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Chapter: (020) Confiding secret

Translator: Tseirp


In the 2nd floor, the sword skill flew through the air and cut down the flying bats.

We didn’t encounter any kobolds on the 1st floor so this was the first prey for today.

【Ichinojo Level up】

【Apprentice Magician skill: 「Wand Equip」 obtained】

【Lumberjack skill: 「Axe Equip」 obtained】

【Lumberjack skill: 「Logging」 obtained】

【Job: Axe-user is now available】

My Jobless job did not level up but Swordsman is now Lv5, Lumberjack Lv5 as well and Apprentice Magician is Lv3.

Hmm, it’s the first time Jobless did not level up when I defeated an enemy.

I guess the necessary experience required once the level passes 50 increases.

“Haru, let’s go.”


Eh? There wasn’t a response.

She was thinking about something with a meek look on her face.


“Ah, yes, sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. Let’s go.”


The 2nd floor practically did not have many monsters as well.

I did not have any clue as to why this was the case so I asked Haru and apparently the monster-repelling incense that we used yesterday when we passed through might still be affecting the area.

So there’s a possibility we would encounter enemies if we enter the side paths.

Arriving at the 3rd floor, I believed that Haru remembers the route to the 10th floor to a certain extent and advanced.

Then, on the 3rd floor, I discovered my first commoner… no, first goblin! Or rather, there was the second, third and fourth as well.

Seems like a goblin group.

I had a tough fight with a single goblin that time but I will show the difference today!

“Well then, I’ll deal with this as well.”


I charged towards the 4 goblins and released a 「Slash!」 attack first.

That one attack mercilessly killed 2 goblins in a row, leaving behind their goblin stick and magic stone. I had enough room to tsukkomi the situation where items are left behind even though their bodies disappear. Then, the goblins came attacking.

A flanking attack, if I defend against one side my other side would take damage.

But… the current me have no blind spot.

“「Rotational Slash!」”

With a single revolution at a speed faster than a figure skater’s spin, the surrounding goblins were sliced apart. It was an easy win.

【Ichinojo Level up】

【Job: Hammer-user is now available】

Hmm, Jobless to Lv53, Swordsman Lv6, Lumberjack Lv7, Apprentice Magician still at Lv4.

The Apprentice Magician’s growth is significantly slower huh.

For the time being, I picked up the fallen magic stones and goblin clubs referred to as goblin sticks and stored them in my magic bag.

Looking back, Haru once again had a pensive look on her face.

“Haru, what’s the matter? Are you not feeling well?”

“No, I have 2 matters that I’m curious about.”


But I didn’t notice anything especially strange.

“I thought about it when master defeated the giant bat, but the power of master’s slash is too different. Even though master could not defeat a goblin yesterday with a single attack, today you could leisurely defeat them. You were not holding back yesterday right?”

Ah, I see. So she was curious about that.

”… And the other matter?”

“Earlier, I reach Lv2 for Beast Swordsman.”

“Ah, congratulations.”

“It’s only by word of mouth, but I heard that it requires at least defeating 20 goblins to reach Beast Swordsman Lv2. The level up was way too soon.”

“Hmm, Haru, please do not tell anyone what I am about to tell you.”

”… Understood. I will defend it with my life.”

“No, I wish that you prioritize your life over it but… do you know about blessings?”

Haru’s eyebrows fluttered slightly at the mention of blessing.

“I’ve heard of it. Occasionally, lost individuals descend from other dimensions and those lost individuals are equipped with power that we do not possess. That power is blessings. Don’t tell me master is?”

“Yea, I come from a country called Japan and well I think I am one of those lost individuals. Are you afraid?”

“No, I will never think that master is frightening. On the contrary, I am proud that master confided in this secret with me.”

“And so, the blessing I possess is the blessing to grow faster than others. 20x experience point acquisition and 1/20 required experience points, these two.”

“Master holds 2 blessings?”

Haru keeps getting surprised today huh.

Although it’s because of a mistake by the goddesses to double book me.

“Of the 20 times experience I obtain, half of it and a further half of it, 15 times is given to me while the remaining 5 times goes to Haru. Which is why, if you defeat 4 goblins, you would get 20 goblins worth of experience.”

Seems like 1/20 required experience points does not affect Haru.

So, in essence, this is the difference between the 2 blessings.

When in a party with an individual stronger than I am for power leveling, the 1/20 required experience points would definitely be more useful.

When in a party with peers or those weaker than I am for power leveling, the 20x experience point acquisition would instead be more useful.

“Which was why master said that you would defeat the enemies until the 3rd floor on your own.”

“Yeah. Well, if the enemies were stronger then I would not have said that though.”

Then, Haru replied.

“Even so, I did not imagine that master is also a Japanese individual similar to the one of the heroes, Daijiro-sama, who defeated the demon lord, Familis‧Raritei. (Note: Haha I decided to go with this name instead of Family Rarity… thanks for all the suggestions ファミリス・ラリテイ)


Daijiro-san, you were such a famous person in this world?

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