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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (005) Let’s register at the Adventurers Guild

Chapter: (005) Let’s register at the Adventurers Guild

Translator: Tseirp

Even though I’ve come to understand this world to a certain extent thanks to Daijiro’s book, I felt that it was best if I gained an understanding myself.

Of course, it’s not that I don’t trust the book, but the book did not touch upon the tax required to enter the town, nor anything about the crystal ball that detects a person’s job and also nothing about the skills for the Jobless occupation.

It’s not the first time I personally experience and observe the situation for myself. It’s similar to how when I was trying to find a job, I not only read articles on the overview of the company but I actually also requested to tour the factories or facilities in my own private time before tackling the interview.

Although, I was dropped due to failing the written test before I had the chance to enter the interview for that particular automotive company.

The place that comes to mind when looking for a place to gather information would be the tavern… but I am not good with liquor.

Even though I’ve already reached 20 years old and was of legal age to drink, youngsters nowadays steer away from alcohol so it’s no longer 20 years old = drinker.

I understood that I would not be at ease with the tavern atmosphere, so for the purpose of information gathering, the Adventurers Guild would be the best choice.

Thus, in line with my original intent, I aimed for the Adventurers Guild.

Blue-roofed building, sword and shield signboard, I immediately saw the place I was heading for.

It was a wooden bungalow. The door was ajar and there were many hefty men around. No, there were pretty Oneesans inside as well.

… So anxious.

I wonder… I felt that in an Adventurers Guild like that, a guy like me would 9 cases out of 10 be entangled in some sticky situation.

But… but there’s a lot of people around so it should be fine… yup.

It’s not like I’ll be brazenly dragged into a fight in broad daylight.

Why am I acting so fainthearted, this is trivial compared to the nervousness I feel when I open the doors to an interview.

I put on my business smile and entered the Adventurers Guild.

“Excuse me!”

I greeted loudly. I immediately regretted it.

… Sheet! I unknowingly followed my habit for interviews.

Attention immediately gathered upon me, the majority of the adventurers quickly lost interest and retracted their gaze, but several adventurers were still looking at me.

However, it doesn’t look like I’ll be entangled in trouble so I’m slightly reassured.

I walked forward, headed for a vacant window and greeted.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kusuno… No, Ichinojo.”

I wanted to introduce myself as Kusunoki Ichinosuke but this is the Otherworld. As long as my name is listed as Ichinojo in my status, I’ll take my name as Ichonojo.

“Welcome to the Adventurers Guild. How can I help you today?”

A chestnut-haired beauty with amber pupils greeted me.

And her ears were not at the sides of her face but grew above her head…

… The fox ears are here!

I was jubilant in spite of myself. No, it’s not like I love beastwomen in particular, it’s just, hmm, something like a man’s romance.

Secretly looking over the counter, I caught glimpses of a tail. I was mesmerized by it.

But, it would be suspicious if I don’t state my business soon. I’ll enter interview mode.

“I hunted 3 rabbits along the way and I heard that I could sell them here. Is that true?”

“Is that so, well then, please show me your adventurer’s certificate.”

”… Adventurer’s certificate?”

“Yes, those who change their job into a combat-orientated job in the temple will receive a certificate certifying that they are an adventurer. I am terribly sorry but we do not buy from non-adventurers.”

… No way, this means I won’t be able to buy and sell items from the Adventurers Guild as long as I am Jobless?

“For combat-orientated jobs, once you reach Commoner Lv5, the Hunter job that you would be able to change job to would be the earliest job that fits the criteria. It is a job available to all adult men who have paid their prescribed amount of tax.”

”… Erm, is there another method to become an adventurer other than changing job?”


“But I absolutely wish to use the Adventurers Guild’s facilities with my current job.”

“Sorry, rules are rules.”

… No, no way.

No, this is a good opportunity, I was considering changing job after Jobless leveled up to a certain degree anyway.

Giving it some more thought, this might be a message from god telling me that it’s about time I move forward and get a job in the Otherworld.

“Good afternoon Katyusha-san.”

As I was deep in thought, a man from behind me greeted the receptionist lady.

It was a long-haired Ojisan brimming with vitality. Looks about 45 years old.

“Good afternoon Matthias-san. Erm, if possible, please avoid doing business within the guild.”

“Understood. Ichinojo right?”

How does he know my name? Wait, ah, my voice was most likely too loud so it could be heard around me.

“I slightly overheard your conversation. You wish to register with the Adventurers Guild no matter what but do not wish to change your current job. If that’s the case, I have a good proposition.”

”… Hmm?”

A good method? Or is it a trick?

“Erm Matthias-san, as I’ve mentioned, please don’t do business in the guild…”

“Sorry Katyusha-san. Well then, I’ll give you the details so come over here. Rest assured, I am friends with Katyusha-san or you can say, close friends. There are no shady individuals who are friends with guild staffs.”

No, there definitely are.

Those who say that they are not suspicious are especially worthy of suspicion.

But, maybe this is fate as well? Maybe this is fate at work similar to how it let me remain as Jobless?

After leaving the guild, Matthias began explaining to me as we walked.

“Not only the Adventurers Guild, even for the Alchemy Guild, Blacksmith Guild, Fisherman Guild, and the many other guilds that exist, you will need to have specific professions to belong to those guilds as well. However, there is one method to reap the benefits from the guilds without changing job.”

Matthias raised a single finger and said.

“It would be possible as long as you set up a proxy. For example, if Ichinojo wants to sell rabbits, you can ask someone that is already an adventurer to sell it in your stead.”

I see, that is certainly effective.

“Isn’t that illegal?”

“No no, these are conducts that the guilds accommodate. Of course, a margin for the middle man is required.”

“So it’s commission-based. In other words, Matthias you are that adventurer and you will sell the items in my stead?”

“No no, I am not an adventurer. I am engaged in slave dealership.”

Slave dealer?

Slave dealer… in other words, selling slaves?

Uwah, seriously? Human trafficking?

I was aware of slavery from Daijiro’s notebook, but I thought that it was something that happens in a distant land.

“Ah, even though I call them slaves, in this country the slaves are not treated that badly. The owner is obligated to provide clothes, food and shelter to the slave and if the treatment is terrible the country will punish the owner.”

Matthias explained after seeing my expression turn sour.

Hmm, but still.

Having slaves still gives me the worst image.

“My company does not only trade in slaves, we also offer rentals. For rentals, it would differ depending on the slave, but 1 hour would be 5 sense. Rabbit meat for 1 rabbit will get you 10 sense, usually, an adventurers margin would be 30%, so if you sell 3 rabbits, 30% of 30 sense, which is 9 sense, would be the adventurer’s portion while the remaining 21 sense would belong to Ichinojo-sama. However, if you choose to rent a slave, you would get 30 sense and even after paying for the 5 sense rental fee, you would have 25 sense remaining. By the way, all violent or sexual actions toward the rental slave is forbidden.”

Ah, if that’s the case then it certainly doesn’t feel as bad.

Simply put it is just temporary employment.

“Incidentally, how much would it cost to purchase one?”

“It would depend on the individual, but humans would cost about 10000 to 30000 sense.”

1 to 3 gold coins… or about 1 million to 3 million yen huh.

Although it’s not cheap, as a price on a single human, it can’t be said to be expensive either.

“Of course, there are individuals who possess special skills so it is a generalized price. The most expensive slave in my shop is currently an elf and dwarf half female who is also a Magic Swordsmith. Her price is 10 million sense. Rental would cost 500 sense for an hour.”

Her hourly rate for rental would be 50 thousand yen while her price is 1 billion yen huh.

Magic Swordsmith is likely to be a higher tier job of a Blacksmith, who are capable of processing materials to create weapons, and would be capable of making magic swords.

“In addition, you would be obligated to pay a poll tax. You would need to pay 1000 sense every year.”

A 100 thousand yen every year… hmm, if this world has 12 months in a year, it would suffice as long as I can save less than 10 thousand yen a month.

Nevertheless, it would be better to just pay 5 sense every time. It’s not like I’ll be using the Adventurers Guild’s service every day.

Moreover, I do not have enough allowance to spare to feed a slave.

Author’s Note:

It is finally time for the slaves.

This will be all for today.

The continuation will be out tomorrow. I think I’ll focus on the growth cheat as the main for tomorrow.

By all means, please read the chapter tomorrow as well.

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