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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (011) To the labyrinth with Haru quickly!

Chapter: (011) To the labyrinth with Haru quickly!

Translator: Tseirp

Matthias called Haru over.

I was fascinated by her beautiful white hair but now was not the time for it.

And I explained the situation to the 2 of them.

A female acquaintance… Norn, had not returned from the labyrinth.

And that there were rumours that thieves appear within the labyrinth.

I announced that I wished to lend Haru’s power to look for her.

“Certainly, she can possibly search for her if you have her scent. However, for such a dangerous task, as a slave dealer, it is difficult for me to lend her out. If you had at the very least lied about bringing her to have a stroll in the labyrinth, I would have lent her…”

“I know.”

I took out 1 gold coin and 100 silver coins.

“I have 20000 sense. Also, I can obtain another 20000 sense after I sell my excavation item (Out-of-place artifact) at Margaret-san’s clothes shop. A total of 40000 sense, please accept this as a deposit.”

“No, 20000 sense is enough for a deposit. Haurvatat, what do you want to do?”

“I want to use my sword and my ability to help others. Even after becoming a slave, my feelings does not change. I would very much like to help Ichinojo-sama.”

With those words, Matthias yielded.

Matthias touched her slave collar and the lights gradually lit up, more than 100 were lit up in total.

“I have configured it such that you have lent her for 108 hours. This is the longest time duration for rental. Also, Haurvatat, this is your sword.”

Matthias handed 2 swords that were kept within sheaths, longer than daggers but shorter than regular swords.

I was unsure if she is a dual-wielder or 1 of the swords was a spare.

“Matthias-sama… you’ve kept them?”

“I thought that it would be needed for the day you meet the conditions you set.”

She inserted the 2 swords into her waist.

“Haru, is it okay if you don’t purchase armour? If it’s Haru, you can use the Adventurers Guild.”

“No, I don’t equip armour or helmet. Because it would decrease my speed.”

“I see. Please come to the labyrinth with me. I will guide you to the location where Norn-san was.”

And then, we ran through the town at night.

The streets were illuminated by street lamps.

“Master, is that Norn-sama your lover?”

Haru asked just as we were about to reach the labyrinth.

What’s this all of the sudden?

“Nope, she lives in the same boarding house and I received her help in the labyrinth. I just only found out her name.”

“Then why are you so desperate?”

“Because I want to help! Logically, it is presumptuous for an amateur like me to want to help a person from the guard (neighbourhood watch) but I cannot stand not doing anything.”

Haru most likely thought that I was a reckless person who does not consider the trouble I bring to the people around me.

If Haru had feelings towards me, then when she found out that Norn-san was not my lover she would have a slightly happy expression but she had a reverse expression… she had a depressed expression.

Looks like there is no hope for me to be considered a lover.

Maybe it was due to the street lights or Haru’s feelings, I had a lot of questions but I postponed all those for now and hurried to the labyrinth!

At the labyrinth entrance, a different soldier from Norn-san, a male soldier, was standing guard.

“Excuse me! Have Norn-san exited the labyrinth?”

“You are?”

“I stay in the same boarding house as her.”

“Is that so. No, she has not. Tomorrow morning, a large-scale search party will… wait!”

I’m sorry but once I know that she has not returned then I don’t have the time to wait!

Although he was in mid-sentence, Haru and I entered into the labyrinth together.

Within the labyrinth… we arrived at the location I parted with Norn without encountering any monsters.

“Haru, it’s here. I parted with Norn here, can you tell?”

“A number of scents are mixed together. Do you have anything that has Norn-sama’s scent?”

“This medicine bottle… I got it from Norn.”

I retrieved the empty potion bottle from my magic bag.

Haru took the medicine bottle and sniffed the scent.

“It’s almost completely master’s scent but… I found it. This way.”

After saying that, Haru did indeed begin running towards the direction Norn left by.

At that moment, 3 kobolds appeared ahead.

“Master, I will…”


My swordplay split the 3 kobolds into halves… turning them into magic stones and claws.

【Ichinojo Level up】

【Jobless skill: 「Skill Description」 obtained】

Jobless rose to Lv40, Apprentice Swordsman to Lv17 and Hunter to Lv14.

Skill description?

Is 「Skill Description」 a skill that can examine a skill?

The moment I had that thought…

Skill Description: Appraisal-based skill 【Jobless Lv40】

A skill that can examine skills.

Examinable skills are limited to skills acquired by the user or acquired by companions.

Pure information flowed into my brain.

It was like the highest grade of information cramming. It seems useful for when I acquire unknown skills.

It’s a slight pity that I did not unlock my 4th job selection.

And then, I ran with Haru in the lead.

“Master, the strength of that slash… no, it’s nothing.”

“What’s the matter? Please speak your mind.”

“The strength of that slash just now was far above the strength of a low leveled Apprentice Swordsman. Master is a Swordsman like me?”

“No, I am not a Swordsman. But I can’t give you an explanation now.”

“I see, understood. I won’t pry too deeply.”

Haru said that and faced forward, running.

I examined Haru who was running ahead of me with 「Job Appraisal」.

I was aiming to win in a fight against her in the future so I thought that it was a good chance to know.

【Swordsman : Lv23】

So strong. She is far stronger than the previous Joseph and Elise as well as Norn.

Although, I don’t know the requirements to obtain the Whip-user job.

“Master, we will be entering the 2nd floor now.”

“Understood. Also, Haru, it is fine even if you don’t think about me as a master.”


“I heard that it is a humiliation worse than death for a white wolf race to serve a man weaker than her. That’s why you can address me as a companion of equal footing for now.”

I offered but Haru shook her head.

“No, I cannot accept this command. Master is greatly mistaken about strength. Rather than that, let’s hurry, I’m worried about Norn-sama.”

Said Haru as she descended down the stairs.

Greatly mistaken about strength?

I’ve merely raised my level, but does this mean Haru does not recognize me as her master in the true sense of the term?

… No, such thoughts can be done later.

Just as what Haru mentioned, I should prioritise thinking about helping Norn.

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