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Chapter: (009) Kobold exterminating Growth Cheat

Translator: Tseirp

2 Kobolds ahead, 2 kobolds behind.

This is a considerable pinch.

“Hey, look, Elise. There’s a rookie getting attacked by kobolds.”

“Indeed, Jofre. Seeing that he has a sword but he has not unsheathed it, it means he is still a Lv1 Apprentice Swordsman.”

I’m saved, there were other adventurers in front.

A roughly 18 years old red-haired male and a roughly 17 years old blue-haired female.

With this, I should be able to survive this.

That’s what I thought, but something was strange.

“Okay, Elise, want to bet? Kobold and that rookie, which would win.”

“Jofre, is there even going to be a fight? No matter how you look at it, he looks like an amateur that has never fought before. He’s actually fighting against Kobolds with a stone. Don’t you think we should help?”

“There no way to know if there would be a fight without it happening first, Elise. Well, I’ll bet on that rookie. Oi rookie, we won’t help! Survive this with your own strength!”

Oi oi, seriously?!

“You’re not going to help?”

“Of course, adventurers are rivals and we gain no benefits from helping you. Like what our adventuring senpai said. Lions push their cubs down a valley and praise the ones that crawl up. You can do it rookie! I’m rooting for you!”

“That time we also almost saw death before our eyes. But thanks to that we became stronger. You should work hard too.”

So, in the end, this would not be a turnaround? Just as I had that thought, the kobolds in front of me headed towards the adventurers that called out, Elise and Jofre.

Good, then I can concentrate on the 2 behind me… I thought but,

『Pashin』 I heard the supple sound of a whip.

“You will not come over here!”

Elise’s whip reversed the direction of the Kobold’s charge. Was that a skill as well?

The situation wasn’t improving at all. The kobolds in front of me charged towards me and attacked.

“You dogs, you definitely have not been vaccinated for rabies. Absolutely don’t bite me!”

After saying that, I held my sharp stone up.

1 kobold.

If I defeat 1 kobold my level would rise.

Once that happens, I would be able to use my sword and break through this situation.

1-v-2 is only tough for Apprentice Swordsmen, I have the combined status of Jobless.

With that… there’s no way I can’t win!

I steeled myself and ran towards my back.

And then, I assaulted the space between the 2 kobolds.

The kobolds extended their nails and scratched towards me.

However, at that moment, I forcefully broke through with a tackle.

I only received scratch wounds.

And then, I continued running.

Of course, the 4 kobolds gave chase but I had greater speed.

Naturally, the distance began to widen.

However, I then reduced my running speed.

And then, I looked back.

As expected, not all kobolds would have the same speed and 1 kobold was ahead of the others.

Seeing that, I turned around! Before the other kobolds reach me, I will have a 1-v-1 battle!

I’ll decide it in a single strike.

I aimed for a mortal wound to the neck!

I held the sharp stone and planted a body blow on the kobold.

The kobold opened its large mouth and wanted to bite me.

At the same time, I struck out with my right arm.

In conclusion…

Ouchhhhhh! It’s almost as painful as getting run over by horses! No, it might even be above that!

The kobold’s teeth drove into my left shoulder… but, at the same time, my sharp stone penetrated the kobold’s throat.

Blood spurted out from the kobold’s throat, dyeing my face red… but the blood and the kobold shined and disappeared, leaving behind a magic stone and teeth.

Eh? My level didn’t rise!?

I turned heel and ran once again… why on earth didn’t my level rise?

Perhaps, I can’t level up in battle?

As I was having those thoughts, I escaped to a certain degree…

【Ichinojo Level up】

【Apprentice Swordsman skill: 「Sword Equip」 obtained】

【Apprentice Swordsman skill: 「Slash」 obtained】

【Job: Apprentice Spearman is now available】

【Jobless skill: 「2nd Job Setting」 skill has leveled up to 「3rd Job Setting」】

【Jobless skill: 「Job Appraisal」 obtained】

【3rd Job was automatically set as Commoner Lv15】

Level up notice huh.

So it’s true, I can’t level up in battle.

Instead of Commoner, I’ll set it as Hunter.

I willed my 3rd job to change to Hunter, I was about to confirm my status but the other Kobolds at a distance were approaching.

I’ve already obtained the 「Sword Equip」 skill.

If that’s the case… I unsheathed the sword on my waist.

The sword that I could not unsheathe just moments ago came out easily! The sword fit my hands well.

So that’s the power of the skill.

And, the next thing on my mind was the skill called「Slash」.

I tried to imagine it but what kind of skill would「Slash」 be?

For skills like these, do they activate when I cry out the skill name?


I willed it and swung the sword in a large arc.

Immediately after, the shockwave from the sword cleanly split the torso of the 3 chasing kobolds in half.

【Ichinojo Level up】

【Apprentice Swordsman skill: 「Rotational Slash」 obtained】

【Hunter skill: 「Bow and Arrow Equip」 obtained】

【Hunter skill: 「Dismantling」 obtained】

I once again grew all at once.

And I picked up the glowing stones and claws that they dropped.

These glowing stones are probably magic stones.

The claws are drop items huh… I’ll store them in my item bag for now.

Fu~ It somehow ended.

For the time being, I willed status open.

Name: Ichinojo

Race: Hume

Job: Jobless Lv37

Apprentice Swordsman Lv13

HP: 63/74 (10+41+23)

MP: 28/30 (8+12+10)

Phy Atk: 75 (9+41+25)

Phy Def: 70 (7+34+29)

Mag Atk: 19 (4+8+7)

Mag Def: 22 (3+10+9)

Speed: 59 (4+20+35)

Luck: 40 (10+10+20)


Cotton Clothes

Hide Shoes

Iron Light Armour


「Job Modification」 「Stone Throw」「Sword Equip」「Slash」「Job Appraisal」

【Acquired Titles】


【Possible Job Changes】

Commoner Lv15

Farmer Lv1

Lumberjack Lv1

Apprentice Magician Lv1

Peddler Lv1


20x experience point acquisition

1/20 required experience points

The sword has been added precisely into the equipment window.

This… If I remember correctly, the average HP in this world is 50 and I am already above the average.

However, my shoulder hurts. I am down 11 HP. Moments earlier my HP was 30, so I would have died if I was bitten 3 times?

The rabbit’s attack hurt but my HP pretty much did not decrease at all, so I was surprised by the strength of that bite.

I thought that I had secured a margin of safety but in the end, I just barely survived that battle.

Also, my MP decreased by 2. That was probably consumed when I used 「Slash」.

“Very well Elise, looks like it’s my win for the bet.”

“It’s amazing Josef, as expected of you. Well, what should we do with him?”(Note: Lol the guy’s name was switched to Josef from here on… make up your mind author.)

“The boss isn’t here now as well so let’s just leave him alone. Well then as per the promise.”

The man Josef forcefully planted his lips on Elise’s lips.

“Your lips are mine.”

“Jeez Josef… I thought that this time I would be able to snatch your lips.”

… Explode and die riajuu. (Note: Riajuu = a person who is successful or fulfilled in real life. Usually used by Otakus to exhibit their jealousy to someone who has a lover.)

At that point in time, I honestly felt that way.

Oh, right, 「Job Appraisal」!

How do I use that? To test it out, I looked at the 2 of them.

【Apprentice Swordsman: Lv23】

【Whip User: Lv15】

Oh, I saw it.

Or rather, they are pretty strong.

As I looked at the 2 of them left, I heard another set of footsteps approaching.

【Apprentice Spearman: Lv16】

That is… Ah, the gatekeeper Oneesan after all.

“Oniisan from just now, are you okay? You seem to have some injuries.”

“I’m fine, they are just some scratches.”

“You’re not fine. Here, drink this?”

“Is that, a potion?”

According to Daijiro’s book, potions are medicine that can drastically improve the recovery speed of HP. It’s slightly different from potions in games. Incidentally, I have 3 of them in my item bag.

“It’s just some cheap item. They are supplied products so I won’t be bothered if you drink them. If I declare it as a consumption item they would resupply me.”

“Well then, I’ll take you up to your offer.”

The potion was extremely bitter but the pain from my shoulder wound certainly did subside for the most part.

“Well then, I will patrol up to the 5th floor and return to the entrance after 3 hours. Oniisan, don’t do anything rash.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

Hmm, she’s such a good kid.

I’ll return for today and accumulate experience points by doing practice swings.

If I do 1 hours worth of practice swings, it would give me 400 hours worth of experience points.

As I walked, no other monsters appeared and I left the labyrinth.

Also, I have to visit Margaret-san to ask about the ways to maintain my equipment.

If that’s the case, I’ll go say my thanks and headed for the clothes shop.

Wait, I don’t even have an inn to stay in. I wonder if there are any empty rooms.

I’ll take the opportunity when I’m asking about the equipment maintenance to ask Margaret-san if there are any good inns around.

“Ara, what a coincidence. My shop’s 2nd and 3rd floor are boarding rooms. The rooms are empty so Ichi-kun can stay here.”

… So he even has boarding rooms… We, well, the labyrinth is near here so I’ll be imposing.

“Fufufu, the negligee are at the back of the closet.”

… A crisis for my chastity, once again…

Author’s Note:

The novel has reached no. 6 in the daily ranking. All thanks to you all. Thank you.

Margaret’s character is so deep that she(?) makes me think that she(?) is the first heroine.

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