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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel)


I, Ichinosuke, failed to get a job for 100 consecutive times. Furthermore, my record is still being updated as unemployed.

On my way to a job interview, I was involved in an accident with a truck and tragically passed away.

And then, a Goddess bestowed upon me the ability to grow at a speed 400 times faster than normal, before sending me to a game-like otherworld.

However, knowing that I would not become stronger even if I continued growing while jobless, I aimed to get a job, but I found out that it was my terrible fate to remain jobless.

As my Growth Cheat and Jobless Cheat existed side-by-side in this otherworld, an adventure record, no doubt certified by the job-placement agency as a harmful book, begins here.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter (384) Sudden wanted poster2020-08-21
Chapter (383) Precious2020-08-19
Chapter (382) Interlude - Unexpected reunion2020-08-16
Chapter (381) Pride of the day labourers2020-08-09
Chapter (380) The dry cleaner couldn’t answer2020-08-04
Chapter (379) Talented secretary2020-08-02
Chapter (378) Evaluation at the governor’s office2020-07-28
Chapter (377) Interlude - Centaur’s owner2020-07-26
Chapter (376) Town in chaos2020-07-22
Chapter (375) A premonition that doesn’t end as unfounded worry2020-07-20
Chapter (374) Queen spider2020-07-14
Chapter (373) Chick Sorter2020-07-12
Chapter (372) Spreading curse2020-07-07
Chapter (371) Mallegory in chaos2020-07-05
Chapter (370) Inevitable attack even if you have the speed2020-06-30
Chapter (369) Responsibility to be Liked2020-06-28
Chapter (368) Steam Intimidator2020-06-23
Chapter (367) Three people sweat together2020-06-21
Chapter (366) Surrounded by Enemies2020-06-16
Chapter (365) Side Story: The sky above and the ground below2020-06-14
Chapter (364) Cat Communicator2020-06-09
Chapter (363) Fight against Talwi2020-06-07
Chapter (362) Inspector’s Request2020-06-02
Chapter 362: (361) Please take responsibility if you’re wrong2020-05-31
Chapter (360) Dispelling the curse2020-05-26
Chapter (359) I’m just a string2020-05-25
Chapter (358) Please do ‘that’2020-05-19
Chapter (357) Carol and Kikkori2020-05-17
Chapter (356) Too much spare time2020-05-14
Chapter (355) Excellent Ririana2020-05-10
Chapter (354) List of Advanced Dungeon rewards2020-05-06
Chapter (353) Reason for Transfer2020-05-03
Chapter (352) Kanesha’s Boss Room2020-04-28
Chapter (351) Terrifying trap2020-04-26
Chapter (350) Dungeon conquering in a yukata2020-04-26
Chapter (349) The Golden Tree bears fruit2020-04-21
Chapter (348) Yet another Emergency2020-04-16
Chapter (347) Should I take my time to enjoy myself?2020-04-16
Chapter (346) To the Advanced Dungeon2020-04-07
Chapter 346: (345) Soba Style2020-04-06
Chapter (344) Whereabouts of Milky’s book2020-04-01
Chapter (343) Suzuki’s Home2020-03-30
Chapter (342) Omitted Information2020-03-29
Chapter (341) Message from Miri2020-03-28
Chapter (340) What happened?2020-03-26
Chapter (339) Hair Examination2020-03-23
Chapter (338) Wish Peak2020-03-21
Chapter (337) It seems troublesome to take care of2020-03-18
Chapter (336) Bread Festival2020-03-17
Chapter (335) Broken Sheena2020-03-15
Chapter (334) Prologue2020-03-11
Chapter (333) Epilogue2020-03-05
Chapter (332) Sheena No.3’s smile2020-03-03
Chapter (330) Big catch2020-02-27
Chapter (329) Don’t want to fall2020-02-25
Chapter (328) The other White Wolf Race2020-02-23
Chapter (327) Request from the Mercenary Guild guild master2020-02-18
Chapter (326) The dragon core was all that remained2020-02-11
Chapter (325) Her sword2020-02-09
Chapter (324) A gift from Minerva2020-02-04
Chapter (323) I hate being a hypocrite2020-02-02
Chapter (322) Conquering Minerva-sama’s dungeon2020-01-21
Chapter (321) Transcendental shortcut2020-01-19
Chapter (320) Information on the Philosopher’s Stone2020-01-16
Chapter (319) Lifespan of Sheena No.32020-01-14
Chapter (318) Interlude: Jofre and Elize at that time2020-01-13
Chapter (317) Interlude: Miri and Daijiro at that time2020-01-12
Chapter (316) Beach volleyball2020-01-07
Chapter (315) Return to Jobless2020-01-05
Chapter (314) Unwanted gem2020-01-01
Chapter (313) Formidable foe2019-12-29
Chapter (312) I won’t ride on that back!2019-12-24
Chapter (311) I want to eat dragon steak2019-12-22
Chapter (310) Umyu2019-12-20
Chapter (309) Nanawat2019-12-11
Chapter (308) To Mount Landau2019-12-03
Chapter (307) This and that before dinner, Guardian Sword2019-12-01
Chapter (306) Can I touch?2019-12-01
Chapter (305) Church merchant and Haru’s skill2019-11-26
Chapter (304) Massaging flat chest2019-11-24
Chapter (303) Illusion Transformation2019-11-20
Chapter (302) Mysterious beauty2019-11-17
Chapter (301) Pillow talk2019-11-12
Chapter (300) Proof of kin2019-11-06
Chapter (299) White Wolf spring2019-11-04
Chapter (298) Belasra’s hidden labyrinth2019-10-29
Chapter (297) Bright red tail2019-10-27
Chapter (296) Pancake2019-10-22
Chapter (295) Jeweller examination2019-10-20
Chapter (294) I don’t want to go back to being Jobless2019-10-10
Chapter (293) Request from Koshmar2019-10-08
Chapter (292) Beef shock2019-10-07
Chapter (291) Pitfalls of the Job Search Skill2019-10-02
Chapter (290) Ginger and green onion2019-09-29
Chapter (289) Dark-Elf pillow sale(?)2019-09-24
Chapter (288) Cow secure!2019-09-23
Chapter (287) Roc attack2019-09-19
Chapter (286) D fellows2019-09-18
Chapter (285) Is it really back to how it was?2019-09-17
Chapter (284) Vain struggle by the Cursed Spearman2019-09-11
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