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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (017) Party application in the Adventurers Guild

Chapter: (017) Party application in the Adventurers Guild

Translator: Tseirp

“30,800 sense. We have certainly received the correct amount. This here is your certificate of ownership of Haurvatat.”

The morning after we saved Norn, I received the remaining gold from the recruitment suit I sold to Margaret-san and headed for Matthias’s shop.

The cost for redeeming Haru was 30,000 sense. The cost for her pro-rated poll tax (half a year’s worth) was 500 sense, with an addition of another 300 sense for her equipment, totalling to 30,800 sense. I paid Matthias 3 gold coins and 8 silver coins and received a single metal tag in return. Apparently, the slave collar and the metal tag were a set and that if that proof of ownership was accidentally swapped, Haru would become a slave to another person so I must take care to never lose it. I was advised that if I was afraid of losing the tag, I could leave it in the care of the slave dealership, so I left it in the care of Matthias and in return, received a custody receipt. That custody receipt was sufficient as evidence that I was her owner.

Incidentally, yesterday’s rental for Haru was free-of-charge as a service. Now that I think of it, there was supposed to be an additional fee of 2 gold coins as a guarantee but I wasn’t charged for it.

To be clear, I swapped my 4th job to Commoner to pay for her pro-rated poll tax but my Commoner job did not level up.

It might be because Matthias had already paid for the tax directly.

Currently, to pick up Haurvatat as one of my scarce personal property, I returned to the house where she had been living in until now. (Note: To be clear, he didn’t mean it as ‘Haru is an object’ or anything, it’s more of like she is one of the few things I have that I cherish kind of thing.)

I told her that it was alright to take her time to bid her farewells to the other slaves that she was in good terms with.

Then, I went to look for Matthias. While having red tea,

”… Matthias-san, you were awfully prepared, did you know that I was going to redeem Haru?”

“Yeah. Because of the incident where Ichonojo-sama said that you were going to help Norn-sama. I believed that it fulfilled the criteria, a truly strong individual, appointed by Haurvatat. Moreover, Ichinojo-sama knew of Haurvatat’s circumstances but still could not take her off your mind.”

”… No, I was not that strong at that time.”

“The strength that Haurvatat talked about was the strength of the heart. To help the weak and to sometimes confront those stronger than you. I believe that is the type of individual she seeks.”

Ah, so that was what Haru meant when she said “There are different types of strength.”.

However, if that’s the case then I have some doubts.

“If that’s the case, then what about the criteria that the person who defeats her in battle is able to redeem her?”

“Those that are strong of heart are few and far between so it is terribly difficult to discern. It is something that could be understood through battle and even if she won the match, she would say that she wish to serve if that person was truly strong of heart.”

“Then what happens if she lost to somebody she doesn’t want to serve, for example, a person like the bandit I defeated?”

“At that time, she can only blame her own inexperience. She told me that she will obediently accept being purchased.”

Eh, amazing… so it was such a criteria.

If Haru recognized me for the strength of my heart instead of my strength obtained from the growth cheat, then it is an extremely delightful knowledge.

Even if that strength of heart was only possible due to the strength obtained via my growth cheat.

Then, after a while, Haru returned and my eyes were wide open.

”… Haru, that appearance?”

Until now, she wore a set of patched up clothing that could not be complimented as nice even if one wanted to.

However, now she was wrapped in a brand new cloth dress.

“I prepared that for her. Our business gifts clothing to all slaves that are redeemed.”

Matthias answered.

Then, I once again looked at Haru’s figure.

I could see a bushy white tail from behind her knee-length skirt.

“You look extremely good in it.”

“Thank you, master. Thank you, Matthias-sama.”

Looking at her tail wagging from side to side, it was easy to tell that she liked it.

She definitely can’t learn to put up a poker face.

“Well then, shall we go…”

I checked if my palms were not sweaty before extending my hand toward Haru.

Then, Haru grasped my hand.

Her tail was waving at the most cheerful pace to date.

For now, under Matthias’s recommendation, we headed to register a party in the Adventurers Guild. Because we could then proudly sell any item from monsters defeated by either me or Haru.

A non-adventurer like me could register for a party as well?

I was slightly worried about that but apparently, within the requests for the Adventurers Guild, there were plenty of requests to leech on to strong members for power leveling so it was an arrangement to make it easier for the adventurers by allowing them to register for a party as long as one of the party member is an adventurer.

I was told that since there was a possibility that the Adventurers Guild would be pressured by the noble in the future, it was better to settle the party registration before that happens.

Since it was not that easy to dissolve the party after it has been registered.

There was also a need to sell magic stones and collect the bounty for the extermination I did yesterday.

It was perfect timing so we headed to the Adventurers Guild.

The receptionist was the same fox-eared beastwoman, Katyusha.

“Hi, Katyusha-san.”

“Welcome Ichinojo-sama, Haurvatat-sama. How can I help you today?”

“We would like to register a party, collect our bounty and sell some magic stones.”

“Haurvatat-sama is a slave right. Does Ichinojo-sama have ownership over her?”

She asked so I pulled out the custody receipt.

Katyusha scrutinized the custody receipt,

“Seems like it is genuine. Well then, I shall register a party for you. Can you write?”

“Erm, yes if it is only my name.”

Yesterday, I consulted Daijiro-san’s book and learnt how to write my name.

This world’s letters was made up of 5 vowels, 13 consonants, and 19 characters, with 10 types of numbers from 0 to 9.

Looks like there is a concept of zero here as well. However, although it was easy because I only had to remember 29 characters in total, it seems like the pronunciation and the words vary widely so I have been struggling.

“Can you read, Haru?”

“Yes. I learnt how to read and write from Matthias-sama. I will function as your secretary.”

With that said, Haru began to fill in the forms with a pen.

Then, Haru took out her Adventurer’s Certificate and the party registration was over.

It was concluded easily.

It was to the extent of wondering if it is okay to have it done so quickly.

However, it’s not good to dwell on it. Since it is a flag.

“Oi, wait! Is it true that you have become Haurvatat’s owner!?”

Right on cue, a rugged man called out from behind.

… Then, my anger meter went sky high.…? (Note: The term used by the man is typically for pets, dogs etc.)

“I won’t say anything vulgar, immediately go return her. If you do so, I will overlook it.”(Note: Similarly, he used the term ‘return’ typically used to return goods or inanimate objects.)

The classic rookie entanglement in the Adventurers Guild… However, towards the man who not only treated Haru as a pet but even treated her as an object, my anger peaked.

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