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In Different World with Naruto System (Web Novel) - Chapter 216 — Pursue Star

Chapter 216: Pursue Star

In the far-off sky, one white colored shooting star suddenly shot out, pulling a long star splendor. And behind this shooting star, a lightning followed it closely.

“Ha ha, so happy, how long it have been since I ran this happily. You are the first person that is able to keep pace with my speed.” Bu Feng who had changed into a shooting star and was firmly flying ahead with so fast speed that even if he flashed through before the eyes of ordinary people, they would not be able to detect anything, spoke towards Ren Tianyou.

“You are pretty good yourself, merely with a God rank cultivation, your speed is this fast.” Hearing Bu Feng, Ren Tianyou whose whole body was glimmering with lightning radiances who now looked like Lightning God also answered with a slight smile. Honestly speaking, he also extremely liked this extreme saturation run. He seemed to forget all his worries, but the enormous burden in his body however told Ren Tianyou that he won’t be able to sustain this kind of speed for a long period of time.

“Don’t tell me I must open Hachimon Tonkou (The 8 Inner Gate)?” This thought flashed through the mind of Ren Tianyou, but unless it was out of absolute necessity, he didn’t want to open Hachimon Tonkou (The 8 Inner Gate), because after opening it if he failed to catch Bu Feng, then he would definitely lose this battle of speed.

“Ha ha, stop talking nonsense, think about it, I, Bu Feng swept over Divine Wind continent, as well as enjoy the title of lightning speed, all depending on nothing but my matchless speed. If it was not like that, then I would have died countless time already.” Hearing Ren Tanyou, Bu Feng proudly said. Indeed, not to mention God ranked experts, perhaps even True God realm experts also couldn’t match him in terms of speed. Bu Feng indeed was worthy to be proud, “Now let me show you my true speed.”

“Star step-falling star!”

With the voice of Bu Feng, the stars’ radiances around his body unexpectedly burned lightly, and this burning qi revealed a starlight flame. Now looking at him from far, he looked just like a huge moving fireball.

With this burning flame qi, the speed of Bu Feng quickly increased before the pair of Mangekyo Sharingan of Ren Tianyou. His speed directly increased by one third of his precious speed, then directly leaving behind Ren Tianyou far behind, he quickly flew ahead.

Falling star, was the move among the Star steps he had created, which was fastest in speed to travel in a straight line. At the final moment in the life of stars in the sky, they eventually burn and rise the final essence within it, then changing into a fireball and making a beautiful arc in the sky, these stars finally fall from the sky, and at that time, their speed was fastest. This move of Bu Feng was created by simulating the falling of stars from the sky. Have no other choice but to say this Bu Feng was also heavenly gifted genius.

But falling stars this move however required him to activate his blood lineage first before he could use, because he must use his Stars blood lineage to make his speed simulate the stars power in the sky, only then he would be able to display the speed of shooting stars.

In the eyes of real expert, speed doesn’t represent strength. Even with extremely fast speed, without certain level of strength, they are powerless to injure real experts. As a matter of fact, Bu Feng was also clear about this point, but he however added one sentence to this.

Although speed doesn’t represent strength, but it however determines the distance between you and me.

Although I am powerless to injure you, but with my speed, I can do anything I wish and you can’t even stop me with any means. Anytime I want to run, I can do so. This was why Bu Feng was continuously pursuing speed for, and now, his real speed slowly began to show itself.

“Not good, the speed of this bastard too fast.” Seeing Bu Feng getting farther and farther away, Ren Tianyou continuously cursed inside his heart, then said, “It seems there is no other choice, Hachimon Tonkou dairoku——Keimon, kai!” (The 8 Inner Gate, 6th gate-The Gate of Joy, Open)

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the muscles of his body began to quickly swell out, and blue veins suddenly appeared on his forehead, it looked very frightening, and on that lightning chakra around his body, a large amount of cyan colored chakra appeared.

After Ren Tianyou opened 6th gate, his right leg stamped on the empty air, and along with the sudden terrifying sound of air explosion, his body directly changed into a blur and quickly disappeared.

“Swish”, “Swish”, “Swish”…………sound of air breaking continuously rang. A long trial of his afterimages followed behind Ren Tianyou. Even after his body disappeared, his afterimages would stay there for some time and would slowly disappear.

“En.” Hearing the sound of air barrier breaking, Bu Feng turned around his head with bewilderments. After turning around, he saw the sudden sharp acceleration of Ren Tianyou’s speed and was quickly approaching him. Not only the distance opened between them just a moment ago was complemented, he was further decreasing the distance between them. It seems he would soon catch up and surpass him.

“What? How is this possible?” Seeing this, the pupil of Bu Feng firmly shrunk, and a deep surprise flashed in his eyes. He was extremely confident in his own speed, otherwise it was impossible for him to survive until now, but now the speed of Ren Tianyou was similar, if not a bit faster than his own current speed.

But Bu Feng didn’t know that the current speed of Ren Tianyou was merely his temporarily speed, he basically couldn’t maintain for a long period of time. In terms of real speed, there was no way to compare Ren Tianyou with Bu Feng.

Just when Bu Feng prepared to further increase his speed, Ren Tianyou directly fly past over the head of Bu Feng, sand arrived in front of him. After that abruptly turned around, and rapidly swung his fists which were burning with flame.

“Asakujaku! (Morning peacock!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, innumerous fire balls with Ren Tianyou as the center, quickly flew out in all direction from his rapidly swinging fists, directly attacking Bu Feng in the front. Looking this scene from the distance, it resembled just like gorgeous peacock spreading its tail.

“Humph, if you think you can stop me, Bu Feng with such move, then you are too naïve.” Seeing quickly approaching large number of fire balls, Bu Feng just snorted coldly, then without retreating, he advanced forward. The starlight around his body glimmered even more violently, and his legs changed into a blur, treading a mysterious steps.

“Stars step-Treading stars!”

Along with the voice of Bu Feng, one star immediately appeared in his each leg location, then making a mysterious arc, he quickly advanced forwards from the midst of dense fireballs. The Asakujaku (Morning peacock) of Ren Tianyou was not even able to touch Bu Feng.

“Swish” Bu Feng fly past by the side Ren Tianyou, leaving behind the words, “Although you can attack me, but they are useless against me.”

Directly surmounting Ren Tianyou, Bu Feng again continued to run ahead in high speed.

“Is that so?” Hearing Bu Feng, the corner of Ren Tianyou’s mouth slightly hooked upward, and with a smile on his tired face, he said: “Then, first I will beat you till half-dead then bring you back. I absolutely want you to join my Akatsuki organization. Dainana-Kyomon, kai!” (7th gate—Gate of shock, open)

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the cyan colored radiance around the body of Ren Tianyou slowly evolved further towards red color, and pale blue colored steam rose around his body due to evaporation.

Ren Tianyou gathered both of his arms together, and he gathered all the strength in his fist, “Roar-Hirudora! (Afternoon Tiger!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, a loud tiger roar reverberate throughout the entire horizon out of thin air. This ear deafening tiger roar sound caused Bu Feng who was running ahead to stop, then he turned around with a shock face. And simultaneously he saw a huge white colored transparent tiger with mouth wide open was advancing towards him rapidly, its whole body was emitting powerful energy, and the space around it seemed to distort. Its speed was too fast, and now it was already about to reach him.

“Not good!” Seeing this huge white tiger, Bu Feng immediately stopped his steps, and quickly made some hand gestures with both of his hands, then under his control, the star radiances around his body quickly gathered to his legs. After that turning around he disappeared from that location leaving behind only afterimage.

“Stars Secret skill-Pursue Star!”

After Bu Feng’s voice, Ren Tianyou felt he suddenly heard a ‘peng’ sound, as if that sound was merely an illusion, and image of meteor shower suddenly appeared inside his brain.

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