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In Different World with Naruto System (Web Novel) - Chapter 134 — God’s domain

Chapter 134: God’s domain

Wearing the White Tiger ring, and putting on that black colored robe with red clouds imprinted on them, henceforth, Li Jianrong formally became the member of Akatsuki organization, and accompany Ren Tianyou in his expedition.

Looking at the ring on the finger of Ren Tianyou, Li Jianrong said, “So from now on should I call you Ren Tianyou or Zero?”

“It doesn’t matter what you call me. This is merely a codename nothing more, so if you like you can call me Zero.” Hearing Li Jianrong, Ren Tianyou shrug his shoulder and answered.

“Then I will call you Zero.” Li Jianrong said. Just then, Li Jianrong seems to thought about something, and said to Ren Tianyou, “Zero, I possess high-saint ranked power of blood lineage ‘Heaven sword’, and I have already reached high-Sword God rank. So with the combination of both of these power, I don’t need to fear anyone within the power level of God rank. But I was defeated by you, now tell me, have you already broken through the limit of the body, and broke through the wall of God’s domain, and entered the realm of Low God.”

“Low God? What is this rank?” Hearing the question of Li Jianrong, Ren Tianyou was surprised and asked with great curiosity. It seems he had never heard about this realm.

“What? You actually don’t know about Low God? Could it be that you really don’t know the matters of God’s domain?” Hearing the question of Ren Tianyou, Li Jianrong was even more surprised than Ren Tianyou. He had never expected that Ren Tianyou didn’t know about the matters of God’s domain. But he reconsidered and gave up his thought that Ren Tianyou didn’t know about the matters of God’s domain, because the strength of Ren Tianyou had obviously far surpassed the God ranked experts, so how could he not know the matters of God’s domain, “Are you kidding me?”

“Do you think I, your father have free time to joke around with you, I really don’t know Low God or matters of God’s domain you are speaking about. What are those things?” Hearing the doubtful question of Li Jianrong, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but cursed.

Carefully looking at the expression of Ren Tianyou, Li Jianrong discovered that Ren Tianyou really was not telling a lie. After that he instantly shed tears inside his heart, “There is no mistake, he really don’t know about the matter of god’s domain. But a person of younger generation who don’t know anything about god’s domain actually entered the realm of Low God before me who is said to be the most exceptional genius of Holy sword clan, there really is no justice.” But Li Jianrong would never know that Ren Tianyou was actually cultivating Chakra, and that was not their cultivation system. So there is no wall of God’s domain and such restriction.

Calming down his state of mind, Li Jianrong looked at the face of Ring Tianyou which was filled with curiosity, and slowly explained, “The initial stage of cultivation realm is generally divided from Junior to God, these 9 big ranks. But regardless of whether it is warriors’ battle qi or magicians’ magic power or illusionists’ illusory power, when they reached the peak-God rank, the energy within their body will encounter a barrier, and couldn’t break through anymore, this barrier is Wall of God’s domain.”

“When the cultivators reaches peak-God rank, the energies inside their bodies basically reach the saturation state. For example a water cup can only hold the amount of water according to its space, and after it is already filled, the extra amount of water will spill over. In the same way, if the energy inside the body exceed the space inside ones’ body, then that person will explode and die.”

“And there is only one method to solve this problem, i.e. to break through the limit of energy itself, and break the limit of this space, i.e. wall of God’s domain which I had stated just a moment ago. And let energy itself create a new energy vessel.”

“But the energy barrier inside the body i.e. wall of God’s domain, in itself is incomparable hard, so it is extremely hard to break it. Not only it is extremely difficult to break it, it is also extremely dangerous, if not handled properly, you will only injure yourself. In the serious case of the injury, you will became a cripple. In the countless past years, many genius were stopped by this barrier. Even I do not have a 100% confidence to break through this wall of God’s domain, and enter the realm of Low God.”

“After you break through this wall of God’s domain, regardless of battle qi, magical power or illusory power, all the energies inside the body will gather together and form an energy crystal, which is called divinity crystal. And this divinity crystal will become the source of all the power of human body.”

“After ones strength enter the Low God rank, their strength will step into the boundary of God’s domain. Boundary of God’s domain is altogether divided into Low God, Mid God, High God, True God, God King, God Lord, and finally God Emperor. Every single one of these 7 big realms are further divided into Low, Mid, High and Peak, these 4 sub ranks. And I have also heard that there is still a realm above God Emperor rank, but I don’t know whether that is true or not, because this is merely a myth.”

Hearing the explanation of Li jianrong, Ren Tianyou deeply pondered for a long time, he had never thought that there were still this many levels above God rank. It looks like his speculation was not wrong, the water of this world really was very deep.

“How do you know these things? Could it be that you have seen the experts of God realm?” Ren Tianyou looked at Li Jianrong, and asked. According to the way he had explained things, it seems he had seen the experts of God realm.

“Yes, I have indeed seen the experts of God realm, and that is not limited to small number. Even in my Holy sword clan, there number of experts of God realm are not few. In fact, other ancient 100 clans also possess these experts. But these experts basically remains hidden and never shows their appearance. It is so because, in those years, during the catastrophe of demon clan invading, all of them received serious injuries, and till now they still have not fully recovered. Another reason is, this space of the Divine wind continent. When ancient 100 clans were resisting against the invading demon clan, countless experts fought bravely against the experts of demon clan, and in those year, the Divine wind continent was torn into pieces. Many land of this continent were destroyed, and countless lands were sunk into the sea, this cause the area of this continent to instantly reduce by about 1/3 of its original size. And even the space itself of the Divine Wind continent were also broken apart, and countless terrifying space storm appeared.”

“After demon clan retreat back to their devildom, those remaining experts, used their own energy and combine it with the blood of those experts who had died or killed, to repair the space of Divine Wind continent, and they also repaired the space rifts, finally retaining our homeland. But even so, the space of the Divine Wind continent is extremely fragile, it basically couldn’t endure the energy collision of those experts who are above God rank. So all the extremely powerful experts came to an agreement and ordered that the experts who exceed the level of God rank are not allowed to do as they please, otherwise all the peak experts will jointly chase to kill that person.”

“Till now, many people have grown up in this Divine wind continent, and there used to be many peoples who had entered the realm of God. Among them, some experts with high level of strength left this Divine wind continent, and go to other space. But even more experts choses to stay behind, because this Divine Wind continent is their home, so they would use their divine energy inside their body to support the space of Divine Wind continent, making it gradually recover.”

“This is also the reason why extremely few experts were able to reach this realm of God’s domain in these countless years.”

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