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Chapter: (007) I want to become stronger

Translator: Tseirp

I accompanied Haru back to Matthias’s shop.

“Thank you very much, master. Although it was only for a brief moment, I enjoyed going out after such a long time.”

“I will ask for you again if I have any other business with the guild.”

I bowed down. And then, Haru went towards the back and in exchange, Matthias came out.

“You’re back so soon. Seems like you did not go to the labyrinth with that child.”

“Of course. Wasn’t it Matthias-san who mentioned that I must pay for her treatment cost if she is injured?”

I answered with a laugh.

“Well, Haru did want to go to the labyrinth but I think it would not be too late to go with her when I am competing for a spot among the adventurers.”

It would be fine to bring her along to explore the labyrinth when I’ve defeated more rabbits and become stronger such that I can traverse the labyrinth.

Her rental would cost 120 sense for a day so I must be able to earn that amount in a day.

Although, I am still currently Jobless. Furthermore, I am weak, a mere small fry.

I have neither the strength to protect her nor the ability to show off to her.

“Sorry, that would not be possible.”

Matthias’s reply was not something that I had expected.


“For slaves in this country, they are able to live with moderate ease and are able to designate the owners they wish to be purchased by to a certain extent. For example, choosing female or male and age. However, that is only limited to slaves in their first year.”

“First year?”

“It’s the law that protects slave business. Since it would be troubling if there are slaves that have stringent criteria and absolutely do not wish to be purchased by anyone.”

“Ahh, I see.”

In other words, should one become a slave, they should work hard to find a good owner within a year. However, once that time passes, they would have to compromise to a certain extent.

With the possibility that once a year passes they would have to suffer getting bought by the type of owner that they hate the most, they would definitely compromise and work hard to be bought within the year.

“Erm, I understand the system, but continuing the topic, what criteria did Haru set?”

“Yeah. The criteria set by her is a person stronger than her. Because for someone from the white wolf race, they will only swear allegiance to someone stronger than them and swearing allegiance to someone weaker is a humiliation greater than death.”

… Even though she’s like that, to have had her call me master…

I’ve done something I need to apologize for.

”… Erm, I still have something that I’m unsure about. This does not explain why I can’t go to the labyrinth together with her.”

“Actually, there is an aristocrat who wishes to redeem her. He is a person that greatly supports the Adventurers Guild.”

… Ah, I can roughly make a guess.

In other words, if I offer to invite her into my party, I would incur the wrath from that ‘esteemed’ individual.

Such that I would not be able to successfully tread down the career path of an adventurer.

Perhaps, when we went to the Adventurers Guild to sell the materials, he knew that I was waiting for her outside?

“Of course, even aristocrats have to uphold the law. As long as she does not change her criteria, if that noble wish to buy Haurvatat, he would have to win in a fight against her. However, that is until a year passes since she became a slave.”

So anybody can purchase her once a year elapses.

“… By the way, when is the day her first year elapses?”

“Exactly 10 days after today at noon.”

Matthias answered with a sorry look.

“Sorry, Ichinojo-sama. I found out that the noble is not an adventurer and that you were not under the influence of that aristocrat so I wanted to, although for only a brief moment, let her experience the outside. Slaves cannot leave this building unless they have a master.”

I see, so that’s why she wanted to go to the labyrinth that badly.

Because once she is bought by a noble, she would not have the chance to freely go outside.

”… Last question, what’s her price?”

“A beauty like her would usually cost about 100,000 sense. However, the agreement with her seller is that if there is a person who fulfills her criteria, I would yield her for 30,000 sense.”

30,000 sense huh… it’s the same as the purchase price for the recruit suit.

Ah, of course, I don’t plan to buy her.

I plan to cherish that money and furthermore, if I feel sorry for them every time, I would have to buy all the slaves in this world.

I left the shop and let out a huge sigh.

In the first place, what merits do I have if I buy her?

With my growth cheat, I can basically act solo.

As a proxy for the Adventurers Guild, I can always rent a slave like how I did today. It’s definitely cheaper than to pay the poll tax.

It’s true that she is pretty but I only spent an hour… no, to be exact I only spent several minutes with her.

30,000 sense for someone like that? 3 million yen?

Ha, it’s nonsense to actually rationally consider it.

『I cannot feel the enthusiasm from your aspiring motivations.』

Those were the words from the interviewer of a personal computer company.

… Why did I remember such words from the interviewer now, after such a long time?

『Your motivation is certainly rational and you gave splendid model answers. However, do you see you yourself in that aspiring motivation?』

In the end, at that time, I could not give him an answer to that question.

In the end, the prayer mail arrived.

In my present thoughts… am I reflected in that?

Of course it is, I thought, since I answered after thinking.

It’s the right answer to begin with.

What’s wrong with thinking rationally?

『Onii, your actions are too irrational. Why did you back out from high school? With father’s life insurance, you would be able to graduate high school without a doubt.』

… Why did I recall my sister’s words now?

It’s certainly true that with the life insurance I would be able to graduate high school. However, I wanted to use the money father left behind for Miri to graduate college.

It was more rational for me to support the family after graduating high school but I wanted to do what I did instead.

『… Onii, you don’t regret it?』

Miri that looked like she was about to cry as she asked me. What did I answer that time?

I have no regrets at all.

Even if it was a stupid choice, I will prove to everyone else that it’s the right choice.

That’s right, that was when I brought it out, my personal thoughts.

If that’s the case, what do I want to do?

I’ll discard the rational thoughts. What exactly do I want to do?

“I want to buy Haru.”

Others may think that I’m self-righteous. Maybe she would be happier living under the noble.

However, it’s fine as long as I don’t regret my choice.

I am certain of that.

The deadline is 10 days… no, after 9 days I will challenge Haru and win.

Until then, I will need to equip myself and become stronger.

However, I don’t have enough information.

If that’s the case, I only know 5 people in this town.

I can’t rely on the Adventurers Guild. I don’t know where the noble’s eyes may be.

I could explain to Matthias, but I don’t want to give Haru too much expectations.

It’s not certain that I would be able to grow stronger.

The most reliable person would the gatekeeper Oneesan. But she is currently working so it’s not good to bother her.

There is one person that I can rely on. As an ex-adventurer, he should be able to teach me various things.

Thus, I made up my mind and opened the door to that shop.

“Shopkeeper, make me a man!”


The effeminate clothes shopkeeper flared his nostrils and pounced.

Author’s Note:

Seriously bad choice of words.

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