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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (018) Deciding on the next job to aim for

Chapter: (018) Deciding on the next job to aim for

Translator: Tseirp

At times like this, it would be best to quickly collect my hatred. Swift death to evil? (Note: He used the Samurai X character, Saito’s catch phrase 悪即斬 )

“Hmm? You’re angry? What are you going to do about it?”

The man said as the sword on his waist rang out with a metallic sound.

“Master, his aim is to anger master and get beaten up so that you would become a criminal. There is a danger of your Adventurers Guild membership getting revoked by just the act of unsheathing your sword within the guild.”

”… I know.”

I regained composure from Haru’s words and confirmed the opponent’s job and level.

【Pugilist Lv18】

I see, so if we really fought he would be able to fight without drawing his own sword. So the sword on his waist was only a decoration.

It was also mentioned that Margaret-san was a pugilist as well.

“Don’t try and tell me that you understand the charm of therithro.”

”… Therithro?”

Now that he mentioned it, the bandit also referred to Haru as therithro as well.

“Therithro is the derogatory term for the beastmen. Therianthrope… Therian refers to wild animals, Anthrope means human. Beastmen and wild animals vary widely so the term is no longer used commonly but the term remains in various places as a derogatory term.”

Ha, what a terrible thing to say.

He shall not be forgiven. I mean, the receptionist Katyusha is also a beastwoman. This guy has the nerve to say such a thing out loud.

“Master, I am fine with being called any kind of names so…”

Said Haru. My chest hurt from being told such a saddening thing.

However, that’s the thing. I will play into the opponent’s hands if I am angered here.

“You, are you by any chance a subordinate to the noble who wish to purchase Haru?”

“Ha? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The man grinned. Well, just as I predicted.

“However, according to rumors, the noble who wish to buy the white wolf slave has a strong influence on the Adventurers Guild and his lackey plans to arrive in this town 9 days later. At that time, if he finds out that the white wolf slave has already been purchased, the noble would face the greatest of shame and I have no idea what he would do. For example, hire an assassin.”(Pugilist man)

It was a blatant threat. But it might be something that would really happen.

“A lanky and rotten carrot like you would be killed in an instant.”


Haru said to me in a muffled voice. I understand, I’m not the kind to get riled up by such provocations.

“Please allow me to bite that man to death. Putting aside the words against me, any insult to master deserves certain death!”

“Wait wait! Eh, Haru, I’m satisfied with the feelings alone, no! It’s an order! No! This is a trap.”(Note: Towards the end he commanded her like when commanding a dog lol)

Haru’s tail stilled under my command.

“Katyusha-san, we’ll leave the selling of the magic stones for another day, but could I just receive the bounty for the bandit? I wish to leave immediately after all.”

“Ah, yes. Immediately…”

Maybe Katyusha-san also thought that it would be troubling if an incident occurs within the guild so she immediately prepared the money.

“Hey, running away? If it suits you, we can fight at the arena too?”

“It will be the same no matter where we have the fight. Sorry but I don’t know what to say to my younger sister that I left at home if I become a criminal.”

“Hah? You don’t know? Fighting at the arena means it will be a duel so even if the opponent is killed, there would not be any problems. However, it is taboo to use weapons. I’m not only good with swords, I’m also good with fistfights.”

He placed his sword on the table. Though you’re not a Swordsman, you’re a pugilist.

So it’s a scheme to steer the fight such that it is more advantageous for yourself huh.

“There is a prize for the thief you brought in yesterday. Here is the bounty for the thief extermination, 8000 sense.”

“Thank you.”

I received 8 bundles of 10 silver coins each. 800,000 yen huh. It’s a fairly large sum of money.


“Katyusha-san, can the arena be used whenever and by anybody?”

“Eh? The arena is located at the back of the guild and is only available to Adventurers Guild members but people from the same party can use it so it is possible for Ichinojo-sama to use it as well.”

“Master, please give me the order. I’ll fight.”

“I am confident that Haru would not lose in a sword fight but I think it would be tough even for Haru to fight without using a sword and against a Pugilist.”

The man’s complexion changed when I saw through his true identity.


“I will not accept the duel today. However, you mentioned that the lackey of that noble would arrive in 9 days? If I don’t receive any unnecessary meddling, I’ll have a fight with you once before then.”

I said before I left the Adventurers Guild together with Haru.

It was good that I recovered from my hate quickly. However, if that went on any longer, it would take overwhelmingly strong self-control to suppress the hatred.


“Haru, do you know the method to become a Pugilist?”

“I’ve heard that when Lumberjack reaches Lv5, you’ll acquire the Axe-user job, when you reach Lumberjack Lv7, you’ll acquire the Hammer-user job and when you reach Lumberjack Lv10, you’ll acquire the Pugilist job.”

So Lumberjack has settings for heavy equip and body enhancement huh.

Well, I guess muscle strength is absolutely required in a world where there are no chainsaws.

“Well then, shall we have a meal before we go to the labyrinth?”

Under Haru’s guide, I asked for a shop that I can have delicious fish dishes for about 20 copper coins and she led me to a restaurant in the outskirts of the town.

I confirmed in advance in front of the shop.

“Erm, Haru, I have not entered this kind of shops before so do you know if it is required to tip?”

In Japan, it was normal to pay for just the price of the dishes but in Western countries, there were many shops that require tipping. Although they have decreased in recent years.

“Master, please look at the signboard here.”

Tracing Haru’s gaze, I saw a signboard.

A hand and a copper coin were drawn within a circle, with a large cross drawn over it.

“That mark stands for a tip-free establishment, it runs on an employee salary system and the tips are included in the price of the food.

“Oh, I see.”

“With the tip-free system, there is the demerit of a possibility that the work quality of the employees drops but above that, it is free from the problems that occur due to tipping.”

I see I see.

“Well then, let’s enter.”


The 2 of us, Haru and I, entered the shop.

It was an Italian shop with decent style, with an atmosphere that was better than a bistro but does not compare to high-class restaurants. To the rear, it looked like there were terrace seats overlooking a rear garden.

Coincidentally, it was vacant so I requested for it and the shop assistant led us to the terrace seats.

Then, sitting in the chair…

“Haru, you’re not sitting?”


She said and sat on the spot she was standing at.

“Wait wait, not there but on the chair…”

“Are you sure?”

“Sitting where you’re seated now is worse. A woman shouldn’t sit on the ground.”

“Slaves usually can’t sit at the same level as their masters.”

“Is it a prohibition by the shop?”

“No, but…”

“Then, sit. Because I’m abnormal.”


Haru finally sat on the chair.

The waiter brought water over and place it in front of me.

“Is the water free?”

“Yes, it is free.”

“Why is it only served to me?”

“Water is only offered to customers who are eating.”

… I see, he didn’t imagine that she would be eating together with me.

After recognizing the treatment of slaves, I looked at the menu… and closed it as it is.

Can’t read!

However, the right side of the menu was all numbers.

If that’s the case, the highest priced menu item was only 3-digit. 10 silver coins would be sufficient.

I placed the menu on the table and sounded the bell to call the waiter.

“Two servings of the chef’s recommendation, 1 is for the lady so please serve her water as well.”

“Understood. Please wait a moment.”

The waiter left and Haru asked, “Is it alright?”

“I’ll be troubled if you enter the labyrinth later with an empty stomach. Or rather, not only to enter the labyrinth, I wish to have Haru eat delicious food.”

I said with a smile as I thought about how to refreshingly beat down that male Pugilist.

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