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In Different World with Naruto System (Web Novel) - Chapter 187 — Fake

Chapter 187: Fake

On a top of the mountain, looking at the content inside that exquisite transparent small bottles, the complexion of Ren Tianyou who was wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on them instantly become ashen, then his eyes burned with flames of fury.

Along with ‘peng’ sound, this exquisite bottle was directly crushed by him, and the light green colored liquid immediately spilled on the ground, slowly sinking inside the ground.

“Damn, I have never thought that I would actually be fooled like this by that old woman Elf Queen.” Looking at that glass scattered on the ground in addition that light green colored liquid, Ren Tianyou angrily cursed. “The older the ginger, the hotter the spice ah, this time I greatly lost my face.”

After he had obtained that Spring of Life which was tossed towards him by Elf Queen, he didn’t bother to check it, because he deemed that since he held the life of Elf Queen’s daughter furthermore nearly 20 elves in his hand, how could Elf Queen even think about tempering Spring of Life.

But this thought of his caused him to eat big loss this time. After he left Elf Source, he had casually found one unmanned mountain to stop and look over those 10 bottles of Spring of Life which he had obtained. And the result instantly caused the whole complexion of Ren Tianyou to ashen. “Where is the f**king Spring of Life, these are basically bottles filled with mixture of plain water and a bit of dye. I, your father actually regard this garbage as Spring of Life, ain’t I truly………stupid? No I should not curse myself like this, it ought to be that Elf Queen was too crafty.”

“F**k, hereafter in front of I, your father if someone dared to say that Elf clan are honest and kind hearted……these words, I, your father will definitely bit the crap out of them until they are unrecognizable by even their mother.” Ren Tianyou resolutely cursed, as if he wanted to get rid of the depression in his heart. “Who said the people of Elf clan were honest, your sister, they are many times craftier than mankind.”

Angrily he spat out mouthful of saliva, and thought that all his efforts he had made a moment ago were in vain. At that time, he had made firm resolution to become bad person for once with great difficulty, but the result, obtained 10 bottles with useless colored water inside it, so why wouldn’t he become depressed. Just at that time, the voice of Naruto system rang inside his mind.

“Congratulation host, you triggered branch mission-Resurrect Ximen Yue’er. This mission is divided into two steps. First step, return to Elf source, obtain Spring of Life and gather all the materials necessary to resurrect Ximen Yue’er. Mission reward: 30,000 system points, Mission failed penalty: -50,000 system points, Mission time limit: 3 days. Second step, after obtaining Spring of Life and other materials, return back to Flame Phoenix Villa, and resurrect already dead Ximen Yue’er, and let her reappear in the living world again. Mission reward: 80,000 system points, Mission failed penalty: immediately seal Kekkei Genkai host have already got, Mission time limit: unlimited after completing step 1. (Notes: If the system point of host become negative, then all the Kekkei Genkai possessed by host will be sealed, including Sharingan, until host gets the system points back to positive.)”

Hearing the voice of system, the body of Ren Tianyou shook, then his eyes scanned towards the direction of distant Elven forest, and a smile appeared in his face, “Humph, since it is like this, this time I, your father will absolutely have fun with you.” Finished speaking, along with spiral shaped space ripple, Ren Tianyou disappeared.


At Elf Source, after seeing Ren Tianyou disappeared, although Elf Queen and other peoples were surprised to see him leaving with space magic, nevertheless they very quickly snapped out of it, and flew to that branch where Ren Tianyou had placed Xing Lu and other elves, then carefully inspected them. After that they discovered that everyone were merely trapped in illusion, just as Ren Tianyou had said when he was leaving. And all their injuries were merely superficial wounds, which wouldn’t hinder them.

After all of them were released from illusions, everyone confusedly looked all around them, but very quickly recalled their encounter with that terrifying enemy inside the Elven forest, and everyone nervously stood up, while cautiously looking all around.

But when they saw Elf Queen and 4 elders were standing in front them, their brain stopped working then and there. “What’s going on? Just a moment ago didn’t I die after that guy hit me? Why am I here? Could it be that I am just dreaming?”

But when Her majesty the Queen asked how they were captured, they became clear that that wasn’t a dream rather they were rescued. After that they narrated systematically and in full detail about their encounter with Ren Tianyou, and about how they were captured without even able to land a single hit on him. After finished hearing them, Elf Queen slightly pondered for a while, then waved her hand, letting them leave, and she took Xing Lu and returned to place with 4 elders.

“Your Majesty the Queen, according to the narration of those peoples, it seems that person of just a moment ago really had no intention to injure our clansman, or else relying on his strength, if he wanted to kill them, then it would be as easy as turning his hand over.” At palace, sitting on underneath wooden chair, one female elf elder submissively said towards the Elf Queen who was sitting on the throne which was located on slightly higher location.

“But even if that was the case, he actually held our people as a hostage which is unforgivable, and that bastard was actually still able to get away easily by taking our 10 bottles of Spring of Life.” Yet another elder said resentfully. When he said Ren Tianyou had taken away 10 bottles of Spring of Life, his face clearly showed distressed expression. 10 bottles of Spring of Life was equivalent to the output of 10 years, and losing this much at once, how could he not be distressed.

“Yes ah, that cheap bastard.” Yet another elder also cursed with distressed face.

“Who said that guy took Spring of Life.” At that time, Elf Queen who was sitting throne opened her mouth and said lightly.

“But at that time, didn’t Your majesty the Queen gave him Spring of Life?” Hearing Elf Queen, that female elder who was seating below asked with confusion on her face. At that time, they had clearly seen that the Elf Queen herself had handed over Spring of Life to that fellow.

“That was fake!”

“Fake!” Hearing Elf Queen, all 4 elders below simultaneously stood up, and doubtfully asked.

“Correct, that was fake!” Elf Queen nodded her head, then slowly explained, “What I gave him was the grass juice which was mischievously created by Xing Lu when she was bored, which do not have any use.”

“Too good.” Hearing Elf Queen, the 4 elders below simultaneously waved their fist, and said excitedly. And the face of Xing Lu who was sitting on the side of Elf Queen showed embarrassed expression. She had brewed this grass juice from the grass juice of Green jade grass while she was bored, and this grass juice didn’t have any use, but the color of this grass juice which was created from Green jade grass was extremely similar to Spring of Life, so she sometimes used this grass juice to stealthily substitute it with Spring of Life which her mother had laid aside, and taking the Spring of Life she would stealthily ran out. But after second time, her mother Elf Queen who was waiting idly for opportunities caught her red-handed. But at that time she however had never thought that, it would be used like this.

“But everyone, don’t lower your guard, this fellow however have mysterious space system magic. And if he wanted to pass through the nature barrier I set up, he can easily do so.” Elf Queen thought about that mysterious space magic of Ren Tianyou, furthermore he had those evil eyes, so she couldn’t help but said solemnly. When it comes to who they were most unwilling to have as an enemy in this whole continent, then that was obviously expert of space system magic. They were unmatched in running away, then taking advantages of when you’re sleeping, or eating, or going to toilet or even to the extent of the time when you and your husband were passionate in bed, that expert with space magic could suddenly appear and give you a heavy blow, absolutely making all your days bleak. Precisely because Elf Queen clearly knew this, she was deeply worried and sick at heart, and now she was regretting a little bit for not handing over real Spring of Life at that time.

“Yes, Your Majesty the Queen!” Those 4 elders also clearly knew the importance of this matter. After bowing and retreating, they arranged manpower to increase the defense of Elf Source.

“Xing Lu, you suffered an attack today, also suffered a minor injury, so get back and rest early.” Seeing the elders had retired, Elf turned around her head towards Xing Lu and said.

“Okay, mother!” Xing Lu answered, then she stood up, leave the palace and returned to her own room.

After entering her room, Xing Lu didn’t notice two scarlet eyes at the dark corner of her room.

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