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In Different World with Naruto System (Web Novel) - Chapter 167 — Earth Mountain god

Chapter 167: Earth Mountain god

Looking at Ximen Zhou and Ximen Wuyan who were preparing to jointly attack him, Ren Tianyou quickly made a series of hand seals. Now Ren Tianyou’s speed of making hand seals was extraordinary, he would leave behind after images while he made a series of hand seals. In a blink of an eye, he had already completed making the required hand seals.

“Raiton-Gian! (Lightning Style-False Darkness!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, a dazzling lightning spear flickered in the sky above his head. And a successive sounds of crackling thunder rang out, along with powerful lightning chakra fluctuation.

After that, along with a swish sound, this lightning sphere suddenly stretched rapidly, then changing into a huge lightning spear, it pierced towards Ximen Zhou.

“Humph!” Seeing this rapidly advancing lightning spear, Ximen Zhou snorted with disdain, and extended his right hand covered with dragon scales. And this right hand which had already changed into dragon claw, was also glimmering with brutal aura of gold dragon battle qi.

“Hong!” This sharp-pointed lightning spear collided straight with the right hand of Ximen Zhou. Sharp-pointed lightning and the golden colored saint battle qi of Ximen Zhou’s right hand continuously clashed and tried to swallow each other. The powerful impact of false darkness forced Ximen Zhou to unceasingly retreat back. It seemed like this lightning wanted to break through the obstruction of Saint dragon battle qi, and stab the body of Ximen Zhou.

Seeing that Ximen Zhou was temporarily stopped, Ren Tianyou turned around and looked at Ximen Wuyan behind him. Then the Wuxing pattern of his right eye rotated rapidly, and eye power gushed out from it spreading in all direction. The space all around suddenly rippled along with slight spatial fluctuation.

“Other side!”

Ren Tianyou simply spat out these two words, then along with the perception of Ren Tianyou, Ximen Wuyan and his surrounding space were already cut off from this space and send off to independent space cross-section for a short duration of time. So for the following 10 seconds, he could only stay within the space of 3 meters around him, and couldn’t move any further.

Seeing that he had successfully trapped both Ximen Zhou and Ximen Wuyan temporarily, Ren Tianyou didn’t hesitated, he directly stepped on the space cross-section and directly rushed towards underneath Ximen Kuang and Ximen Batian, no, precisely speaking, he was rushing towards Ximen Batian.

Seeing Ren Tianyou furthermore with Susanoo rushing towards them, the complexion of Ximen Kuang at the side of Ximen Batian suddenly changed. After that he immediately pulled Ximen Batian without slightest hesitation, changed into golden light, and fly away from that place. Because inside his heart he clearly understood that, with his strength of Low-god, he was powerless to stop Ren Tinayou. So he choose to flee from this place without a slightest hesitation.

“Want to run!” Seeing flying away golden light, Ren Tianyou cursed loudly. Then he immediately swung the Futsu no Mitama sword on the right hand of susanoo, and a powerful lightning flew out from the sword which chased after them.

Although they were very fast, but the sword slash of Ren Tianyou was even faster. Very quickly when it was about to reach them, this sword slash was intercepted by another golden colored light. Along with a loud dragon roar, a dazzling golden colored light dragon flashed in the path of sword light, and had hit the huge sword slash created by Ren Tianyou, slightly changing the direction of the huge slash, causing it to land on the far-off mountain, which destroyed that mountain along with extremely loud explosion sound.

Ren Tianyou looked towards the source of this golden dragon, and saw that it was Ximen Zhou whose body was radiating golden radiances, hurriedly flying towards this place. It seems he had already broken false darkness of Ren Tianyou.

“Swish!” Ximen Zhou appeared next to Ximen Kuang and Ximen Batian, then he said, “Little Kuang, immediately leave this pace with the patriarch of this generation. He is the target of this boy. We may not be able to protect him while we’re fighting.”

“Yes ancestor!” Hearing Ximen Zhou, Ximen Kuang immediately replied. After that he pulled Ximen Batian and flew away towards Tianlong city. After seeing both of them had flew away from here, Ximen Zhou stared at Ren Tianyou.

Looking at Ximen Zhou who was obstructing him, and furthermore fleeing Ximen Batian, the ferocious aura around the body of Ren Tianyou continued to increase even more, and eye power also gushed out even more. Then on the susanoo around the body of Ren Tianyou, a dazzling purple colored lightning sparks slowly appeared, and its figure also slowly rose, and finally stopped after it almost reached 50 meters in height. On the left hand of Susanoo, another Futsu no Mitama appeared.

“Since you are stopping me, I will kill you first then go to take revenge. All those people who obstruct me, must die.” Said Ren Tianyou. Then Ren Tianyou directly sent 4 purple colored huge lightning slash towards Ximen Zhou with his two Futsu no Mitama, furthermore he himself also rushed towards Ximen Zhou.

“Humph, youngster, although you are very strong, but don’t excessively look down upon others.” Seeing Ren Tianyou was directly flying towards him, and furthermore those 4 sword slashes, Ximen Zhou shout loudly, and the golden light surrounding his body suddenly rose rapidly, which gradually gathered to his hands.

“Go to hell!” Finished yelling, Ximen Zhou quickly waved his two fists continuously, suddenly a large amount of gold colored light balls flew towards Ren Tianyou from his that quickly waving two fists. These numerous gold colored light balls streaked across the sky with a long beautiful arc, and flew directly towards Ren Tianyou in a high speed.

“This is……………?” Seeing this countless light balls flying towards him, Ren Tianyou was greatly taken aback, because this move of Ximen Zhou was extremely similar to Morning peacock (Asakujaku) move of his own 8 inner gate. Merely his Morning peacock (Asakujaku) produced countless flame balls because of the friction between the air and his fists, but this move of Ximen Zhou merely launched his own energy. These flying golden light balls were merely the boundless saint dragon battle qi of Ximen Zhou.

These numerous gold colored light balls first collided with the 4 huge sword slashes of Ren Tianyou, which caused a huge explosion. Although the energy of Ren Tianyou’s 4 sword slash were relatively high, but they were not able to compete with the bombardment of these innumerable light balls. Just like using quantity to make up for quality, these 4 huge sword slashes were break into pieces by these innumerable light balls. And these broken pieces changed into energies and finally dissipated in the air.

After breaking these 4 huge sword slashes, these light balls directly advanced towards Ren Tianyou’s susanoo. Immediately susanoo’s huge body was submerged by these numerous light balls. And a continuous series of extremely loud explosion sound reverberated through the sky.

At that time, in the sky above the center of the explosion, a large amount of earth yellow colored magic power gathered, gradually taking the form of huge miniature hill of about 10 meters in height, which fell down towards the middle of explosion.

When this miniature hill was falling towards the middle of explosion, an extremely powerful sword blade directly split the explosion giving rise to smokes, and also hit this hill. This hill was also directly chopped into 2 half, and fell underneath.

After that, a figure of a person jumped out from the smoke of explosion, and stand on the sky. This figure was precisely Ren Tianyou with his susanoo.

Ren Tianyou looked behind him, and saw that it was Ximen Wuyan who was trapped by his Other Side, since 10 seconds had already passed, he was already able to move around. After that taking the chance that Ren Tianyou was stopping the attack of Ximen Zhou, he had also used his earth system magic to attack, but to his surprise, his attack didn’t even have a slightest effect.

Ximen Wuyan saw that the Soaring dragon mountain villa underneath him had already disappeared. Then he slowly recalled, when the barrier was still surrounding this villa, how Ren Tianyou had carried out the slaughter of Ximen clan’s member, and his eyes flashed with brutal aura. Clamming down his mind, he changed into earth yellow colored radiance and flew away.

“Eh, why did this fellow suddenly left?” Seeing Ximen Wuyan was flying far away, Ren Tianyou had a strange feeling in his heart, he didn’t understand what was going on. Currently he obviously had the upper hand in a fight against Ximen Zhou, so instead of helping him, why did he leave so suddenly. But in the next moment, Ximen Wuyan’s action told him the reasons.

Ximen Wuyan flew to the miniature hill of about 30 meters in height, and stopped in the air above this mountain. After that he took out a crystal clear earth yellow colored magic staff. One earth yellow colored crystal which was emitting powerful magical power was inlayed on the top of this magic staff. And the position around this magic crystal was portrayed with a secret rune.

After taking out this magic staff, Ximen Wuyun began to quickly chant the incantation. And along with his incantation, boundless earth yellow colored magical power began to gather in the sky around him, then slowly condensed into one earth yellow colored magical power light ball.

Along with the continuation of chanting, earth yellow colored magical power grew more and more, and the radiance of this earth yellow colored magical power light ball also became more and more bright. Suddenly, a sound of pulsating came out from this light ball, just like the sound of human heartbeat.

“Earth system mid-rank god incantation-Earth mountain god!”

Along with the voice of Ximen Wuyan, this light ball fell towards the miniature hill underneath him. When this earth yellow colored magical power light ball made a contact with the hill beneath him, this light ball gradually melted and entered inside this hill. After seeing that this light ball had entered into this hill, Ximen Wuyan shouted in a loudly.

“Awaken, Earth mountain god!”

After Ximen Wuyan shouted loudly, the 30 meters tall hill beneath him suddenly glimmered with earth yellow colored radiances, then this huge hill began to sway continuously. Huge rocks on this hill started to roll down, and fell below to the ground from this hill.

Ren Tianyou looked at that violently swaying miniature hill of 30 meters in height which was far away from his current location, and suddenly had a bad feeling inside his heart. “What the hell is going on?”

On the other side, Ximen Zhou had a big smile on his face. “So this youngster forced us to use this move? But it’s understandable, as this move is very suitable to deal with this youngster’s demon god.”

The hill continued to sway, and this swaying became bigger and bigger. Suddenly at the two sides of this hill, two huge rock hand stretched out and supported on the ground. Then this huge hill slowly elevated. Afterwards two sturdy huge rock pillar extended out from below of this hill, which also landed on the ground. And at the top of this hill, the head made up of huge rock stuck out from inside the hill, and two earth yellow colored radiance appeared at the position of the eyes. Under the earth system magic of Ximen Wuyan, an earth giant of more than 30 meters in height slowly formed in that place all of a sudden.

Ximen Wuyan slowly descended and landed on the shoulder of this earth giant, then looking at Ren Tianyou in the sky in front of him, he spat out, “Earth mountain god, tear this fellow to shreds!” Along with the voice of Ximen Wuyan, this earth giant of more than 30 meters in height unexpectedly rose in the sky, and slowly flew towards him.

“Is it specially manufactured giant to deal with my Susanoo?” Seeing that gradually flying earth mountain god, Ren Tianyou unhurriedly thought. After that he again stared at Ximen Zhou, and forced a smile inside his heart, “Ai, because of several fights of a moment ago, I have already wasted large amount of eye power, and the current amount of chakra inside my body is also not that much. Don’t tell me that I have to end my revenge just like this?”

“No, never!” Ren Tianyou tightly clenched his right hand, and his eyes flashed with extreme hatred, as he slowly remembered all the insult and humiliation he had received in this childhood, and furthermore the tragic death of elder sister Yue’er in front of his eyes, “Absolutely can’t end like this. Ximen Batian must die, even if I need to pay a big price.”

“But although the strength of my susanoo is very powerful, but with the remaining amount of my chakra, I can’t maintain it for a long time. It seems, it’s time to summon those two guys.” Thinking this, the Susanoo around him slowly disappeared, and he prepared to use Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Jutsu).

But just at that time, Ren Tianyou suddenly sensed a powerful space fluctuation not far from his location. He raised his head and looked, then he saw a sudden appearance of huge space black hole several meters away. And a loud dragon roar came out from inside.

“Could it be that……………” Hearing this loud dragon roar, Ren Tianyou immediately knew what it was, he forced a smile and couldn’t help but shook his head helplessly, “Wolf in front, tiger in behind, and in addition this fellow about to arrive in front of him, ai, why is there a group brawl every time I fight, this is really……………”

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