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In Different World with Naruto System (Web Novel) - Chapter 147 — 2nd floor

Chapter 147: 2nd floor

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter

6 days later, within the 6th domain of Tower of Babel’s 1st floor, a huge transfer magic door suddenly appeared, and from inside this magic door, a figure of a person walked out. This person was wearing a black robe with red clouds imprinted in it, and both of his eyeballs were blood-red in color, this person was Ren Tianyou.

After stepping into 2nd domain, Ren Tianyou picked up his pace and rushed towards the 6th domain of 1st floor. But even with the speed and strength of Ren Tianyou, it still took him 6 days to break through the obstacles of the domains and finally arrived at the end of 1st floor’s 6th domain, where the portal to 2nd floor was located.

One may well say that Ren Tianyou had suffered greatly in these six domains, frankly speaking the 2nd domain was not that bad, but from 3rd domain, the misfortune of Ren Tianyou started, even to the extent that he suspected whether the designer of these domain were mad or something.

3rd domain in itself was nothing special, rather in front of the entrance of the barrier of 3rd domain there was a powerful repulsion space cave, and all the peoples who wanted to proceed to the barrier entrance of 3rd domain must pass through this cave. And within the cave, there was zero-gravity space, this space didn’t have any gravitational force, so after entering this cave, everything would be in the state of weightlessness and just float around in this space.

But if that was the only case, then it was nothing, but the crux point was at the cave walls within this space, there were countless small-sized holes. These holes emitted powerful repulsion force, and all the people entered inside this space were blown away randomly in any direction causing then to bump everywhere. When Ren Tianyou had finally successfully passed through this cave, his body was already filled with blue-green colored bruises. Ren Tianyou doubted that whether those magicians and illusionist with their small and weak body could pass through this cave or not.

As for 4th domain, it was even more straightforward. This domain was a huge tropical rainforest. In this domain, Ren Tianyou encountered large number of blood beasts of various types, it was far higher than the number of blood beasts he encountered in 1st domain. And here Ren Tianyou again met the same tragedy of 1st domain, countless blood beasts chased after him, which was extremely troublesome for Ren Tianyou, and furthermore the area of this 4th domain was too big. After he had finally escaped from the chase of these large amount of blood beasts, he was already near his deathbed due to exhaustion.

5th domain was even more direct, as whole 5th domain was volcano zone, everywhere was eruption of magma. And in this domain, Ren Tianyou didn’t dare to use Choju Giga (Super Beast Scroll) to fly, because if one of the erupted magma accidently hit the ink beast, then Ren Tianyou would definitely suffer tragedy. But even like that, when Ren Tianyou very cautiously walked past the volcano zone of 5th domain, his still nearly got roasted. Even after passing through 5th domain, he could still smell the fragrance of roasted meat from his body.

And 6th domain was endless desert zone. Ren Tianyou tasted bitter suffering in this place too, on one hand he had to be careful for quicksand, and on the other hand he also had to be careful for those sandstorms. Currently Ren Tianyou was still not strong enough to ignore the forces of nature.

Now Ren Tianyou had finally passed through all these obstacles, and reached the end of the 6th domain, and was in front of the 2nd floor transfer gate. Now there was only 3 days left for the wedding of Ximen Feng, in other words Ren Tianyou must find and kill a sealed demon clan member in the 2nd floor within this remaining 3 days.

Ren Tianyou stepped forward and entered the transfer gate in front of him, and along with the soft white colored light, he disappeared from this 1st floor of Tower of Babel and entered the 2nd floor of Tower of Babel where the dean of Supreme Light Academy warned to not enter repeatedly.

Ren Tianyou appeared at a grassland while feeling a bit of dizziness. He was surrounded by green grassland in all direction, and far away he could faintly see a series of mountain ranges.

“Is this the 2nd floor of Tower of Babel?” Ren Tianyou scanned the environment all around him and thought. Ren Tianyou clearly sensed that the element power in this floor was denser by many times more compared to 1st floor, “Those demon clans ought to be sealed in those mountain ranges.”

Just at that time, a pallid light suddenly flashed in his eyes, then he quickly pull out his Sword of kusanagi from his waist with his right hand. After that along with ‘puchi’ sound, the sword of Ren Tianyou suddenly flashed with blood light, then the cut into two body of cyan colored small snake fell down on the grassland. The 2 pieces of the body of small snake struggled for a bit, then its last bit of life energy dissipated, stopped moving and completely died.

“It seems this grassland is much more dangerous.” Ren Tianyou looked at the dead snake type blood beast, if his Sharingan had not seen it, then it was likely for its surprise attack to success.

“First I should go to the mountain ranges and look, I must not waste any time here.” Looking at the mountain ranges far away, a spiral shaped space ripple suddenly appeared from his right eye. After that the body of Ren Tianyou slowly disappeared from that grassland.

In one of the mountain range of 2nd floor, a spiral shaped space ripple suddenly appeared, then the figure of Ren Tianyou appeared in that place from inside that space ripple. After that he carefully scanned all around him, then after he discovered a huge tree at his side, the eyes of Ren Tianyou lit up, after that he took out a kunai from his space ring and walked towards that huge tree, then he drew an arrow sign on the tree, “First mark this place, and slowly start to search from the place.”

In just this fashion, Ren Tianyou made this place as a starting point and slowly walked towards the peak of this mountain while carefully searching too. Every once in a while, he would make a mark in the surroundings areas, because there were too many mountain ranges in this 2nd floor, and Ren Tianyou feared that he may search the same place again and waste his time, so he place the mark every now and then.

But the unexpected thing was, Ren Tianyou had failed to find any clues even after searching for a whole day, not to mention demon clan, he didn’t even see the hair of demon clan. And currently Ren Tianyou was searching the third mountain range of 2nd floor, but still he didn’t find any clues.

“This won’t do, if I keep on searching like this, then even after 2 days I may not necessarily find them. I must change my approach.” On the peak of the mountain, Ren Tianyou had just searched the suspicious looking cave, but found nothing, so he was disappointed and muttered to himself.

“Oh, that’s right, why am I so stupid like this, I have completely forgotten about the shadow clone jutsu.” Suddenly Ren Tianyou hit his own head, jumped up and excitedly said. If he use shadow clone jutsu, then with a large amount of shadow clones he could be able to find the sealed demon clan in the remaining period of time, afterwards quickly killing it is enough.

But just as he was about to use shadow clone jutsu, suddenly a loud explosion sound came from the mountain far away, and he could see a huge fire at that place.

“What’s going on?” looking at the distant mountain, Ren Tianyou was confused, “Could it be …………?” Ren Tianyou immediately thought about sealed demon clan, and he immediately became excited. And decided to go and look whether it was sealed demon clan or not. After deciding this, along with the spiral shaped space ripple, Ren Tianyou disappeared form that mountain peak.

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