like she really did like Ning Xi's work.

Ning Xi answered as a matter-of-factly, "Most likely, I will. Actually, I'll probably be officially announcing my coming out of retirement in the next few days."

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