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In Different World with Naruto System (Web Novel) - Chapter 212 — Suiton—Dai Bakusui Shoha (Water Style—Super…

Chapter 212: Suiton-Dai Bakusui Shoha (Water Style-Super Exploding Water Shockwave)

“Suiton-Dai Bakusui Shoha!”

Along with Ren Tianyou’s voice, large amount of waters spewed out from that puffed up mouth, which change into a soaring monstrous waves and quickly spread in all direction.

Suiton-Dai Bakusui Shoha, was S-ranked water style ninjutsu. Rough ninja of Kirigakure (Hidden Mist), and also one of the former Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist who was the owner of Samehada, Kisame, had used this ninjutsu to deal with the jinchuuriki of 8 tailed beast, Killer B, instantly taking the form of miniature ‘ocean’. This easily covered several tens of li of surroundings forming a huge water area.

Among all the ninjutsu Ren Tianyou possessed, although this was not ninjutsu with widest range, nevertheless this ninjutsu was most suitable here.

As long as Ling Yanqi was standing on the ground, he could use that troublesome move ‘earth travelling technique’ at any time to quickly move around just like an instant shift, his ordinary moves were basically useless, because they were powerless to hit him. Even if he used Goka Mekkyaku (Majestic Destroyer Flame), a kind of large scale fire style, Ling Yanqi could easily dodge before his flame surround him.

But using Dai Bakusui Shoha (Super Exploding Water Shockwave), he could completely revert the area of several tens of li into boundless waters, forcing Ling Yanqi to leave the ground and fly in the sky.

Once he is off the ground, in the sky, dealing with this Low God magician with half of his magical power exhausted, would be as easy as turning his hand. But if he didn’t leave the ground, and enter the waters, then relying on this boundless waters, Ren Tianyou could still deal with him.

“This is………?” Seeing the huge water waves rapidly spreading all over, the pupil of Ling Yanqi firmly shrunk, and instantly knew that the situation was getting bad.

“This bastard, how could he be this powerful in water magic spell too? Wind, Fire, Lightning, and now this Water too, how could he simultaneously possess so many abilities? Could it be that the gap between me and those geniuses are so large?” Ling Yanqi roared inside his heart, but he had no time to think in his current situation.

Tightly holding his magic staff, he quickly rotated his magic power inside his body, and began to silently mutter quickly, chanting a magic incantation.

“Earth magic-Earth Transformation!”

When he finished his incantation, Ling Yanqi pointed his magic staff towards the ground, then huge earth yellow colored magic power shot out to the ground from his magic staff, and quickly spread in all direction.

After this magic radiance entered the ground, the ground around immediately began to shake violently, and huge cracks began to appear on the ground. Along with “ka ka” cracking sound, 5 or 6 crater suddenly appeared around the ground, and these crater quickly become deeper.

The large amount of waters created by Dai Bakusui Shoha (Super Exploding Water Shockwave) flowed into these craters created by Ling Yanqi, try were able to temporarily prevent the flow of water.

But how could these few craters stop this Dai Bakusui Shoha (Super Exploding Water Shockwave) Ren Tianyou had used wasting huge amount of chakra, no need to mention about these 5 or 6, even if there were more than 100, they were basically useless.

The craters were overfilled with waters in an instant and continued to flow towards Ling Yanqi.

“Damn, in the end how much water is here?” Seeing those waters, Ling Yanqi unceasingly cursed in his heart, but he was powerless, and could only think of another magic.

He quickly chanted magic incantation, large amount of earth system magic elements quickly surged all around his body. Along with the sound of incantation, the ground underneath his body violently shook, and began to crack. Along with ‘hong’ towering explosion sound, with Ling Yanqi as a center, the 300 meters radius ground around him suddenly raised up from the ground, causing his body to quickly ascend in the sky along with the ground.

And just after he raised in the sky, the ground underneath was directly covered by the huge waves of water, and quickly spreading all around, now several tens of li of radius of the surroundings completely changed into huge waters. From a distant Jade Maiden and others who were watching the battle, furthermore White Tiger and other two who were in the process of fighting also immediately flew in the sky, so as to avoid being buried by this huge waters.

“This……is this really something humans are capable to doing?” Flying to midair, and seeing the original plain underneath instantly buried by boundless waters, and as far as the eye could see, they couldn’t see the edge, White Tiger and all others were extremely shocked. As a matter of fact, this scene before their eyes was too stimulating.

“Fuuuuu” Standing on the surface of water, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but breathe out a long breath, and a bit of exhausted expression appeared on his face. He himself didn’t have water attribute, so using this super big water style ninjutsu, he had consumed a huge amount of chakra, but he finally forced Ling Yanqi to leave the ground. Like this, he could easily capture him alive.

“In this water surface, its best to use water style and lightning style.” Ren Tianyou thought inside his heart and looked towards Ling Yanqi standing on a tall platform, then began to quickly make a series of hand seals, “Suiton- Suiryuudan no Jutsu! (Water style-Water dragon Jutsu!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the water behind him began to quickly rotate, then huge water whirlpool appeared, this whirlpool unceasingly rose, forming a huge and long waterspout. Then with a loud dragon roar, two blue colored light lit up on the top of this waterspout, slowly forming a huge water dragon and it rushed towards Ling Yanqi.

Although Ren Tianyou was not too skilled in water style, and had to spend huge amount of chakra to use it, but using water style ninjutsu was not that difficult in the water area he created, because he could make full use of waters around him.

Standing above the platform, Ling Yanqi frowned after seeing huge water dragon coming towards him, then along with his quick chanting of incantation, an earth yellow colored huge energy barrier suddenly appeared in front of him. Along with a ‘peng’ sound, water dragon directly slam into this barrier, and both barrier and this water dragon clashed against each other.

“Good Opportunity.” Seeing Ling Yanqi was stalled by his water dragon, Ren Tianyou immediately shouted excitedly inside his heart. Shortly afterwards, another Ren Tianyou slowly appeared behind him, which nevertheless was Ren Tianyou’s water clone. At the beginning, Ren Tianyou had already created water clone and hid it inside the water, waiting for the chance.

Water clone quickly made a series of hand seals, then the water in front of him rolled over and over, “Suiton-Suikodan no Jutsu! (Water Style-Water Shark Bomb Jutsu!)”

Waters in front quickly changed into a huge shark form, then quickly rushed towards the earth platform created by Ling Yanqi. Along with ‘hong’ sound, Water shark bomb bumped against this earth platform, and suddenly an explosion took place. Then with the disappearance of energy of Water shark bomb, it disappeared. But the earth pillar of earth platform was also directly hit causing cracks to appear, and began collapsing. And the expression of Ling Yanqi on the platform who was currently confronting water dragon instantly changed.

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