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Chapter: (006) Let’s borrow slaves

Translator: Tseirp

Matthias’s shop was along the main street. It was an imposing brick building. I mean, it felt overwhelmingly larger than the surrounding shops.

Isn’t it an inn instead? Ah, no, if there are many slaves housed within then I guess this size is to be expected.

Since his shop was set up proudly in such a location, looks like slavery is indeed openly recognized by the general public.

“Welcome, to the Fountain of the White Wolf.”

A male employee held a hat in hand and bowed.

He looked about 30 years of age and had a collar on.

… I see, so that’s the slave collar.

I read about it in Daijiro’s book. Once that is on, the slave would have absolute obedience towards the owner’s commands huh.

Although, the man in front of me didn’t look sick and did not have any visible wounds. He was a clean-looking man.

Hmm, but he is stationed to welcome customers so I guess they wouldn’t station a man that is unsightly.

“He is my customer. Well then, Ichinojo-sama, this way to the back.”

Prompted by Matthias, I moved to the back room.

The back room was a larger room with a sofa and table placed in the room.

Looking at the fountain pen and ink placed on the table, I imagine this was where the contacts were signed.

However, the space in front of the table was considerably wide.

Ah, I can roughly imagine why. I guess that was where the slaves line up for the buyer to choose.

“Ichinojo-sama, here. This is a service from my shop.”

“Tha… thank you.”

Matthias carried an expensive looking teapot over and poured a cup of red tea before passing it to me.

There wasn’t any sugar added but there was a thin slice of lemon floating in the tea.

“Well then, I shall bring over the slaves who carry the Adventurers Guild’s certificate. Please wait here.”

After seeing Matthias off,

I took a sip of the red tea for the time being and it was at the perfect temperature.

Even though I am only paying 5 sense to borrow a slave, I can receive such treatment? That’s hard to believe.

Well, seems like whichever world it is, businesses still push for new customers.

Even though it’s only 5 sense today, renting for 5 times a month will come up to 25 sense, a year would be 300 sense or 3 silver coins, a considerable profit of 30,000 yen.

If that’s the case, then this would be an initial investment by Matthias.

And after waiting for a while, Matthias returned.

… And for the first time since I was born, I was stunned by the beauty of a person’s hair.

There was a person with white hair that looked convincingly enough for one to mistake that the hair itself was giving off light.

Rather than cute, she was more of a beautiful woman. With spotless white skin, even the models I saw in Japan did not hold a candle to her.

I understood that she was not the same race as I was from her ears.

Because she had dog ears.

“She is Haurvatat. Please call her Haruwa. As you most likely can tell, she is of the white wolf race.”

White wolf… Ah, the white wolf that this shop is named after?

Seems like it’s wolf ears and not dog ears. Thankfully I did not comment out loud just now.

“For her, as I mentioned earlier, you will have to pay 5 sense for 1 hour. But, since this is the first time Ichinojo-sama is using our services, you will only need to pay 5 sense for 10 hours as a service from us.”

”… 10 hours… but I only want to have her trade in my rabbits in the Adventurers Guild.”

“If you deem that you no longer need her, you can bring her back and return her within that duration as well.”

I see. It is the same reasoning like how when rental DVD cost the same for 3 days 2 nights and week-long rentals, a person would automatically choose week-long rentals. It is fine to return her when I no longer need her anyway.

I paid 5 sense.

“Well then, I will give you your 10-hour contract.”

After saying so, Matthias placed a finger on Haurvatat’s collar and recited some kind of incantation.

And then, I was told to touch her collar and I did as I was told.

Upon doing so, 10 balls of lights lighted up from the collar.

“That completes the contract. A light will disappear every hour, once 10 hours passes and all the lights had disappeared, Ichinojo-sama’s contract will be dispelled and I will return as her owner. In addition, you are only renting so please do not conduct any violent behavior. If she is injured, you will be responsible for the cost of treatment.”


I’ve mentioned it multiple times, but I am merely going to the Adventurers Guild so she should not be exposed to danger.

“I am in your care master.”

With a beautiful and dignified voice, Haurvatat bowed.

Master… the sound of that caused my back to itch from embarrassment. Very much alike the first time I entered a maid cafe.

Although I’ve only entered a maid cafe once. Because Miri was furious after she found the receipt, I could not go visit ever again.

I was enticed to purchase a slave as pretty as she was, but I could not stomach the notion of buying a woman with money.

Moreover, I am still a Jobless.

I can’t even support a family, not to mention a slave.

Such thoughts can be put on hold until I have a stable income.

“By the way, Haurvatat-san, what is your job? Although I know that you are an adventurer.”

“I am a Swordsman. Also, please call me Haruwa, or Haru is fine as well.”

“Pardon me, I’ll call you Haru-san then. Swordsman, so it’s a job you changed into from an Apprentice Swordsman?”

“Haru is fine. That’s right, once an Apprentice Swordsman reaches Lv20, they can change job into a Swordsman. Though, the Swordsmanship Strengthening skill acquirable by a Lv25 Apprentice Swordsman is useful so many people change job after acquiring that.”

“Swordsman huh. It’s an admirable job.”

One would think about swords and magic when talking about alternative worlds.

Maybe I should change my second job to Apprentice Swordsman.

It would be fine to change my job back to Commoner when I need to pay taxes anyway.

Ah, but dropping back to Lv1 would decrease my status right?

I’ll test it out later.

“If that’s the case, how about master become a Swordsman too? Fortunately, in this Labyrinth Town, if you confine yourself in the labyrinth for 3 years you can become a Swordsman.”

“It takes up to 3 years huh…”

So it would take me about 3 days?

“Sorry, due to certain reasons, I cannot change my job now. However, I do wish to visit the labyrinth.”

“If that’s the case, please use me by all means. I am familiar with the labyrinth.”

Haru was staring in my eyes… with her tail wagging excitedly.

Uwah, the aura of wanting to go to the labyrinth was emanating from this girl.

Although she usually acts demure, I can tell her mood from the movements of her tail, is this what they call gap moe?

Since she hinted so strongly I do wish to bring her to the labyrinth, but…

“Sorry, Matthias-san told me to not injure you.”

“Is that so… no, I am sorry for asking for the impossible.”

Her tail and ears drooped down.

I was attacked by an acute sense of guilt.

But, there’s no helping it.

Thus, we arrived at the Adventurers Guild and I passed her the 3 rabbits at the entrance.

“2 white rabbits and 1 black rabbit. I will swiftly return.”

“It’s fine if I don’t tag along as well?”

“Although the guild tolerates it, appointing a representative apart from official party members does not speak well with the guild. Master’s future errands with the Adventurers Guild may even be adversely affected. For example, even if you do not become an adventurer, anybody can put in a request for the guild.”

That’s certainly true.

Katyusha-san also told Matthias that she hopes that he does not do business within the guild.

Well, if a girl wearing a slave collar comes in to sell the rabbits that I had wanted to sell, 9 out of 10 they would directly suspect that she’s acting as my proxy, but with a 10% - 20% probability that it might not be me, the guild cannot confidently confirm it.

Since that’s the case, I shall obediently leave it up to Haru.

“I’m not in a rush so please try to sell it at a high price.”


Haru bowed and entered the guild holding 3 rabbits.

I wonder how much she would be able to get for them.

… Eh?

Come to think of it, she seems to me taking quite some time. Is the guild crowded?

Well, I’ll wait a bit longer.

… So slow. It would be 1 hour soon.

… Don’t tell me, she absconded with my rabbits?

No no, it was written in Daijiro-san’s book that a slave wearing a slave collar is completely obedient to the owner.

Ah, but the person who applied the contract on to the slave collar was Matthias, so it might be possible that they are accomplices?

If that’s the case then it’s quite possible.

No no no, but I can’t imagine that Haru lying…

“Thank you for waiting master.”

“Ha, Haru?”


“Ah, erm, that took quite some time.”

“Yes. Master said that it is fine to take some time as long as I can sell them for a higher price, so I borrowed the guild’s dismantling bench and dismantled the rabbits.”

”… Ah, so that’s why it took so long?”

“This is the total amount.”

She handed to me 1 silver coin, 100 sense.

Eh? The market price was 10 sense for a rabbit, it’s over 3 times more?

“I successfully sold the black rabbit for 3 times the price of a regular rabbit.”

”… Nevertheless, 3 folds the price huh. Dismantling is amazing… erm, Haru.”

“Yes, what’s the matter, master?”

“I’m sorry!”

I bowed to apologize for doubting Haru. Haru maintained her serene expression but her tail was swinging exaggeratedly in panic.

After I apologized, we returned to Matthias’s shop.

Author’s Note:

The appearance of the 6th heroine, Haru.

The first heroine is actually the yandere sister - Miri.

The second heroine is actually the Orc Goddess that can freely operate the system.

The third heroine is actually (?) the Child Goddess that is older than the MC.

The fourth heroine is actually the Oneesan gatekeeper that specialises in bare hand attacks compared to using swords.

The fifth heroine is actually a guy, the clothes shop owner.

Giving it some thought, yup, Haru-san doesn’t have much personality. I wonder if it’s fine to frame her as one of the heroines.

Actually, instead of a wolf, setting her as a dog would have been…

… I’ve said some pointless things.

Haru is the first heroine. Though, she doesn’t become his companion immediately.

As I thought, the first heroine must be a loyal dog… or not, a wolf is fine too. I already want to abandon that setting. The next update will be after dawn.

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