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Chapter: (008) Let’s go to the labyrinth!

Translator: Tseirp

I chose my words poorly.

I somehow protected my chastity and we once again introduced ourselves. I explained the situation to the clothes shop owner, Margaret.

“Hey man, I’m impressed. Yup, I’ll give up on Ichi-kun’s first time.”

Not just the first time, I hope you give up on the second and third time and every other time.

“Erm, I’m thankful that you will give up but why do you assume that it’s my first time?”

“Ara, a woman can know a man’s number of experiences by his smell.”

Margaret covered his mouth with his hand and lightly giggled.

You are not a woman though.

Or rather, that’s absolutely a lie. If that was true, I would be so embarrassed when I’m in front of a woman.

“It is true that it is the greatest humiliation for the white wolf race to serve somebody weaker than them. I am convinced that they would seriously rather die. However, as long as she has the slave collar on, she cannot end her own life. Since they are commanded to not do so.”

”… Is that so.”

Something more painful that death.

If that continues endlessly, she would definitely never be happy.

“And so, what does Ichi-kun want to do?”

“I will become stronger than her and wish to buy her.”

”… That great resolution. However, that’s difficult. The white wolf race is strong. From what I heard, that slave white wolf girl is still young and her level is low but even so they did not catch her overnight. Ichi-kun, you are not an adventurer right?”

“Yes. However, I plan to change my job to Apprentice Swordsman Lv1 and grow as much as I possibly can. That’s why I thought that I could get some advice from Margaret-san and came here.”

Luckily, I have the growth cheat. And the Jobless cheat.

It’s possible that within 9 days I can acquire the strength that is above Haru.

“I see, so you’ve already decided. Women do not have the right to stop a boy with his resolve set.”

Like I’ve mentioned, you are not a woman.

Moreover, I am not the age of a boy. I’m 20 years old.

“I understand. Wait a moment.”

Said Margaret and he left me in the shop, heading to the back of the shop.

And then, after 5 minutes, he returned.

“A sword and light armour. I think it fit you perfectly so please use this.”

“Eh? No, I can buy the sword and armour myself and I just wanted to ask where I could purchase them.”

“That’s fine, but the only place to purchase weapons and armour in this town is the facility in the back of the Adventurers Guild. Aside from armour, only members of the Adventurers Guild and people who have permission from the country can purchase swords. Ichi-kun mentioned that it would be bad if the Adventurers Guild gets wind of you right?”

So that’s how it is.

That is certainly no good. It would be troublesome if I am interrupted now with my current condition.

“However, this armour and sword… size-wise I don’t believe it belongs to Margaret-san.”

“It belonged to my partner from my adventuring days. He was a cute boy exactly like Ichi-kun. To be honest, I was eyeing him.”

Margaret-san in his adventuring days… I imagine an extremely rugged man.

“However, sadly, he was killed by monsters. I did not plan to work with adventurers other than him so I retired. As an adventurer and as a man.”

It should have been a sad story but thanks to his declaration that he retired from being a man, which I did not understand, the mood was ruined.

“Such important belongings… Is it really fine for me to use them?”

“Equipment are equipment after all. It would be his wish that Ichi-kun uses them as well. You can present the margaret flower that he loved on his tombstone and thank him. Well then, Ichi-kun, raise your hands.”

I raised my hands and Margaret-san equipped the light armour on me.

In the meantime, I changed my second job to Apprentice Swordsman.

Name: Ichinojo

Race: Hume

Job: Jobless Lv27

HP: 30/30 (10+20)

MP: 9/9 (8+1)

Phy Atk: 29 (9+20)

Phy Def: 22 (7+15)

Mag Atk: 5 (4+1)

Mag Def: 6 (3+3)

Speed: 19 (4+15)

Luck: 20 (10+10)


Cotton Clothes

Hide Shoes


「Job Modification」 「2nd Job setting」「Stone Throw」

【Acquired Titles】


【Possible Job Changes】

Commoner Lv15

Farmer Lv1

Hunter Lv1

Lumberjack Lv1

Apprentice Swordsman Lv1

Apprentice Magician Lv1

Peddler Lv1


20x experience point acquisition

1/20 required experience points

My status dropped all of the sudden. The magic values were especially weak.

However, compared to Commoner Lv1, my HP, physical attack and physical defense was considerably higher.

And as I was confirming my status, looks like the equipping of the light iron armour was complete as it was displayed.

“This is a sword. However, you most likely can’t equip it now. To use a sword as a sword, you would need to learn the Sword Equip skill available to Lv2 Apprentice Swordsman.”

Eh? I thought of unsheathing it from the sheath but I could not pull it out.

Checking with my status, the sword was really not listed in the equipment column.

“The 1st floor of the Beginner Labyrinth only have kobolds. The current Ichi-kun should be able to barely win against them in 1-v-1. However, if it is 2-v-1 then run away. I believe Ichi-kun’s speed is faster so you should be able to easily escape. For kobolds, once you defeat 3 of them you should level up to Lv2. Once you reach Lv2, you can equip the sword and your experience points will also slightly increase even when you do practice swings.”


With my growth cheat, it would only need 1 kobold.

So it’s fine after I defeat 1 kobold.

I could also venture back to defeat white rabbits but if I leave now it would be night time by the time I reach there. If that happens, I would have wolves as my opponents.

I don’t know which one of them is stronger but if both of them are equally dangerous, then I will follow Margaret-san’s endorsement and go to the labyrinth.

“Also, something to take note of regarding the labyrinth. All monsters you defeat in the labyrinth will disappear and leave behind magic stones and items. The size of magic stone and rate of item drop changes depending on a single status, Luck. Magic stones are used as energy for many magic tools and are items that can be sold to the Adventurers Guild, so there is no harm to collecting them. Once you obtain that child you cherish, you can have her sell them. Also, come back at night. I’ll teach you the ways of maintaining your equipment attentively, in great detail.”

There’s no need for the great detail part… but I’ll obediently accept his good will.

Lastly, he even gave me the map for the Beginner’s Labyrinth, he’s really overwhelmingly kind.

I will someday pay him back for this favour, other than using my body.

I’ve changed my second job to Apprentice Swordsman, but as long as it is not a formal job change, I won’t receive the adventurer’s certification so I guess I still can’t use the Adventurers Guild’s facilities. Also, I heard that the labyrinth was located at a corner of the town, about 10 minutes walk from where I was.

Aiming for that, I saw something that looked like the entrance to the labyrinth, stairs that led downwards. It was like the entrance to a subway.

There was a roof that slightly covered the stairway entrance, most likely something built to prevent rainwater from flowing into the labyrinth.

Standing at the entrance was a blue haired, brown skin beauty holding a spear…

“Wait, eh? The gatekeeper Oneesan?”

The Oneesan I saw when I entered the town was standing there holding a spear.

“Ara, Oniisan, you’ve come to enter the labyrinth? It was just time for me to switch post. Such a coincidence. Did you visit the Adventurers Guild?”

”Yes, thanks to you.”

“I see, that’s good then. If you are going to the labyrinth then be careful. Although it’s called a Beginner Labyrinth, every year tens of people die and ten times more people suffer from heavy injuries. Seem like there are even bandits that aim for the Beginner’s Labyrinth.”

“Haha, I’ll be careful…”

“Yup. Take care. Also, later I would be patrolling so if we have the opportunity we will meet inside.”

After the Oneesan said that, I replied with “I’ll be in your care at that time”and entered.

I thought that the interior of the labyrinth would be dim but it was decently bright.

I was wondering where the light source was, but somehow it looked like the whole ceiling was shining.

Hmm, something like LED lighting.

For the time being, I’ll have to find a kobold today.

I advanced through the passage for quite some time, but I didn’t see any. Do monsters seldom appear?

Just as I had that thought, when I turned around a corner, I discovered my first Kobold. It looked something like a dog walking on 2 feet. It wasn’t wearing any clothes.

However, I only saw its rear view as it immediately turned around the corner at the back of the passage.

To not lose sight of it, I took out the sharp stone from my item bag and ran after it.

The sharp stone was an equipment slightly stained red from the blood of the rabbits and I felt emotional at the thought that this will be the last time I use it. Although I don’t really have many memories about it.

And then, when I turned the corner I saw… 2 kobolds.

『If it’s 2-v-1 then run away. I believe Ichi-kun’s speed is faster so you should be able to easily escape.』

I recalled Margaret’s words.

Okay, run away!

Actually, I am not merely a Lv1 Apprentice Swordsman, I have my Jobless status added on to it so it’s not that I think I can’t win, but it is important to keep a margin of safety.

I turned heel and… what I saw was… 2 kobolds running towards me from the opposite direction.

Sheet, I’ve been surrounded!

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